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  1. oh the links, they just go to login pages you'd have to kind of have to do research i guess if you are into it
  2. yes bitspyder is okay but hard to maintain ratio theres zero freeleech on it I had to upload a ton to actually get a buffer iptorrents is okay but you need to seed to 1:1 or for 336 hours which is a bit torrentday is 1:1 or 72 hours which is a bit better torrentleech randomly goes open quite a bit it is okay pm let me know what you want and email you want the invites to be sent
  3. I take 125mg teste, hcg 250iu, and .5mg arimidex every 3 days and I don't have any sides at all.
  4. Hey guys anyone interested in these sites let me know. Torrentleech - general teacker Torrentday - general tracker Iptorrents - general teacker Femdomcult - porn tracker Bitspyder - self help, training, educational tracker
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