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    I buy the raws as well. Definitely cheaper option. Been on mk677 almost a year now. Going to take a break at the 1 year mark. Love the stuff!
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    I always love these threads.... I think in regards to the pros, we can't and should not consider what the genetic elite use because 99% of us here are not those kinds of people. I also think people need to realize these people who use large doses typically build into them - if you've been using steadily for years, 500mg or even 750mg test will probably not cut it anymore. Doses will build as the physique gets larger. I think we can all agree that diminishing returns will happen as the dose gets larger and side effects will become more present. But we should not be narrow minded in two aspects, 1. people will do stupid shit to achieve a dream of theirs (people will do stupid shit regardless), 2. Don't believe everything someone tells you - I can't tell you how many people lie about using and even more lie about the doses they use. Back to the topic of the thread... Primo
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    Just received a little order and had a first time looking at the new oral packaging. Must say very well done and professional! Good job genetec.
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    Step #1) Choose a Bitcoin purchasing app. Here are a few of the more popular ones right now: Coinbase – Buy & Sell Bitcoin, Ethereum, and more with trust - This has been one of the most popular and easy to use BTC purchasing apps for a few years now. Buy bitcoin and ethereum with credit card | Coinmama - Coinmama is pretty similar process as coinbase, and really easy to use as well Cash App - Bitcoin - Is a phone app that a lot of people have been using lately. Buying and sending BTC on the go! LocalBitcoins.com: Fastest and easiest way to buy and sell bitcoins - This is a site that connects you with BTC buyers and sellers. It's in person, so you'd be meeting someone most of the time. BTC ATMs - These are everywhere now. Bitcoin ATM Map – Find Bitcoin ATM, Online Rates You can see the closest one to you. These charge anywhere from 5-10% fees though, so watch that. Step #2) Once you research and choose the app you want to use, you link your CC, Debit card, or bank account to it. This is 100% perfectly legal and won't raise a single red flag. Millions of crypto investors do this daily, and you are off any radar. After you link your info, they have to approve your account. This takes 2-3 days normally. This is standard practice, and sources know this, and no need to apologize for this delay. Step #3) Once you are approved, you are free to buy as much BTC(or other crypto if you choose) as you'd like. Get an amount from your vendor, and use a app like preev.com or coin desk to see the conversion rate. All the apps you buy from should have them as well. Purchase the BTC and it should clear in 12-24 hours(the time there is depending on your bank). Step #4) I would say this is optional, but I HIGHLY reccomend this for security reasons. Download a cold storage wallet - https://www.investopedia.com/terms/c/cold-storage.asp - Electrum, Wasabi, ETC are a few good ones. Step #5) Send the BTC to the vendor from your 3rd party wallet. Try not to send from a wallet linked to your personal info if at all possible. Your vendor will make everything safe from their end, but it is always good to add another layer of security on yourself! Your vendor will send you a brand new BTC address, and send it to you. Always copy and paste this to send BTC. Step #6) You can track and see your transactions, and if the vendor has received them. https://blockexplorer.com/ is one such website that you can track transactions on. Step #7) Get stuff, get HUGEEE!!! Now there are other apps that charge less fees, but are more advanced. Kraken, Gemini, Etc. Feel free to add in your input or experiences with buying BTC, and crypto! Billy
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    Mk is not expensive, might as well try it. Most who try it like it. It may not be exogenous HGH, but increases your endogenous HGH to a level equivalent to 2-3 IU's of exogenous HGH according to some blood work I have seen. Personally I have never used HGH, I cannot justify spending that kind of money on something that may be fake. I have used mk677 two times. I am on it now, I get better pumps and muscles look fuller, for the price I pay I will do it for life. I buy the raws and it is so cheap that way, can't go wrong
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    Hi everyone, My new website is up, please take a peak! Thanks, Ted www.bodyathletica.com
