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  1. Arnold is my fav of all time, from a more modern era Shawn Ray.
  2. Nothing special, joining some yahoo chat rooms when I was in HS in the mid 90's.....first name starts with J....there was other J's in the room....nah nah...I"m therealj....kinda liked it and still do nearly 25 years later so it's stuck ( where'd the years go? )
  3. Thanks for this, have been looking to prepare my own SARM and MK 677 solutions, this is very helpful.
  4. Yes in an ideal world the Ugls are making accurately dosed/sterile products, or just use pharm products and have zero questions regarding what you're putting in your body. To each their own.
  5. Use pharm products, I know most buy from UGL's but if it it's being injected into my body it's coming from a pharmacy, period.
  6. I despise cardio so fasted AM training has become my regular routine, It's helped me stay lean and strength/size maintenance hasn't been an issue.
  7. Curry will win but Hadi impressed me the most and like @MuscleDummy said had the best conditioning, felt most everyone could be a little drier...not sure one night will change much but I'm going to tune in tonight.
  8. Thanks pal, I’ve always scored mine with a file and had a super clean break, no glass shards...thanks for the heads up though on filtered needles. Cheers trj
  9. I've always drawn with my 18g needle/syringe combo and then switched to a 25g for injecting....Are people doing something else? It's been awhile off for me so I'm out of the loop regarding filtering amps....cheers. trj
  10. Will do, I have a pretty extensive period of work travel over the next couple months so I likely won't be starting until late Nov. Cheers, trj
  11. I've always had a thing for euro gear, a few pics of test enth from Balkan. One cool feature, my iphone recognizes the QR code ( TRY IT WITH THIS PIC) and takes you directly to Balkan's website and the page for Enadrol. After 13 years off a modest 500mg a week is my plan this upcoming winter.
  12. therealj

    MK677 and Weed

    To say there's zero argument it's good for you is a false statement, like anything everything we ingest or inject in the pursuit of "better" there are pros and cons to everything, from Testosterone to weed, to buprofen etc. For me, it's the following benefits that has me a cannabis user Pain relief, specifically joint pain - helps in the gym Better sleep - helps in the gym Mood elevation/anti anxiety/ depression relief The ingestion of cannabis to aid these ailments make a hell of a lot more sense than taking three different drug compounds from big pharma that also come with their own host of potential sides/dependency factors. I'm in my 40's and didn't start regular cannabis use until really the last 5-6 years, it's not about getting "high" for me or many other users, but once in awhile is that a fun benefit while watching some netflix, sure. As far as the whole THC/CBD they are the natural compounds found in cannabis and with regulation consumers are able to make educated choices on finding the right ratio to achieve the results they are looking for. The CBD dropper I use in the morning for joint pain and mood elevation has a much lower THC content than the vape I hit before going to sleep. In terms of studies, googles your friend if you care, I've spent enough time on what was really meant to be an innocent joke about the hunger from MK677 and munchies from weed being a bad combo for the waistline. peace trj
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