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  1. Just curious about how many of you blast and cruise or blast and trt and if you what kind of doses do you run for what lengths. I am 44 years old and on script test C 200 mg a week but I blast regularly for 16 weeks leading into a powerlifting competition. I like to blast test c around 750 mg, EQ around 600-900 mg, mast 400 mg a week. I like the results orals give but they usually make me feel like shit. Considering just using dbol as a preworkout 4 days a week at 20 mg each time. Lets hear what you guys do and are thinking about running. I want to get my numbers up as much as I can before I get too old. I have been competing in powerlifting for 20 years now.
  2. That is hard to know. What do you weigh now? If I guess you are around 265 lbs now then I bet you need to drop to 200 lbs or so. I was for a long time a superheavy in powerlifting weighing 295 lbs and then about 6-7 years ago I decided to shed the fat. I cut hard and went all the way down to 209 lbs at my lightest and then slowly added quality muscle. I am so much happier now and my strength has caught back up and in fact stronger then I was at 295 lbs. People carry a lot more fat then they realize and most people think they have way less to lose to get ripped. Maybe set a goal of losing 10 lbs a month and take it from there.
  3. You are definitely losing fat. Don't start your cycle yet, no need. You can cut a lot more fat without having to use and AAS. Then once you get down to a decent BF level, like 15% to 18% (max) then start the AAS. You will see so much more from them by waiting until you get to this BF level first. Keep at it.
  4. I would bump the tbol to 40 mg a day for 6 weeks. Also, take as little AI as needed. At 500 mg test a week I would start at 0.5 mg arimidex once a week, yes once a week. Only increase it if you are having high estrogen sides. It is better to have a little high estrogen than low. Stan Efferding actually says not to take any AI at all because it hinders your gains in muscle and strength.
  5. I am running these three compounds right now. Test Cyp 1200 mg, mast E 400 mg, and tren E 200 mg a week. Feeling good so far. It is the highest I have ever ran test and my first time with tren, trying to see how much strength gains I can get out of it before nationals and then have a plan for worlds.
  6. Pro is not tested and Amateur is. You can have open division in both Pro and Amateur. Just compete in CPF Pro and you are good, that is where I compete and then you can qualify to do WPC Worlds in Finland this year if you do CPF Nationals June 22, 23.
  7. Yes they will order bloodwork for you. The catch is that you will have to pay for both the bloodwork and then the naturopath will charge you to review the results. If you can get your doctor to do it that is the cheapest way. Naturopath will do it but it will cost you money. I went down that route for a second and then I got my doctor to do it. You may have to call a few naturopaths as some will not want to do it.
  8. He is another guy that got on that Stan Efferding vertical diet. It is crazy that a guy that big can have visible abs.
  9. If I can get out of bed and get moving then I train.
  10. Not ideal but just take Test e or C 1500 mg the day you leave or the day before. It will slowly dissipate but should get you through until you are home. By the third week it will be like 150-200 mg of test in your system that week.
  11. Hey man keep up the hard work. You will the things you are mentioning once you cut a lot of fat, the biceps peak and the lats. They will come out and be much more obvious once you cut all that extra weight. They are just hidden right now. Not trying to be harsh but it is the truth, you have a lot of fat to lose before you can see and notice the muscle you have under there. Keep the course and you will get there.
  12. I currently have a prescription for 200 mg os test cyp a week. When I was seeing a specialist at a clinic he had me at 320 mg a week and that put my test blood levels at 27, so still in the normal range. He explained to me that everyone uses test more or less efficiently. Don't get caught up on dose, get bloodwork done and see your levels and adjust there. True trt you should keep your test blood levels under 30, and as close to it as possible if you want to be in the top end. When he closed his shop he said family physicians can only prescribe up to 200 mg a week no matter what so that was all he could suggest my family doc continue with. You should only take AIs if you absolutely have to and are experiencing sides, estrogen helps with your gains so to decrease it will slow your gains. Stan Efferding is a huge supporter of never taking any AI or Serms ever and just deal with the gyno if you get it, meaning get the surgery. He says it is part of the game and that it is better to let your estrogen get high because you will gain more that way.
  13. I personally don't like IF because I feel it doesn't put any focus on the quality of calories you take in. There is no way you can just eat all candy in your feast period and do well. I guess you could lose weight if you eat under your maintenance calories but the calories you take in are shit so you wouldn't have any muscle. Just skinny fat. If you at least ate good quality food high in protein during your feast period then you would do well.
  14. It would be super easy. I would bet if he just cut out drinks, pop, juice etc. he would lose 20+ lbs in 3 weeks. Then cut carbs in half and he will drop fat like crazy.
  15. You aren’t losing muscle. You have a ton of fat on top of your muscle so yes when you cut fat your overall size will diminish. When you carry that much extra weight it is going to happen. Keep going and cutting man, you will be much happier if you lose it. People never believe how much fat they actually have and can lose before they are actually cut. Do it slowly and you won’t lose much muscle at all. If you are currently 290 lbs I would bet your decent scale weight would be around 205 lbs.
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