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  1. Thanks for the reminder bump. We are prego at this point!!! Interesting that you mention clomid as part of your treatment, is it through a compounding pharmacy? Canada hasent had the sale of Clomid since june 2017( drug manufacture issues) so they now use Letrozole insted...... funny thing is, there has been very few studies done on the drug for male fertility (best one was out of Singapore in the last 4 years) . So Canada is basically doing thier testing right now with the public. After taking 2mg of letrozole every 3rd day for 3 months my levels improved, test levels rose a bit too to 10 nmol. I'll have my first Endo appointment later on this month , my total test levels were 5.7nmol in late sept. Maybe its an after effect of the letrozle use..?
  2. The concern is lower sperm volume and count.. fertility. Yes my Test is low, average results is between 7.1 and 9.3. TRT will be something to pursue afterwards but for now fertility is the goal. From the studies, the subjects estrogen levels didn't drop to zero with letro use.... well, for the ones that took 2.5 mgs a day, it did. The results had shown that the estrogen levels had dropped, but maintain a low normal- I assume most subjects had higher conversion rates to begin with because of thier higher BMI. Letro doesn't allow test to convert to estrogen in all tissues sites, so that's the lowering effect. ( where as nolvadex doesn't allow estrogen to bind to the receptors in the breast tissue, and aromasin permanently binds to the enzyme that to converts test to estrogen in circulating hormones.) Eventually circulating estrogen products will be eliminated, forcing the testis to attempt to make more test (to try and convert into estrogen to close the feedback loop). So on paper Letro wont eliminate all estrogen from the body.. at least not quickly. But I will agree with you, as I've used it before when I had a small pea sized lump develop on the right pec during a cycle...... And I felt like crap using Letro. I was looking to see of anyone else had been given eEtro for fertility. I feel like I'm the guinea Pig on this one, or at least the one person to seek addition info from a group of people who have had experience with letro use, aside for cancer Pt's and menopausal women.
  3. After a recent visit with a fertility specialist, he was recommending that i take 2.5mg Letro a day, for 3 month to increase testosterone levels and production of sperm. I was a bit shocked at the crazy high dose of letro. I asked why not clomid, he mentioned that Canada hasn't stocked it in a few years ( I knew this, so at least he had a good reason) I mentioned that i had access to clomid and what medication would he prefer if i was to use it, he pondered it, but said he has seen better results with letro. He mentioned that a canadian university had done a study and showed that letro at 2.5mg a day had increased test levels and sperm production better than clomid. I expressed my concern about the very large amount of letro per week- (estrogen dropping to zero), and said I would prefer HCG or HMG shots instead. He said he would start a 2.5mg 3 times a week. the shots would be after 3months, if there has been no positive increase. Has anyone had Letro as a fertility treatment? If so, any negative side effects? I'm curious- if letro can increase LH and FSH., making the test to estrogen ratio, test heavy. Would the increase in LH and FSH be enough /or be similar to the amount of stimulation HCG shots give while on cycle? thanks for reading, looking forward to any answers..... or guesses. I look around and could only find 3 study's done on letro in men. One- done in 2004 with Obese men- it increases test and sperm: http://www.hormonebalance.org/images/documents/de%20Boer%2005%20femara%20obese%20men%20O&M_1313087783.pdf Two- done in2005 in Singapore with healthy weight men: https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT02900105 Three, the mention of a university in Montreal, no actual study found just a mix of other peoples results?: https://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2015-03/tes-lia030515.php
  4. Thanks for the reply. Yes I'm assuming my previous gear usage has helped me achieve the lower natural test levels. And no i did not do a more comprehensive hormone test,( LH FSH,SHBG, Prolactin, estradiol.) I was just checking for piece of mind, I didn't expect to get those low results. The doctor wouldn't test for anything else other than regular blood panel, TSH and Total Test. I just have large hesitations in fully trusting the medical system to actually treat me in a timely manner, without fighting them the whole way. (I talk to and work with many doctors from different disciplines/departments/hospitals almost every day at work. Wife is a NICU and L&D nurse,so sadly we see alot of the problems and frustrations in the health care system) Think of all the people who have issues with endos or GP's telling guys then they wont treat low test because they don't believe in the treatment or don't know anything about it, and the horrible experiences during the process to get to a manageable trt program. How many people-who have a good idea what a trt program should resemble, just give up dealing with inflexible or unwilling physicians, and go on their own? On the fertility side, yes 37 doesn't seem that old, but honestly i don't want to be 40 and just starting the first kid( personal belief), so waiting 2-3 months for the first visit, then new blood and semen tests, then waiting for results, then re testing, then starting the whole process of treatment- realistically 6-8 months to start. ( this is in Manitoba, so there is only 1 fertility clinic, and very few Endos, options are very limited and wait times are long) that is why I am considering attempting the fertility route myself. Yes I know TRT and fertility are two different beasts. @Physlifter ( how do you attach peoples names?) how was your fertility experience?
  5. So I have a 2 part question. Background; I'm 37, competitive athlete since 15-various sports, various cycles through the years-all with pct-some with blood work, some not. No Roids for last 2 years. Wife and I have been mildly trying to have a kid for the last year ( no BC, timing sex during ovulation). The last 2 years I've been renovating a house, so way less time in the gym. Wife has noticed over the last year my sex drive has been lower, weaker erections, harder to maintain muscle mass(looking smaller, lower weight, more fat), I just attributed it to not working out and lower calories. After a bit of talking, I took 2 "lets get checked" total testosterone tests. one taken at 1pm and one at 8am( 7.3nmol/L, 9.1nm/L)..... OK so that's low. Went to a walk -in, got blood work and semen analysis done. total test( that's all she would test) was done at 8am and result was 9.3nmol/L (scale 7.6-31.4) semen showed lower volume 1.0ml,(scale says 2+), higher PH 8.2,(scale is 7.2-8), lower Morphology good sperm count 140.5million 60% motility, good swimming, normal agglutination. After talking with doctor, she says she will refer me to a fertility clinic because shes not well versed in fertility. And after a bit on convincing an endo appointment as well (the usual run around, "your test is on the normal range, so its fine!) She then goes on to explain that the referral and appointments will take between 2 and 3 months to get...! Q1-Should I just wait the long wait time to get the first appointment and then start the process ( new blood work and semen tests), knowing that i will most likely have to do a protocol version of hcg and clomid. Or is it worth it to try a more known fertility protocol before visiting with endo/ fertility clinic.? (100 mg clomid for 2 weeks, then 50 mg afterwards for 2 months, HCG 500 IU every 3 days ,20 mg of nolva every day for 2 months ) Q2- If I did the known protocol, are there any long lasting effects? I would assume that the Hcg use would raise my test levels and the endo wouldn't even look at me for low test.? And Ive read a few times that Clomid was discontinued in Canada...... thou I can get it through UG sources. Thoughts from anyone?
  6. I've had the opportunity to drive a Hellcat, its way too powerful for its own good, or the good of my license. There is no way I would even want to try the Demon.
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