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  1. Bet he regrets contracting the old clam slam
  2. Pretty much this. I prefer a Test Deca combo it's what I use 90% of the time. Most of the exotic stuff is only needed for contest prep or peaking for competition and staying in a weight class. I like test cyp. I cruise on 250. As for recomp run whatever you want just keep your e2 under control. For bulking like storman said how high you go is up to you. I start having a tough time over a gram but everyone is different.
  3. I drink coffee all day long and still get good results from creatine. I've seen the labels you speak of. I think what is more important is staying hydrated. Caffeine is a mild diuretic which could be the reason for the warning.
  4. I get it frequently when running any considerable amount of Tren. Sometimes it's just a mild cough other times I'm dry heaving for 20 min. It really doesn't take much. I've had Tren shots where just the lubrication on the needle will cause it. Insert needle, taste metal, remove needle without injecting, and still Tren cough. It can definitely turn you off the stuff.
  5. I am also excited about this. Good to see some money going into it. I remember when Jesse Norris pulled 850 at 198 and only won $1000
  6. Depends how your respond to test. Do you hold a lot of water? You are most likely going to want to use an A.I. instead of a serm to get as dry as possible. If it was me I would switch around the test and Tren. Run the tren into the show taper the test down closer to the contest. I think the rest looks pretty good. This is all from someone who has only cut weight to make weight classes. Not a BB show. I'm sure others with more experience will chime in.
  7. Coffee, ephedrine, sometimes d-bol
  8. I pulled everything out of there around the time they started using a third party service for account funding.
  9. I just hopped back on after a two month break. Life is better with Tren. Makes you feel like you can bend the world over.
  10. Pretty bad ass. I'm always amazed at the size of them.
  11. Maybe it's because I live in the the country, but who is supporting this stuff? I sure as fuck haven't met them.
  12. Vasodilation? Increasing the chance of an injection entering the blood stream. That's my only guess
  13. I never go over Triples unless the weight is under 60% The stronger you are the more draining deadlifts become. It is an incredibly neurologically taxing exercise. It should be programmed carefully as it can effect your entire training block.
  14. Here ya go. https://www.amazon.ca/Anabolics-Book-William-Llewellyn-ebook/dp/B005II5Z7M And yes hiding it from your girlfriend is a terrible idea. Especially if you are living together.
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