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  1. Flash sale: now until June 1 take $5 off all Tren products and winstrol Coming soon: DNP 100mg x 50 caps now available, separate shipping charge 98% purity 10iu hgh, credits for testing for a damn good price, yes real hgh in Canada!
  2. Genetec DHB 100mg/ml now available!!! Contact for further details
  3. 100mg capsules are the only way to go when trying out this substance for the first time, as well don’t let the mind trick you and say hey I don’t feel it at 100 and bump it to 200 and up. DNP shouldn’t upset your stomach but if it dose like one member suggested take it with a V8, and some extra water.
  4. You’ve always been a pleasure to deal with as well brother!
  5. Recent raw material batch lab analysis of our most popular SARMs: MK-677 98%+ MK-2866 98%+ GW-501516 98%+ LGD-4033 98%+ RAD-140 98%+ Testing a perfect 98%+ across the board! Note: All samples are submitted blind for third party lab analysis to ensure accuracy.
  6. What did the stepmill run you for? I’ve been trying to find one affordable for quite some time now
  7. I have a hard time believing Gerald Cotten didn’t share the keys when he was alive. This is a good lesson to always hold coins yourself. My opinion after the message posted Thursday is that they will be back in business and everyone gets payed back. Reason being, that exchange makes a shit ton of money. Going into creditor protection means they are coming out with a plan that creditors will either approve or disapprove. If approved they will pay back people over time. If not, they go banckrupt and people can sue.
  8. Test Suspension ready to ship for Feb 1st DHB Cyp 100 in testing phases (be prepared to have your socks blown off with this minimal PIP game changer)
  9. Thank you @Jr., always a pleasure talking to a fellow comrade! NL family! This guy here is a straight shooter just like myself so we seem to get along well :)!
  10. Thats why they call you guys premium members @Frank.Castle @NovaFreak because you guys surely are premium clients to me! Always a please chatting with you both!
  11. GENETEC Research JANOSHIK test results Dec 21 We sent in 10 samples all blind for Janoshiks' analysis. He nailed all of them and we scored very well on all. Very happy to see our exotics: MENT and Halo also 98%. Our Tren Ace scored at 96% which means there is slight impurity left over which is filtered out but we still want this at 98% so we are working with supply chain to remedy this 2% variance. Anavar 98% Masteron Propionate 98% Masteron Enanthate 98% Primoboloan Enanthate 98% Halotestin 98% Trestolone Acetate (MENT) 98% Trenbolone Acetate 96% Trenbolone Enanthate 98% Winstrol 98% Deca 98%
  12. Hey guys! just want to let you know about two upcoming time slots where we will not be shipping. If you have any questions or concerns please us me know. (2018) Monday, December 24th - Friday, December 28th no shipping. (2019) Wednesday, January 23, 12 noon EST - Tuesday, January 29th there will be no shipping.
  13. Are you guys aware of the link between him and the owner of IASuperpharma?
  14. Wait til I post the email Dan sent to IAsuperpharma extorting them for 2k. PS that surgery doesn’t cost 10k in Columbia
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