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  1. Ok thanks for letting me know, first time using deca and arimidex eod 250mg Test C + DECA 150mg Monday + 150mg Thursday Arimidex ).5mg EOD Use 1/4 tablet of finasteride 5mg , still shedding , do have poor genetics too for hairloss but at the age where you think it be stopped.
  2. I would add oatmeal to this list, always has been a staple in the morning for me, gives me enough energy to get through the day
  3. My cheat would be lobster, or cohogs(bar clam), started adding fresh scallops too
  4. Goodlife has moved to phase two. Online Booking will no longer be required for the General Workout Area! We will continue to maintain a safe Club Capacity and physical distancing best practices, but Members can now walk-in at any time (if there is capacity in the Club)! If the General Workout Area in your Club is at capacity when you arrive, you will be required to line-up and wait in the designated waiting area until a spot becomes available. In order to maintain a safe class capacity and make time for clean-up and set-up, bookings will still be required for live and
  5. Goodlife gyms are open up in east coast, reduced hours. have to download app, book time, limit to. 1 hr workout, line up outside , go in. Mornings, noon, and after supper busy. Overall not too bad set-up. When I go, the gym it is pretty much empty. Walk in’s are permitted if people fail to show up within 15 mins or the gym is not over book. Sore as hell from working legs and chest.
  6. Sorry, this is up to each province , and if not stated by the province could be still recommended by the gym. So different rules apply to each province,. 2m rule may not apply to family and friends, each province different on group size and gatherings. wait and see,
  7. Mask are only mandatory if 2m distance can’t be kept, I think it was a good idea for goodlife not make the mask mandatory, reason, too many people touch their god dam mask and touch everything else, making all surface highly contaminated. I get it, mask are uncomfortable, I used to wear one at work for couple years. I agree the one hour appointment will suck. Do you know if must gyms are going be running at reduce hours?
  8. “The first Club we have a tentative reopening date for is the Charlottetown Belvedere Plaza in PEI that is scheduled to open on Monday, June 15. The P.E.I. government communicated several weeks ago that restrictions for gyms will be lifted on Friday, June 12 the timeline for phased reopening has been increased and gyms are permitted to open on June 1. However, to ensure our Clubs meet The GoodLife Standard we will be sticking with our June 15 date and look forward to welcoming our PEI Members back on that day!,“
  9. I got a message from GL that our gyms in BC and NB Might open June 22, however other gyms in NB May open June 5, however this was pushed back from May 29 now to June 5.
  10. Gyms in my area may be open early in two weeks, depends on covid 19#s. all gyms will require 2 m distance, up to business owners to Implement, everyone’s gym is different therefore no #s on capacity. If an outbreak is found to come from a gym it will be bad news, but most gyms I go to the owners and Patrons keep them pretty clean that you could eat off the equipment. Keep to your bubble, wash your hands And everyone soon should be good to go soon.
  11. Thanks, I checked online and looks to be out of stock.
  12. Looking for advice on good squat rack for home gym? have limited space in basement. Was looking at Rogue. https://www.roguecanada.ca/sml-1-rogue-70-monster-lite-squat-stand-1?prod_id=48369&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI_O_E1pKT6QIVj5-fCh2-GwrWEAQYASABEgLhOvD_BwE
  13. Finished cycle with provin, used script finnasteride 1/4tablet daily, didn’t noticed much hair loss to panic, never had any ED issues. 3 weeks after cycle noticed drop in libido
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