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  1. I never train arms separately , I never trained for size, its always strength and endurance, so arms only get trained with the regular lifts I do
  2. Chest ,that's something I can lift and train maximum
  3. No bro numbers are exact , of I tank my e2 I can't have erection at all as I have tanked it in some previous cycles but high e2 gives soft erection, may be my diet is the reason as I am on low low carb ,high protein and fat
  4. Thanks bro , lump is just 20% left of wat it was, the trouble is maintaining erection, so I think may be e2 is responsible for it bcoz my natty e2 before cycle was 17 and now its 36 and always had rock solid erection
  5. E2 is not sky high but the real problem is I START getting soft mid way , I have good sex drive , can get erection but can't maintain it, I forgot to put it in the topic
  6. Hello folks , I got the blood done and E2 was too high opposed to wat I was thinking that I crashed it, anyways I am on 360 test / 180 npp week ,0.5 arimidex and 20 nolva ( as a little lump started bcoz I was not using any AI for first 2 weeks) I never had a problem with Aroma in past just used arimidex for first time , prolactin is low, should I use letro 1.25/d or aroma 25mg need ur help E2 is 36.2 -- 7.6 - 42 pg/ ml Prolactin -6.7 --- 4.0 - 15.2 ng/ml
  7. Way faster I don't mean its like test suspension but faster than cyp lol
  8. Roxy vs barber fight was way worth than cowboys , she proved to be true WARRIOR till end
  9. Nolva is the best option to keep the water retention at bay rather it won't even allow you to go up in weight, I am telling it from experience as I used t compete in weight class and never wanted to go to up in weight, 20mg a day it makes you look flat but one still gains strength
  10. Test E works way faster for me than cyp may be its jus in head but T400 ,bump
  11. Well finally today will cheat/eat all the chocolates I can , it's been 11 months since I have eaten added sugar stuff
  12. Looks solid every thing is double dosed keep posted how it works
  13. The lab doesn't put the results online, so u can see it yourself on ur account, in BC it's lifelabs that's covered by map and you have access to your results.
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