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  1. nah i’ve said if a billion times , actually trying to help someone is one thing , giving your opinion, and then pushing further by calling them mentally delayed, mentally weak , overweight etc. you’re just being a plain old asshole at that point. And i’ll be the guy to call it out. it’s that simple. I already had to deal w/ another clown that acted the exact same way the internet is FULL of trolls trying to put me down EVERY SINGLE DAY because i put myself and my picture out there. im fucking sick and tired of 35-40 yr old vets coming in, dogging on the new kid who hasn’t even been train
  2. yup it’s my thread so leave @Blitz i’m not even gonna read your bullshit . bye hater
  3. lol that’s cool i never gave a fuck how you got your six pack that’s the difference between us it you think your better cuz u got it natty i have zero shame in being a synthetic made champion. you just feel salty because you know i’m gonna look shredded and shortcut all the time you yourself put in and it bothers you so you’re picking on me over insignificant shit and telling me i’m mentally weak and shit . idk if that’s how you talk to your friends but nobody appreciates that shit take it somewhere else .
  4. okay brother can you stop with that shit now? nobody wanna hear that shit i’m over here tryna get shredded bitch idc what you think about me i’m solid as fuck...stupid ass clowns like you are free fuel to me anyway. you just piss me off and make me angry which is free energy and makes me stronger ... keep talking your just gonna make me stronger , more focused etc
  5. no way i’m not gonna be shredded it’s day 3 and i’m feeling tight as hell already i can feel atleast a lb difference each day . you are right about the cereal now that i think about the sugar in milk. that’s getting up there for sure . i guess i’ll switch back to eating 80 cal gummy pack at afternoon and at night. i don’t consider myself mentally weak and think you’re wrong about that part but hey that’s how you feel. that’s quite a bold statement to make over some gummies or cereal.
  6. just checked it out, im allergic to soy protein so thats a no go. I think im just gonna add some more brown rice and chicken to try and see if its just "calorie" cravngs that can be curbed by regular foods. for me personally i believe in a 1 or 2 SMALL cheat "snacks" every day to keep you good and not craving sweets day after day, slowly becoming a madman. this could be like 2 packs of 70-80 calorie gummies with real fruit, or a bowl of cereal, etc....as long as it isnt something ridicoulus like a chocolate bar or a bowl of ice cream, its quite a healthy way to manage your craving
  7. any other healthier recommendations for curbing the DNP carb cravings? I really think cereal with skim milk isnt bad ONLY DURING DNP, normally I dont crave things like this but i think all things considered as well as how it help your mental..seems fine to me but idk. I dont like spiking my blood sugar a bunch all day so prefer somthing other than fruit.
  8. i think we all cereal isn’t good compared to much else, but it falls in the middle for me because of the vitamins i miss and isn’t just straight junk. i’m not gonna act like it isn’t a treat , but it’s perfectly fine to eat a couple bowls of cereal and skim milk when you get carb cravings from DNP...we are talking like 350 cals here bro! it’s the only treat i eat LOL
  9. 6/28 update, heat is steadily increasing each day. Not sure if its the humidity outside or if Im just hotter on average now, but does not seem feasible to hike in the current weather. also now is the time ill tell you guys i started 400mg the first day and lied... heheheheh Today I will be chilling around, maybe take a walk at night, and just do some ab stuff, no gym today. I can feel the creeping heat and dont want to find myself out and about with no cooling station so im just riding it out and seeing where this heat is gonna go. Every night I am lightly sweating even with a
  10. @Ryujiin I did take your most of your advice i think, here’s what i run to supp- v8 vegetable juice v8 berry blast diet juice with b , c vitamins coq10 elderberry (powerful antioxidant) 1x citrizine daily before dose (similar to claritin) 1x hydroxyzine daily before dose (a better , prescription strength benedryl i already had on hand) -i am missing a multi vitamin tho. and need potassium or to buy that’s about it...i’m drinking water whenever i can mixed with the v8 berry juice. eating light carbs moderate protein light fat , not eati
  11. update - did a 2-a -day at the gym with my buddy who asked me to lift when I already hiked and lifted this morning. I just spotted him and did ab work, as I could tell I was pushing the limits of my energy on the DNP. The heat also kicked up a notch, so much so I went ahead and bought a high velocity shop fan at walmart directly after the gym. this thing is on speed 1 and its displacing the entire room of air in 2 seconds, very good choice. its a little loud but we're freaks baby we dont care !! i was a bit hot when i returned home and was wanting to delay my 2nd dose, but after I set th
  12. dont worry the feeling is mutual I like you guys and know its all love. I will defintely look ater myself, I push limits but definitely not self destructive..I truly believe I will be fine. I will always be around to entertain you guys!! Ive noticed Im a bit of an entertainer everywhere i go, people are interested in me and the things I do and the way I talk, even if I bother people by shaking things up..Im just really like that in real life, but I say its a character so I dont look crazy LOL
  13. i feel bad about not listening to you guys but i will be honest and say i think you are all too wise to the point you do things too safely for young 88 . I watch a guy bostin loyd , he’s one of the crazy mofos that’s pushed it to the limit with every compound so from his stories i kinda get a feel of how bad it is, because he thinks like me and is willing to do almost anything to achieve their goals ppl are telling me to watch out for allergies though but i’m taking citrizine and benedryl 1x before my morning dose and i’ve not registered any reaction or rash so far. The heat reaches its
  14. update , today i started 400mg after reading a bunch of stuff 200mg seeming much less intense than you guys were making me think , i keep reading you get almost no sides at that dose or that dose is used for a female . This is NOT my style , you guys know this . So it’s 400mg from now . I dosed this morning , took a short hike , then grabbed a mcdonald’s sausage burrito afterwards and hit the gym with moderate weight. Whenever I started to feel dizzy or weak I just put the weight down and rested for a few mins , heat was never a problem. just really the lethargy , and also getting hardcore sug
  15. first night dnp update , i’ve woke up about 3 times from sweaty pillow, but i do also get minor tren sweats, and my last dose of tren / test was also today so that could be a factor. i usually still sleep better though , defintely sweating more . heat isn’t there unless i eat some carb and even then it was barely noticeable but noted . wondering how the heat will increase , i could handle triple the heat with ease, anything more i’d be quite uncomfortable i’d imagine, like hiking in a rainforest in 90c . really, heat isn’t my problem, what i avoid like the plague are stimulant fat burners
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