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  1. Yes absolutely! For the price TB500 is just not worth it, even considering the fact that I get mine at an absolutely mind blowing cheap price. Can you believe some people pay over 50 bucks per bottle for that garbage??? That is 100 bucks MINIMUM per week for multiple weeks. Hello welfare and Roman noodles. Mr Olympia living in a cardboard box. lol. BPC157 is pretty impressive however. Fast and affective. If ANYTHING (including Deca) does not start working within 2 weeks you are getting SCAMMED!
  2. For me I think the BPC 157 works far better then the TB 500. For my next order it will be all BPC 157. For me the TB seems to be a complete waste of money.
  3. I have been using this healing stack as well. Only been 10 days but I think it is working. I never get injured, but for some dumb reason I injured my shoulder at the very beginning of this stack by doing low bar squats instead of high bar squats. I will never do low bar again! I don't car how much more weight I can add to the bar. Well at least I made my stupid mistake at the beginning of this so called healing stack.
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