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  1. Hi guys, this time i need help with Anadrol. I'm about to brew Anadrol 50 Injectable, but I cannot find any proven recipe. Last time my brew crushed after some time. Now I think I'll use miglyol 840 50ml @ 50mg/ml 2.5 grams Anadrol (2.5ml) 2ml BA 10 ml BB 5ml guaiacol 32 ml Mig DO You think it's good idea?
  2. I ordered like 4 months ago. And now the package is incoming again
  3. Do You think that more bb would help now? Or its too late to apologise : >
  4. oxymetholone injectable recipe: 50ml @ 50mg/ml 2.5 grams Anadrol (2.5ml) 2ml BA 2ml BB 5ml guaiacol 40 ml GSO Oil I took the most liquid top of it for a few guys that knew that I had some issues with it and as they state it worked anyway, but now i have jar filled with green jelly. Tried to add a little more oil and reheat, its better only when rly hot. Do You think that I could somehow save the product?
  5. Dude, You're quite rude and now I have no idea what are You crying about. You ordered 2 different juices, pills and oil. Ofc it's going to come in some different labels and product signs so You can get it without troubles. If You have probl with product contact with seller and after that feel free to show us what they made wrong, so we can all know and don't order it anymore
  6. i think as long as it's working and getting delivered to You it's fine i guess. The regular gear doesn't get too much attention. You expected to get it in hulk like bottle with testosterone name on it?
  7. Me and my friend are going to make IDLE game about gym. To be honest we're at planning phase so if You have some magic awsome ideas pls share! So far we have trouble if it should be focused more on one guy who gets big and is on his way to olympia or cheap gym that gets big muscle pharm. The gym part is easier to progress. What would You enjoy playing? If You have any ideas about juice \ calculator \ app that could help You getting big or juicy feel free to share!
  8. I used Olimp labs and Trec nutrition, a few guys had alergies so we switched to grapeseed and miglyol.
  9. Most of my orders come from Pandas, I can recommend Stealth and communication is the bomb!
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