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  1. Trans was my first ugl running since moving back to Canada. I had only been on aas for about a year and a half at the time and only ever used domestic Chinese brands (was teaching in China for two years) so I wasn't too sure what to expect in terms of ordering and shipping. After a few minor hiccups, the rep was paitent with me on helping me out with setting up BTC and completing my order which was a real bro move of him. This was my first time experimenting with aas outside of Test and the gains I saw were pretty impressive. NPP blew me up in terms of strength and size and mast kept the water off of me and kept me decently vascular. I wasn't used to having a capped blood test but my test levels were at where I thought they should be and estrogen was a bit high but I that was probably due to my own fault with inadequate knowledge of how to handle it. Lost their contact after the Reddit ban so I had to move on to another source. Always had a good time with their products and can really think any negative things that I could possibly say. Their reps are good, their pricing is more than fair and their aas is of good quality.
  2. I ran Syn Test E and Tren Ace a short while after not being able to handle Miglyol oil anymore as they use Grape seed and it was one of my most effective cycles in a while. At first I was a bit off put by their "gym gear prices" but after about a week and a half during my blast, I knew I was getting well more than I paid for. Their tren reshaped my entire body quite quickly and efficiently while giving me a decent strength boost. If you don't mind paying a heftier price for gear, I would highly recommend.
  3. I'm currently facing a gripping problem in my wrist and forearm and was wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences to mine and could help me out. 1) nature of injury. Not really sure. I think it might be tendons in my forearm causing my hands to lock under heavy loads. 2) symptoms. Burning sensation that runs from my wrist down the belly of my forearm that causes my hand to lock into place when gripping heavily. After racking something such as bench, I'll have to lay an wait until I can slowly unlock my grip one finger at a time. 3) no past history 4) what makes it worse. Mainly only feel it when I'm gripping heavy weight. Bench is the worst culprit for it, but I don't start to feel it until about 275+. The heavier the weight= more time it takes me to wait until I can unlock my grip. 5) Haven't had the chance to go to a doctor yet due to hectic holiday and work schedule. 6) Goals. Right now I'm cutting so I'm hoping to recover while I'm using less intensity 7) medications. So far CBD butter has help mask the problem but that's about it.
  4. Test, NPP and Mast. Kept the bloat of the NPP to a minimum and gave me great size and strength gains. Sadly had to abruptly come off with out pct due to a drug test at work and lost everything that gained during that blast. Might give Test, NPP and DHB a shot after my cut.
  5. Nekkomi


    Not fit inspiring anime but my top 5 would be; K-on, Love Live, Madoka, Konosuba and Monogatari Series. Actually have two love live tattoos on my quads.
  6. Nekkomi


    That last episode was fantastic. Gave us a good idea what Deku's end game is going to be like.
  7. Any updates on the site? Looking forward to seeing it complete
  8. After reading reviews from members of this forum, I decided to place a small order last weekend to try out BT and hopefully make a full switch to them in the future.Got my order last night to kick off my cut/recomp into the warmer weather and had a bit of confusion with the labelling which has been sorted out and am now currently trying to sort out another issue with the rep right now. My plan was to run; Monday: .5ml TnT, 1ml Tren Ace, 1ml DHB Wednesday: 1ml Tri-tren, .5ml Tren ace, 1ml DHB Friday: .5ml TnT, 1ml Tren Ace, 1ml DHB Right now I am currently missing my TnT so I injected .3ml Test E, .3ml tritren 1 ml Dhb and .7ml tren ace. The tren ace is from my private stash so I'm not going to comment about that but the test E and Dhb are both from BT. I use a relatively small drawing needle so drawing still took a bit of time which I was expecting but injecting went smooth. Almost too smooth. There was something wrong with my last batch of test from my previous source so I have been experiencing pip after each shot (main reason I want to switch) so for the first time in a long time, I experienced absolutely no pip what so ever. If each injection keeps going this smooth, I think I'll be in for a really happy cycle. I will keep updated a bit further into this cycle when these compounds fully saturate and I can comment on the effects of the gear specifically and if I get off my ass to go for blood work at some point, I will give and update on that. So I would say dispite the few hiccups, overall I would have to say that I am relatively happy with my experience with BT so far.
  9. I've never had a problem with pain but I also always swap out a fresh needle after drawing.
  10. Sdrol absolutely wrecks my appetite. I have to mentally prepare myself before each meal because I spend most of the day with an unsettling feeling in my stomach. Still love this compound though so I am willing to put up with the mental games.
  11. Frank Zane is by far my favourite body builder. Closest thing we will ever see to a real life JoJo character.
  12. Pecs are my go to injection site. I used to use 5/8ths needles but I found that I was subqing more often than not. I now use 1 inch 25g and pretty much bury it all the way no problem. I've never injected more than 1ml but I can see them holding slightly more than that. As for Injecting site, naturally place your hand on your chest as if you were grabbing it with the tip of your ring finger resting on your nipple. Now look the triangular area that is made between your index and middle finger, that right there is your go zone.
  13. I'm sure there is a lot more honest sources out there, but I've never seen so much professionalism from somebody before. He uses miglyol 840 for all of his oils and just recently another client posted that all his gear was g2g but it just so happens that he is part of the small minority that gets bad reactions to that specific carrier oil and ended up getting fully refunded because he claims that "If my product doesn't agree with you, I do not consider the deal done." I'm honestly blessed that I found this guy.
  14. Viagra or Cialis can tell you in 40 minutes or less if a source is legit or fake.
  15. I actually just switched to a source at the beginning of the year when they just started business. People where calling them out for being fake or underdosed because their prices were a lot lower than the standard on the forum. The source pretty much pointed out how cheap raws are and how he doesn't need a rep so charging anymore than he currently was would have been robbery in his mind. Another user called him out for having lady var and normal var roughly the same in price despite having such a huge difference in mg per pill but even with that he said that his price is coming so much from the amount of raw material rather than the amount of time and labour it takes him to make orals. I have been with him since day one and will never look back, I absolutely love his transparency with his pricing.
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