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  1. I've used these guys. https://www.canadianprotein.com $59 for 1kg.
  2. All the products I ordered worked as advertised. The customer service was also top notch.
  3. I have found it to be dose dependent for myself, and only notice a "peak and valley" effect with testosterone. Anything under 500mg/ week, pinning twice a week is fine. At 700-1400mg a week I pin EOD. I find this noticeably reduces acne and edema, at least for me.
  4. Probably due to nutrient loss during blanching, which is necessary to freeze most vegetables properly. To avoid this buy fresh spinach in bulk blanch yourself and include all the liquid from the blanching process when you freeze it. This is the only reason I can think of.
  5. That's a solid channel and a good couple of videos if you're thinking about using growth or MK
  6. Sooooo..... I'd go with Deca... This thread is still about that right? I can run a pile of it with very few sides.
  7. I know I'm late to the show, but the quality thing sounds good to me. Could switch it up too. One month could be total rep gained in that month. The next could be most likes on a single post. Etc
  8. Thanks for posting, and citing references. Good stuff.
  9. Thanks for posting, and citing references. Good stuff.
  10. Did something similar with 1600mg before a week long vacation. 3g at once is heavy duty
  11. Worked like a charm, thank you. I added a little BB and more carrier oil. As soon as the Brew got close to the 200mg/ml mark it held. So far it's been stable all night.
  12. I was attempting 50ml Test Cyp @ 250mg/ml using this recipe Test Cyp Powder - 12.5g Benzyl Alcohol - 1ml Benzyl Benzoate - 10ml Grape seed Oil - 27.65 ml I Fully dissolved the power into the BB BA using a beaker in a water bath. Added the GSO which was preheated. kept the mixture in the water bath and made sure it was completely homogenous. Then ran it through a 0.22 filter into a sterile vial. Crashed into a solid white mass approximately 2 hours later. Thanks for the help
  13. He has some pretty good rants. I enjoy his vids as well
  14. I have limited experience with home Brew. I'm wondering if I can doctor crashed Gear. I E. Add more BB and reheat until it stabilizes. Other than not using enough solvent is there any other reason gear would not stay dissolved?
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