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  1. I've read a few cases of it. Exactly the same as me too, can't fall asleep and then only getting a few hours at best and it's all restless. That said, I had problems sleeping on test/deca/mast too. Hell i can't sleep if i have refined sugar close to bed time. . This last attempt at LGD-4033 i even halved the dose to 5mg. Although I'm hearing 5mg is the new normal dose anyways. Still, no sleep.
  2. Tried and had to quit 3 different times after less than a week. About 2 or 3 days in i start not being able to fall asleep. Id lie there all night staring at the ceiling if i didn't take xanax. Even then i wake up a few hours later. I've tried melatonin, zinc, etc, which didn't help. Weird thing is that even though i get very little sleep, i don't feel tired during the day. The restlessness of not being able to fall asleep is enough to stop taking the stuff though. To bad because i like the feeling on the stuff. As i type this i realise i could have tried just stayed awake until i was legitimately tired and then got a few hours sleep. As i said, i didn't feel tired during the day even just a little sleep. Could be a way to improve productivity lol. Anyways, mostly just ranting here and hoping to hear other's experiences with it.
  3. Wonderful, thank you!
  4. I believe the umm "other board" had a section for selling gear, did it not? Not sure what do with stuff i a got but won't use.
  5. I've actually been on finasteride the whole time
  6. I wonder if that would help seeing as proviron is just straight up DHT, no conversion required
  7. Saw palmetto for skin or hair? Ive taken it before for skin but not sure if it helped
  8. Yeah fuck. I'm stopping the proviron. Hair is not doing well. Good damn, if it's not my skin, it's my hair. I can't win in this game lol. Back to 100mg test a week and that's it. Maybe a test blast here and there. Really hoping the hair comes back, ugh. Fortunately it's just the top/back and I'm tall lol
  9. 5 weeks with the added proviron. I like it but i had to start taking accutane because my back started breaking out more. The combo of the proviron and accutane is causing my hair to thin so i might have to drop both. Other than a trt level of test, i seem to just be really side prone with anything I've tried, skin especially.
  10. I've added 25mg to my trt about a month ago. Scale hasn't moved but i look better, like a little recomped. No real improvements in libido. Should i try 50mg?
  11. This is pretty cool but I've read some info suggesting that finger prick style samples have issues. I don't recall exactly where or when i read this unfortunately. I'll try and look it up tomorrow. Definitely better than the current nothing we have lol.
  12. I have Xanax but i just don't like the idea of taking it consistently while taking clen.
  13. Labs showed e2 within range. I began to think it was maybe an shbg issue
  14. I was having ED issues at 200mg trt with 1mg adex/wk. No difference at 150mg either. Now at 100mg, no AI, and all is good. Haven't had bloods yet at this dose but I have zero E2 related issues. Oddly I had no ED issues when i blasted 500mg/wk.
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