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  1. Hey team, Hope everyone is doing good. I have been reading few stuff about timing of taking oral. Some say pre workout, some say before bed and some prefer first thing in morning empty stomach. What are your thoughts on it ? Also, under the tongue theory for more absorption, is it true ? P:S. Made Anadrol with Humco and man oh man, first time ever in life, i look forward to orally ingest it. Cheers, R
  2. So i managed to buy Humco finally to make 5g of Anadrol https://www.ebay.com/itm/Humco-SyrPalta-Syrup-Vehicle-for-Compounding-Liquids-16-oz/232831227048?hash=item3635d294a8:g:aZQAAOSw3jtbOmy2 I am from New Zealand so the oz thing is kinda of alien to me since we measure in litres. I have 5grams of Adrol which i want to homebrew. Ideally i would want 50mg/ml. Wondering if you guys can help me with the recipe here: Will this 16-oz of syrup be enough to brew the 5g of Adrol ? And if yes, then is my formula below correct ? I am plan to mix raw and humco and shake like a mofo before drawing it out first thing in morning empty stomach. 5gram Adrol mix with 95ml which is 3.2OZ will give me 100ml dosed @ 50/mg/ml Thanks in Advance Ras
  3. Beauty brother ! Do you have access to gym at the moment wherever you are ?
  4. @The Outlaw Did you eget your stuff ? For me as well it showed, it's coming out of Netherlands but i did manage to get into New Zealand. Man if i can get it, you can too !
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