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  1. @CrazySteroids I've been wanting to make oral liquid Winstrol and anavar. I've read that you can substitute the grain alcohol with vegetable glycerin. Are there and other alcohol free recipes?
  2. Has anybody ever heard of ozomedic pharmaceutical?
  3. No it's a country wide ban. Only underground sources still shipping. If im not mistaken it's part of the phase 1 trade deal between America and China. As far as there pharmade folks they always did good business with me. They always through in extras and sent large samples. My labs always came back good.
  4. Mines starting to. I don't do the pills cause of the sides but rogaine and nioxin are getting it full again. Im not stopping my cycle.
  5. Shenzhen Shijingu Technology Co was licensed. It's a country wide ban. The only people up and running are bootleg companies. It's not a gamble im willing to take.
  6. My source was licensed and they're shut down completely. I'm guessing India or other posts of Europe are all there is. I really don't want too start over and chase down a reliable source. Lol
  7. Freake1

    My crew.

    Buster Jazzy Belle and Rufus
  8. It seems like my connect is already shut down. The site is gone and no reply from other sales reps with that company.
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