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  1. Not sure if anyone's mentioned it. But you can do a lot with sand bags or a pack / rucksack filled with sandbags
  2. I second this. Last year I took break and cruised on 180mg test a week. The first cycle I did after, I kept the test at 180mg and ran 500mg Deca with a bit of d-bol pre-workout. I felt great and had very few sides other than a bit of oily skin.
  3. Why not get on TRT? If you are done with kids there is nothing stopping you. If you don't want to go the doctor route just cruise on 200mg of test a week to give yourself a break. Maintain a good diet and proper training you won't lose much size /strength.
  4. I have had a couple old school powerlifters tell me to take aspirin before bed to mitigate high BP. I've looked up the science. There seems to be mixed conclusions as to it's effectiveness. I've done it when on a lot of test, and it worked. Don't know about Anadrol.
  5. Squatting is life. King of lifts imo. I always chuckle when I hear about guys who "can't eat enough" to grow. Start squatting heavy 2x week. I bet you will be hungry.
  6. I'm in the same boat as both of you. Water retention and an increase in bp make them worse. Heavy, belted lifts, also don't help very much.
  7. Good timing, just cruising around looking at deals, Merry Xmas
  8. Lol, I guess it's worth noting that the recipe may not be physique or gastrointestinally friendly
  9. I've ordered from them a number of times. Their vanilla is the only vanilla flavored protein powder I can stand.
  10. You mentioned anxiety in your post, was this before or after your front load? I find high(ish) doses of masteron to be quite unpleasant, and it is fairly common for large doses of eq to cause anxiety, just food for thought. As for the orals, I've only ever used them for strength. My favorite being 40mg d-bol. But in all honesty I've never been a big fan of orals. I've never used one that accomplished something that test or tren couldn't do better.
  11. I would agree with what's already been said. I've never seen I real benefit running a bunch of test when cutting weight.
  12. Whey, Oats, Banana, Peanut Butter, Whole Milk, Salt Gotta get that squat / bench bloat going
  13. I've used these guys. https://www.canadianprotein.com $59 for 1kg.
  14. All the products I ordered worked as advertised. The customer service was also top notch.
  15. I have found it to be dose dependent for myself, and only notice a "peak and valley" effect with testosterone. Anything under 500mg/ week, pinning twice a week is fine. At 700-1400mg a week I pin EOD. I find this noticeably reduces acne and edema, at least for me.
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