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  1. That's what im using. He doesnt mention in his shopping list hand pumps, electric pumps or how all those fit together. From what I've read one doesnt want to push 400ml through a syringe filter. Inhad planned to do it that way but after reading negative things about it I'm stumped on how the other methods work. Just to be clear it's just the filtration processes I'm not sure on.
  2. I've enjoyed all the articles on here about home brewing. My question is for initial setup, what items would I need. With the idea of making a 6 month supply or say a 200ml batch. What items would I need, and would make easier for large batches. I've read that syringe filters can be really slow and annoying. I've also read you can pick up hand pumps from stores that will streamline this. Keep in mind I'm having a hard time understanding how they all come together. Does anyone have a link to an automatic pump or setup I can referance so I know what would be needed. I'm not looking to be an pro just want something streamlined that makes it easy with moderate to small cost. Thanks in advance.
  3. I should do a log myself. Although no one wants to see me as I bulk and turn moon faced. I've upped my trt dose from 120 to 225 a week and already seeing about 5 pounds in the scale after 2 weeks (although the eating started before this). Only tried the test C so far. And I've been on pharmacy grade stuff and it seems about the same. The bump in dosage has given me erections every night while I sleep. That stopped for me about 2 months I to TRT so I know it's real stuff. Also I've gotten stronger. Im religious about lifting and after a few weeks of deload and high rep ranges I went back to heavy weights and it was even easier then before. Not simply because of the deload, the pain in joints, tendons I usually get was non existant. Keep.in.mond on over 40 so I'm not talking about super heavy stuff and every little bit seems to help me feel better. My friend is using it too and doing great as well. I'm glad you guys are here for people that need it. Without them I'm paying 300 dollars every 10 weeks from the clinic.
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