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  1. Any androgen will increase rbc and hemoglobin, subsequently hematocrit to some extent, some worse then others. Usually the more androgenic the larger the increase
  2. Hey brother, I prefer to do the standard blood work test. Based on gh serum and igf-1 you can get a pretty good idea on how legitimate and dosed your gh is. I do 10iu fasted, 3 hours after that get your blood drawn. Your gh serum should be elevated. As for igf-1 its best tested after 1-2 months on hgh, I prefer 2. Establish your base line igf1 then when you test 2 months in your igf should be elevated roughly 100 per iu of legitimate gh. Again this will be subjective person to person but gives you a rough idea. As long as its elevated though thats all that matters. For myself 5iu a day of pharma gh put me around 500-600 igf1. And your 10iu gh serum should be 20+ Hope this helps
  3. Awesome man keep it up! Slowly and steady wins the race
  4. I don't even think that cycle is survivable lol. Stroke or clot out in no time with doses like that
  5. Well first things first if you plan to throw it away sender my way first il Guinea pig it for ya ;) So long as they were fridge stored id still try using them expired or not. Worst case scenario they lost some potency and you won't make any gains. I'd say run them if i were you and it's something you're interested in. You could do hgh and add in a sarm of sorts like Sr9009 or whatever you may choose to amplify the gains. Or run a real cycle with it. But definitely do not waste these! Unless they were stored at room temp the past few years then they are likely toast but I'd still give them a run if you don't want to lol
  6. I believe vortex stocks it from time to time reach out to him. But as stated it's also OTC
  7. Welcome to the board riend
  8. Welcome @Not_Natty_Now. Lots of good knowledgable people here to learn from you're in the right place
  9. I'm sure many of us are wondering do you stock mk 677 sir?
  10. Welcome! Lots of great folk with good advice here to help
  11. @Lord FarqwadI confirmed with bt for you and they use a water suspension for their caber.
  12. Superb results especially if you are on a 125mg trt dose @MrGains you'll be a mass monster on cycle
  13. Easiest way if you're new would be reconstitute with 1ml which equals 100iu on a basic 1 ml/100unit Insulin syringe. This would equal 1iu if hgh per 10iu draw assuming your hgh vials are 10 units each. If you want less volume, then use 0.5ml Bac water to reconstitute. And 5iu draw on the slin pin would give you 1iu hgh. Hope this helps and isn't to confusing
  14. Thanks for the recommendation am in the market for a new pre. Nothing I've found to date compares to the old craze preworkout though
  15. I don't believe they suspend it in alcohol although I could be wrong but will have to let them confirm this for you
  16. Never really been a fan of ment, too many side effects. Acne bloat water retention even with E control. I'm more a fan of drying compounds especially if you're planning to cut. I only used 50mg a week and by week 3 I said fuck it. Really depends on your goals I guess and what side effects you're willing to put up with. For me it just wasn't worth it, cleaner compounds with less sides out there for weight gain
  17. Libo

    New here

    Welcome to the forum brother!
  18. Sad to hear this. I used to love their smelly gear
  19. Message them and I'm sure they will help you out
  20. I have used cardarine several times in the past. Always had great results. I would use up to 30mg daily on a cutting cycle for 4 weeks usually combined with other compounds. Never had any issues, ido think it helped with burning fat and maintaining stable glucose. For example, I would always run high sugars when using hgh. BUT when I combined card into the mix, my glucose levels would stabilize and stay in low normal range as my body would be utilizing glucose more effectively. A nice alternative to having to use Humalog. As stated was for fat burning purposes. I have no peer to peer studies of this, this is just my personal account and experience. Likely used about 4-5 times in my life. Used both vortex and BT with great results. Hope this helps!
  21. Great stuff, Trans has always been a long lasting reputable lab in the canuk woods
  22. This is awesomeness welcome back, glad to have you aboard again!
  23. First off brother if you have been doing this for 3 years as you said, you must ABSOLUTELY get a full blood work panel @[email protected] posted a good one that covers most of the important bases. Do not base it off how you feel, because often by the time you feel ill the damage is done. Winstrol is known to crush HDL even at low doses. And both orals winny and madol are taxing on the liver. If you are chasing that dry hard look year round I'd switch out orals for something a little easier on the body. Like mast prop or primobolan For your bloodwork you will have to go through a physician if you are located in Canada which I assume you are since you said you're using bodytech. I don't believe there are any private clinics that do blood work here out of pocket. You will need a doctors requisition first before going to life labs.
  24. According to your original post you stated Test prop eod 25mg. That would equal to 86.5mg per week. Now if you were taking 50mg eod that would be 175mg per week. Regardless im guessing because your dose is so low you still have some gonad function and likely why you haven't crashed with your 3 week breaks. If this protocol works for you then great... at least you are allowing a break without full complete shut down. Not something ever practiced or trialed from a medical perspective. But not much of what we do as bodybuilders is besides trt lol. I'd be very curious to see your hormone panel during your blast and off break. And blood work for that matter as you stated you've been keeping this up for a full year? That's a lot of Winstrol and madol be sure to get those liver and cholesterol levels checked!
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