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  1. I’m right here. If you’ve emailed me about a problem I haven’t received it. [email protected] or inbox me here. trans does not provide tracking information as weve stated on this board and all the others we are on. However if there is an issue I would be happy to help you resolve it. Send me your order details. Name postal code and products ordered. Via inbox. I will deal with this immediately
  2. You may not be a customer everyone hates. But you are a customer we are no longer dealing with. Your two free items have been shipped. Please cease to communicate with us in any fashion. Our business together is concluded.
  3. I am sorry you feel that way however I am actually going to say publicly that I am not at all disappointed that you will no longer be doing business with us. You placed an order then emailed incessantly for a tracking number the very day you placed the order, when you didn’t get the answer you wanted you complained publicly about it and then apologized to me in email afterward when you realized you were being impatient and as you put it in your own words paranoid. You then received your order, however stated you did not receive your free item. I said I would confirm with the shipper what exact
  4. Ok so thanks for emailing You ordered on Sunday evening, and asked for tracking overnight on Sunday. Which obviously could not be provided and we discussed that in email on Monday. Monday morning your order was submitted for processing. You missed Monday shipments obviously as you ordered Sunday evening and our shipper would not see this order until after it’s was processed Monday. Your order was shipped on Wednesday. We provide tracking typically only if there was a problem. Ie order didn’t show up. Then we work together to find out why. That said we also never provide trackin
  5. I can’t speak to this particular order because I don’t know who this is or what order this relates to. But if you’d like to email me at [email protected] I will look into it for you. that said. I will also be posting the date of your order, the date of your request for tracking and will be clearing this up directly on this forum. Please send me an email so I can look into this thanks
  6. Thank you for that post bro. To all my NL family here. New website as posted above www.transpharma-anabolics.com use code NL2020 for a special discount.
  7. Hey all. To eliminate any confusion no, these are completely unrelated. We are having issues with the overseas web host. We are very much up and running
  8. Hey Guys, Just wanted to drop a line in here and get on this as quickly as I could. I have been the Rep since the 1st of February but in this game 20+ years now. I am here for all your needs, questions, comments and concerns. My goal is to remain 100% customer service oriented with care and detail put into every order. I cant speak to legacy issues, but I can tell you that if there is a problem. I will fix it. So if there is anything you need, I am here. Inbox is key or of course you can hit me at the same email the reps have used for years. I will say that all current product is spot on for d
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