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  1. Mask are only mandatory if 2m distance can’t be kept, I think it was a good idea for goodlife not make the mask mandatory, reason, too many people touch their god dam mask and touch everything else, making all surface highly contaminated. I get it, mask are uncomfortable, I used to wear one at work for couple years. I agree the one hour appointment will suck. Do you know if must gyms are going be running at reduce hours?
  2. “The first Club we have a tentative reopening date for is the Charlottetown Belvedere Plaza in PEI that is scheduled to open on Monday, June 15. The P.E.I. government communicated several weeks ago that restrictions for gyms will be lifted on Friday, June 12 the timeline for phased reopening has been increased and gyms are permitted to open on June 1. However, to ensure our Clubs meet The GoodLife Standard we will be sticking with our June 15 date and look forward to welcoming our PEI Members back on that day!,“
  3. I got a message from GL that our gyms in BC and NB Might open June 22, however other gyms in NB May open June 5, however this was pushed back from May 29 now to June 5.
  4. Gyms in my area may be open early in two weeks, depends on covid 19#s. all gyms will require 2 m distance, up to business owners to Implement, everyone’s gym is different therefore no #s on capacity. If an outbreak is found to come from a gym it will be bad news, but most gyms I go to the owners and Patrons keep them pretty clean that you could eat off the equipment. Keep to your bubble, wash your hands And everyone soon should be good to go soon.
  5. Thanks, I checked online and looks to be out of stock.
  6. Looking for advice on good squat rack for home gym? have limited space in basement. Was looking at Rogue. https://www.roguecanada.ca/sml-1-rogue-70-monster-lite-squat-stand-1?prod_id=48369&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_O_E1pKT6QIVj5-fCh2-GwrWEAQYASABEgLhOvD_BwE
  7. Finished cycle with provin, used script finnasteride 1/4tablet daily, didn’t noticed much hair loss to panic, never had any ED issues. 3 weeks after cycle noticed drop in libido
  8. I had a doc blood req from ont, and they would not process in Nb because certain test required an endo to approve. Was frustrated as hell. They only processed common blood test, no male hormone test.
  9. May try this, acne is bad on back now. Found nothing else really worked.
  10. My wife takes my body measurements and my calves and quads can vary by half inch. I had a preexisting medical condition that at times made me walk with a cane when I was younger. Now just glad make it to the gym. somethings that help me in the past, unilateral exercise having a trainer to indicate proper form. physiotherapy as Sometimes you could have an underlying medical injury that cause you to favour one side. Ex rotator cuff injury, or hip misalignment. Again may result from poor lifting form
  11. Plan on taking proviron first time, so will see how works, currently take finnasteride was kinda hoping it would help. But good to know it won’t
  12. For me it’s the morning, my log sheets prove that if I rest well, drink water and have a good meal I can pump it out and exceed weight rep goals. Plus medically speaking ur natural test highest in the morning, hence the morning wood. I find the gym less pack and the people that are there are hard core and don’t tie up the machines gaping because they got get to work.
  13. Actually went to shoppers get a 21 g because I had only 18 needle, got a ton of question, try to say it was for prescription and than more questions, store was freakin pack, I just finally told the old hag it was personal reasons that I could not disclose, than she ask how many, I said I take 40 , than she went into another tail spin about they only had 8 to sell. Moral of the story , be prepare for questions, tell them subtantenous injection, if possible try order in advance and just pick up. The BS people have to go through.
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