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  1. Ordered again last week great communication but no tracking number again and no response from rep when asking about it... I like this lab but this makes me feel like I just got burned everytime and stopping me from spending a lot more money. Hopefully it will show up in mail..
  2. Oh good to know, started the test c I'll keep you posted, going from a trt of 200mg a week to 500 now so I should notice it soon enough..
  3. Oh it's all good I have my trusted labs but I like trying new labs too
  4. Yeah its sustanon 250 and that's what I ordered, not sure why is says test on front. I'm not running it I have better gear to use.
  5. Yeah same vials exp date at back and this on front.
  6. Yeah I'm not running it, exp date on back of both is 11/20. I'm ok have other gear I trust I can run..
  7. I did a lot of research on turinabol and how it was created and used by the East Germans... The effects on femail libido was crazy... I bought some for my wife she was taking 10mg a day and I was on 40mg a day, after a week she felt good and had more endurance that's about it no libido at all, me I felt good happy and more endurance that's about it. So we stopped thinking it was weak or not real turinabol and I got some from an other lab, this time just after a few days my strength went way up, I was getting cramps in my calves and my temper was pretty bad, as for my wife well she said she felt nothing but man her temper was nuts too made me laugh cause I knew the cause of it, shes off those now, I have them now so I'll run them but feels like winny to me.. So I'm wondering is there labs that make true turinabol like the east germans made?? Not a mix of winny and something else I dont want it for gains i want it for libido effects on women only..
  8. As anyone tried this lab?? I have a rep from QC and when I order gear depending what I order lots of it is gard. Orals seem weak and the oils I've tried had the worst pip I ever had could barely walk..
  9. Yeah I'd stay away too, I've msg in the past and got no reply.. No reviews anywhere online about this lab.
  10. Seems they have a website now..I had to test it lol, let's see if it's still just as good
  11. I've used this lab, tried test e 250 was gtg. After ordering I didnt get any email with tracking number but it did show up pretty quick.
  12. Currently running bt deca and on my 5th week now, joints started feeling really good by week 3, old injuries are gone and strength is up, also tried the stanolone and this stuff Is great for sex drive. ?
  13. So we tested it and it works pretty good. First day she took 25mg didnt feel any hornier that night but had more intense orgasms. Day 2 she took 25mg again and that day she kept asking wtf I gave her to make her so horny, that night was great she wore me out ? and turned into a complete slut. I can give details but I shouldn't lol.. day 3 she said no to taking more she didnt want to be that horny at work.
  14. Does maca really work tho? I know winny works when my wife was on it she wanted it all the time. Same with test she got extremely horny on that and she only took about 25mg of test. Shes trying proviron now at 25mg a day and only going to run it about 1 week. Maca is just herbal not sure it would jump libido as high as AAs.
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