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  1. Yeah, Vitamin B shots, Magnesium shots are kinda painful to inject. Though, I tried to inject BPC into stomach today, it wasn't that painful, but still felt the pain:)
  2. Yeah, it was BAC water and bpc, 100%, is not fake. I'll try to do into Stomach tomorrow and see if I will have the same issue. If not, then I guess knee area is painful spot. Do you think there is a difference between injecting BPC near the problem area and injecting it into stomach cuz some people said that the compound will work regardless since it will build up in the body after loading phase?
  3. Hello, everyone. Is it normal to feel pain during BPC 157 injection(not when I inject the needle, it's when I pour the medicine into subq just above the knee cap)? It goes away after 10-15 minutes, but feels like I injected vitamin B(painful as hell:)), stings like a mofo. And what if I inject bpc 157 into stomach subq or it's better to inject it to the problem area? I had partial meniscectomy on left knee, and have torn meniscus on right knee(decided not to do surgery since it didn't bother me as much as left knee). Trying to heal both. Thanks in advance for the help.
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