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    I think u need to do more research then dude. My total weekly dosage was 3900mg. Which is a ton yes. But not more than "any pro" bodybuilder. Come on man....a good bodybuilder (not just a guy who got lucky to get his pro card bc nobody showed up) nowadays is 230-250 on stage at 5'7-5'9 which means offseason they're 270-300lbs with outline of abs still. That's absolutely cartoonish size. And that takes a ton of drugs. Plain and simple. To have their same proportions on my 6'4 frame id need to be legit 400lbs with outline of and in offseason and 340-350lbs on stage. Over the years there havent been many real interviews from good pros diwcussing their dosages. At least that I believe. For examplelee priest has been very open for yearsabout what he takes and his dosages etc and that's awesome. However...his story his changed a few times on dosages....if hes done hgh..how much etc. Regardless...from the limited interactions ive personally had with pros as well as legit interviews etc Here's a general idea of an offseason cycle. Test e/[email protected]/week (1 bottle per week. Nice and easy. Depending on ester or brand it may be 200mg or 250mg/ml) Alternate between deca/EQ/[email protected]/week [email protected]/week [email protected]/day Anadrol @100-200mg/day (alternating between anadrol/DBol/tbol. Or two at a time...or take all 3 and tailor dosages based on how u feel/look) Test Suspension @75-100mg/day preworkout only [email protected]/day (obviously they'll take as much as they can find/afford but most guys are in this dosage range. Remember..this is legit PHARMA HGH. Which means in north America its one of 6 products (NO ACCEPTIONS. IF ITS NOT ONE OF THESE ITS NOT REAL PHARMA HGH. No matter what story the guy selling it to you has lol. It may legit be tested to be pure etc but its still not the same thing. Period.) Norditropin by Novo Nordisk Genotropin by Pfizer Omnitrope by Sandoz Humatrope by Eli Lilly Saizen by EMD Serono Zomacton (formerly Tev-Tropin) by Ferring Pharmaceuticals insulin- Lantus as a base for the day + humalog pre and post workout sooooo that's 5.5-8.5g/week on the + 56-84iu/week of PHARMA HGH this is offseason also....precontest things get ramped up A LOT higher than this. sure there are guys doing less. But not many of them. id say pretty confidently that any top 5 pro from any show this year typically does over 5g/week of gear.
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    aslong as its not sweating balls but bac water is what preserves it. make sure you use bac water and not sterile water. proteins will die in less than 24 hrs with sterile water
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    Another good looking packaging from Genetec, nice, clean and safety include. The hologram is a great thing to overcome counterfeit product. Well done!
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    id never do mk,the day that hospitals and anti aging clinics finally use mk after years of testing, i may consider it theres no way i would use a synthetic produced item that is still far from being fully tested and expect it to be on par with real hgh remember,hgh is prescribed to patients diagnosed with hiv,if mk had any type of similiarity,it would be under full testing and promoted. that is far from the case aside from gh,once diluted it needs to be stored in a fridge,only real science shows that degradation occurs through uv. In its lypholized form it can stay upto 6 months at room temp I have tested gh many times myself from broken pucks to vials at room temperate,my bloodwork has never ever changed. Lot of bro science out there
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    New packaging looks great. Definitely fits in the stash drawer with ease. Great look on the outside and the contents are second to none. Good looking Guys !
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    You would probably do good on 300mg for first two months upping to 500 next two months.
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    500mg for ten weeks is a really good first cycle in my opinion.
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    Here is some food for thought i don’t care if it’s the most expensive lab or the cheapest its all cheap!!!!!!! Fellas 20 years ago you didn’t have a shopping list and have every AAS, Serms etc available. You bought what your dealer had when he had it and paid dearly for it. here some common prices from back in the day...oh ya keep in mind 20 years ago $100 was a lot more than 100 today 30ml Upjohn winstrol $375 5mg Russian dbol $1 a tab Sustanon 20-25 an amp Brovel Deca $200-300 50ml jug of Ganabol (50mg/ml Equipoise) $350 Be happy what you have available to you today it’s never been better
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    Primo bc it'll give real solid gains that are aesyhetic while happening and very easy on the body. This wasnt part of the question but id run test at 500mg/wk and the primo at 1000mg/wk to start for 4 weeks...1250 for 4 weeks and 1500mg for 4 weeks. 1750 for 4 weeks and finishing at 2g/week for final 4 weeks of the 20 week cycle7 Option #2 would be DHB at 500mg/wk to start week 1-6 then 600 week 7-12 then 700mg/wk 13 -18 with my test @2g/wk the entire time. Option #3 trenbolone acetate. I went several years running all my cycles just as different versions of test and tren. Never disappointed. Everything from 2.5g/wk test + 1400mg/wk tren ace to 350mg/wk test prop + 175mg/wk tren ace.
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