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  1. Make sure you send some my way!
  2. Very nice @GenetecResearch
  3. The ones I had 15 years ago were small made by Swiss probably the size of a regular tylenol
  4. Obviously... I’m not an animal lol
  5. Frank.Castle

    Justin Trudeau

    Either someone’s having a bad day or @ElectricRocker let one rip again
  6. Dude wtf could have Atleast blurred my face man!! Gotta work out every muscle no? The gym does get mad with all the very small holes in the pads tho!
  7. It does YouTube it brother not for long but it does. It’s a beautiful thing
  8. Yup we’re getting the same down here 20cm wonderful I’m so excited!
  9. With this run of orals I’m on heartburn has sucked!! But been controllable with tums.
  10. I’ve got the same leg press hack squat I like it just tough getting enough weight on it
  11. If you find one can you find 2 I’ve been looking for one too
  12. Can’t believe you’re going to put my show in the fuck it bin
  13. @crippledclimber87 I’m sure you’re honest with us, but that being said a lot more people around here may put more value in your review if you introduced yourself first instead of the second you join you post a review. “Moved his reply to this in the members intro section” ER
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