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  1. I'm 44 and running TRT at 150mg test e/wk. No AI. I'm wanting a simple, moderate, 12-16wk boost cycle but undecided if I should run Deca or just increase test for the cycle. Goal is a pre summer recomp boost. What would you do and why?
  2. Hmm calc site is down for me. Anyone else?
  3. How much per week were you on? I also tried 100/wk and no AI and I was still having issues. I also noticed when things are particularly bad that Cialis does nothing
  4. So trying to figure out why I'm having sporadic ED issues. Currently on scripted 200mg test E and 1mg adex, split into twice weekly doses. I pin sub Q Mon nights and Fri mornings. Blood was taken Thursday afternoon. Anything here that might be linked to ED/libido? I see Progesterone is at the bottom of range. E2 is right in the middle but was higher in the range, naturally, before I did TRT and had no ED issues.
  5. Yes I know, it's just often talked about in the same circles and places that sell sarms tend to include it. The distinction isn't lost on me
  6. I've tried everything under the sun for acne but nothing short of accutane has ever worked for me, until this. It's a very potent antimicrobial that I happened upon while Googling and figured I'd give it a shot. I never imagined a topical solution would work this well but I'm 2 weeks in with linear improvement daily. That never happens. I dilute it with regular shower soap and use it on my back with a loofah. You don't need much. Just thought I'd share!
  7. Yes I've run mk 2866 which I really. It had no side effects for me but it's mild. I've also run mk 677 which bloated me a bit too much for my liking. No pct as Im on HRT/TRT
  8. yes, script for AI. I agree about the blood work although I dont think we have estradiol sensitive test in BC (lifelabs) yet so i often run down to washington for panels.
  9. So it looks like LGD 4033 just isn't agreeing with me. At 5mg my sleep quality has been garbage for the last week. Same style as before, sleep a few hours then restless till morning. Oh well! I take it first thing in the morning. Interestingly, even at 5mg im seeing good results. Perhaps I'm just really sensitive to the stuff. I was hoping to jump up to 10mg at some point but i fear my sleep will degrade further and that's a side Im not willing to deal with. not sure what to do. I'll either keep going at 5mg a little longer and see if sleep improves or I'll drop back to 2.5 and run it longer. The later might make more sense for me. Sleep is king
  10. FYI, my hair did come back. I'll be finished my current script of finasteride in a few days (1.25mg/day) and I don't think I'll refill it just yet. I want to see if going off it helps some of the ED I've been having. I'm still on 100mg trt and added .5 adex recently to see if that improved the ED. Nothing yet but it's early.
  11. My first two tries I had to quit due to the insomnia it was causing me. This time I split the 5mg pills in half and took 2.5mg for the first 7 days. After that I was able to take a full pill and so far no sleep issues. After another week I may try 10mg. Really liking the strength and fullness so far. It comes on quickly. This is on top of 100mg trt
  12. Been doing twice weekly subq pharma trt for a couple years. ZERO issues. Had irritation issues with UGL stuff though so switched to im for that.
  13. I've read a few cases of it. Exactly the same as me too, can't fall asleep and then only getting a few hours at best and it's all restless. That said, I had problems sleeping on test/deca/mast too. Hell i can't sleep if i have refined sugar close to bed time. . This last attempt at LGD-4033 i even halved the dose to 5mg. Although I'm hearing 5mg is the new normal dose anyways. Still, no sleep.
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