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  1. Thank you for the feedback GT, looking SICK in your avatar BTW
  2. Did you miss the part where I said I have a new child and I've been laid off? I'd love to be able to drop a grand for Jano, but can't do that at the moment and before guys like Jano were around people still had to figure shit out the old school way so that's what I'm doing.........well trying to do lol
  3. Brewed yesterday, filtered twice today via .22 whatman syringe filter. On the left is 200mg test-e/25mg test-base per ml. On the right is 70mg tren-ace/25 mg per ml tren base.
  4. I just want to figure out the compound itself, the ester attached I can figure out for myself lol I'm going to order a few labmax tests, but not sure what to order? From what I read via their website I need to order the "Mini steroid test kit" AND the "Anavar/Winstrol" test kit? Any input I would appreciate brother.
  5. I've ordered primo-ace before and it looked very similar, but I think C is primo-e because of the melt point test being 70c exactly. I'm thinking I will do roid test or labmax first before sending to Jano. Thanks for your input
  6. Yes this is exactly what happened. There was an error and my supplier reshipped my original order so now I am trying to deduce what the non labeled items are. Will end up sending samples to Jano at some point, but can't hurt to try and figure this out myself in the meantime
  7. Hi there all. So at this moment in time I am unable to send my stuff for proper testing due to being layed off so I did a melt point test on a digital hot plate and here are the results with pictures/temps and descriptions. Hopefully there are members here with a wealth of homebrew knowledge who will be able to help out Ok here goes: Product A, Looks like mashed potatoes that's been left out overnight. Off white color, hard and clumpy with smell like cow poop/old barn smell.....something like that. Started melting at 68c-72c/total melt at 82c Product B, Eggshell white, looks/smells like test-e, melts faster than test-e though. When rubbed in fingers it turns greasy on fingers(PICTURE ATTACHED), smells sweet Started melting at 44c-46c/total melt at 60c Product C, Bleached white color, grainy texture, sweetish smell Started melting fast at 70c/total melt at 71c. Any input here would be most awesome and welcome. Thank you to everyone in advance for any assistance here.
  8. On the list it says Drostanolone enenthate melts @ 53-56c, but on chemicalbook it says 63-69c so again I'm not too sure. Thanks though friend https://www.chemicalbook.com/SupplyInfo_297639.htm And here it says 215-216c? https://sn.aasraw.com/products/drostanolone-enanthate/ And here 151c? https://pubchem.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/compound/METHalone#section=Melting-Point
  9. Hello all. So most BB sites have a melt point list, but when I google the melting points they differ from the age old lists posted everywhere so just curious where I can find ACCURATE melting points? Pubchem seems pretty legit to me IMHO. Thanks for any help here folks
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