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  1. Lol, hate missing out, I have used tren before but only at medium - low dosage really, but be interested to try with drol. For the past 98 weeks, I log all my workouts, nutrition and supplementation, just a habit I got doing.
  2. I was planning on splitting test and tren into two shots per week, will stick with Test C ( have used it before without issues). I have NPP Already , wondering if this be a better substitution for drol?
  3. Do you know if let’s get check still doing blood work? Getting blood work in my province is next to impossible unless you are connected with a endo.
  4. Last cycle was on a while ago Week 1 - 4 Test C 500mg EW/NPP 100mg EOD/ Deca 300 mg EW/ .5 mg Airmidex EOD Week 5 - 12 Test C 700 mg EW/Deca 400 mg EW/ .5 mg Airmidex EOD I would say I do not aromatize a lot but , no blood work to confirm numbers
  5. You think I need to take AI with it ?
  6. Seen this cycle online , transformation look crazy. Never used androl before. currently 5”10 , 185lbs, bf 12 - 15 %, 4th cycle my goal is to get my bf% down to 10% if not lower and than try put on some more muscle mass for the summer. my questions are: does it make a difference if I used Test C instead of Test P? Or would dbol be better than androl?
  7. I had a bad chemical burn from using old spice , it caused my skin to blister. https://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/2016/03/23/lawsuit-rampant-burns-pgs-old-spice-deodorant/82157546/
  8. Ok thanks for letting me know, first time using deca and arimidex eod 250mg Test C + DECA 150mg Monday + 150mg Thursday Arimidex ).5mg EOD Use 1/4 tablet of finasteride 5mg , still shedding , do have poor genetics too for hairloss but at the age where you think it be stopped.
  9. I would add oatmeal to this list, always has been a staple in the morning for me, gives me enough energy to get through the day
  10. My cheat would be lobster, or cohogs(bar clam), started adding fresh scallops too
  11. Goodlife has moved to phase two. Online Booking will no longer be required for the General Workout Area! We will continue to maintain a safe Club Capacity and physical distancing best practices, but Members can now walk-in at any time (if there is capacity in the Club)! If the General Workout Area in your Club is at capacity when you arrive, you will be required to line-up and wait in the designated waiting area until a spot becomes available. In order to maintain a safe class capacity and make time for clean-up and set-up, bookings will still be required for live and
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