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  1. I started using BT through this board,it is painless, rather the thinest oil ever used, otherwise Transpharma was good too before switching to BT i used there products for 4 years, almere was ok as well
  2. Hello folks, need ur expertise and input in starting pct after cycle, we all know the old school regimen starting clomid/ nolva therapy after 2 weeks of last shot (using long esters) regardless using hcg throughout the cycle or not, the other or modern theory says let the ester clear the system and then start pct, in case using t/ enthate atleast wait 5 weeks before pct , i personally been cycling for years have tried both ways, never felt a huge difference in recovery of natty , but off course felt the difference in using hcg throughout the cycle, instead of blasting hcg after stopping test, please chime in with ur experiences and my alopogies for bad English
  3. Bro I was reading that 10mg nova reduce igf only 10 ng/ml per night but replacing it over an AI on trt one can expect lot higher HDL, better lipids
  4. How's ur BP with anadrol for 12w, I used it in my younger years but at that time I never minded to care about bp
  5. I don't know about Newport but Pareto is awesome
  6. Well practically I am ready for true review about BT now as I am fully using BT gear for 2 weeks now, t 400 is very accurately dosed , smooth ,no pip, g2g in 27 gauge, Aromasin is great and been using NPP for 8 weeks, real feedback about there gear , on contrary I didn't like the idea of going through website, rather I would prefer to deal via rep.
  7. I never train arms separately , I never trained for size, its always strength and endurance, so arms only get trained with the regular lifts I do
  8. Chest ,that's something I can lift and train maximum
  9. No bro numbers are exact , of I tank my e2 I can't have erection at all as I have tanked it in some previous cycles but high e2 gives soft erection, may be my diet is the reason as I am on low low carb ,high protein and fat
  10. Thanks bro , lump is just 20% left of wat it was, the trouble is maintaining erection, so I think may be e2 is responsible for it bcoz my natty e2 before cycle was 17 and now its 36 and always had rock solid erection
  11. E2 is not sky high but the real problem is I START getting soft mid way , I have good sex drive , can get erection but can't maintain it, I forgot to put it in the topic
  12. Hello folks , I got the blood done and E2 was too high opposed to wat I was thinking that I crashed it, anyways I am on 360 test / 180 npp week ,0.5 arimidex and 20 nolva ( as a little lump started bcoz I was not using any AI for first 2 weeks) I never had a problem with Aroma in past just used arimidex for first time , prolactin is low, should I use letro 1.25/d or aroma 25mg need ur help E2 is 36.2 -- 7.6 - 42 pg/ ml Prolactin -6.7 --- 4.0 - 15.2 ng/ml
  13. Way faster I don't mean its like test suspension but faster than cyp lol
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