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  1. Hell n Back

    MK677 and Weed

    Oh I'd 100% give it a go! PM me sir! It's difficult too be in a gym with PTSD and anxiety, people moving alot, thuds, back to people but like all substances it has its pro and cons Just like gear.
  2. Hell n Back

    MK677 and Weed

    I suffer from anxiety and ptsd. I find it relaxing smoking one or ingesting before good leg work out. Obviously it comes down how you abuse it . Calms me down. I love my CBD oils and hemp oils
  3. Yes sir! Thank you for providing me with top notch and bringing me back to NL
  4. Some treaties for myself!! Big fan of BT. Never had any issues with the products. Rep is amazing like always!!! Hcg from NP is top notch!
  5. BT is a great lab, always helping me out, great customer service and amazing products I've used items like anabol to var to superdrol too pure DHT all 100% on point. Love the MCT oil I find my injections smooth. My best friend loving the sust and Decca. I'm bout to use hcg blast into test e, anavar,dht, low does of Decca/Primobolan
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