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  1. Height: 6'2" weight: 195lbs My diet hasnt been AS good as it could be. 3 kids in sports means a few quick meals here and there that aren't exactly amazing. It's not bad enough to cause the Dickiedo though. But it's hanging normal again now!
  2. Ok here's the deal: I'm always on 100mg cyp a week for TRT. It's awesome. Dialed in. No AI needed. Everything works, feels and looks great. Just started a cycle. Nice easy one. 500mg cyp / week (250mg 2X per week) And 40mg T-bol daily. AI (Adex) as needed. So my T levels have stabilized and I'm curious to know the opinions about the shrink-dink. Too little AI? To much estrogen conversion? Watcha think?
  3. Perfect thanks for the feedback. I was going to kinda judge the AI and see how it goes. Ya I may only need it every couple as T-bol doesn't aromatize... And yes sorry - not going to run the T-bol over 6 weeks. I'm fond of my liver. Ya I'll do 30 T-bol for the first 6 and test cyp for 12. Play the AI by ear as we go... Thanks for the feedback. It's a nice simple cycle. Looking forward to it.
  4. Hey just to weigh in... My TRT is 125 mg every week - everyone is different. I actually pin every 2nd day 35mg. I got used to it. I pin sub Q with slin pins. Easy, painless, but takes a long time to load so I warm my T vial under warm water. My levels are totally steady, I feel great, and No AI. When I was pinning 125mg once per week I felt like shit for the first couple days. Water, E2 side effects - it sucked. Splitting my dose has made a WORLD of difference. You MAY still need an AI at 200mg - as I said everyone is different but I would highly suggest splitting your dose up. Took me 8 months to dial in my TRT. Now it's awesome!! Hope it helps. Reach out to me if you have other questions, I'm pretty analytical and have prob. Read everything there is on TRT - anactdotal and medical.
  5. Hey everyone, been around a while but haven't posted in a LONG time!! Due to some health crap I've been out of the lifting scene for about 8 months. I recently started lifting again... Background: 42 year old male, 6'2", 190lbs, 12% body fat (due mainly to diet not lifting). TRT: totally dialed in now for 1 year: 120mg test C administered every 2nd day at 35mg. No AI needed at TRT dosage. Starting my first "real" cycle on Monday: 12 week duration - same dosage of anabolics for the whole 12 weeks: 500mg test cyp (145 E2D) 20mg T-bol daily 0.25 Arimidex ED That's it! Diet is good. (It really is - no need to disect what I mean by that - I'm a medical professional). PCT: return to TRT What do you guys think???
  6. On that note. Sigh. I guess I have some work to do.... ?
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