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  1. This is my go to I love it. 1/2cup egg whites 1/2cup frozen blueberries 1/4cup oats Tbsp peanut butter 1 banana 1 scoop vanilla whey Then depending on my mood I'll either add almond milk or water to get the desired consistency.
  2. Leg day hands down for me Love the intensity and I usually always feel like in gonna barf at the end. Really makes you feel like you killed it.
  3. I've ran their test c and tren e. Worked like a charm.
  4. I used to weld and I'm fit? Was a welder/ironworker for over 12 years. Did 4 years in the pen and that's when I started to train hard. Got out got my life back on track and back to work. Now i make more money doing personal training and nutrition so that's where I'm at.
  5. Ok I've never used bitcoin just cos I have no idea how. However my last mg transaction ended up being a nightmare so I'd like to get the crypto going. You guys have links to YouTube vids?
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