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  1. i have left some BA that expire in 6 months and I plan tu use for my next brew that I will be using in the next 2 years. Is any problem that at that point ba is expired? Anyone has done something like that or similar?
  2. With what it was shipped?(FedEx,DHL,TNT,EMS,NLpost or something else)
  3. Anyone from Serbia know if you can buy testosterone from pharmacy? I know that it was testosterone from Galenika but I don't know if it is available and if you can buy from pharmacy
  4. Thank you! So it's still the Panda that we know. That's good. I will order again then with no stress. This time I will make a bigger order. I will get on Bostin type cycle
  5. I order from them 3 times and every time it was good (shipping, quality, communications) but now I am a bit concern. I will order and see. Last order it was without any problems
  6. Anyone order from them recently? How was the experience? I order from them last year and it was good but now I have read on another forum that they have some issues plus I send a email to question something and I didn't receive any answer witch it's strange. They answer to all questions and quickly Don't know how they are lattely
  7. NOW Foods has MCT oil if you want to use. In general I don't use MCT I use GSO it's good, it's doing his job well Stick with GSO oil and your brew should be ok.
  8. I had the same issue and don't use test e anymore just to be safe. No need to worry you didn't hit a nerve or infection. It's all fine
  9. I also didn't have the problem on first shots. Don't know why but after 6 weeks or so it's starting New batch of test e powder had this problem. When I use test e 3,4 years ago I didn't had this issue it's something new. Depends on raws,not all test e had this problem some batches had.
  10. It's from ester. Test e has carbonic acid which cause this. Use test cyp and it's all fine. No need to worry
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