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  1. So continuing the gain train folks. Weight fluctuates between 210-215 throughout the day. Calories up to 2500-2800. Still doing cardio and now increasing intensity for athletic performance where I'm doing my next black belt exam in June. 800 mg test/wk, 600 eq, 450 NPP until end of June and then back on TRT as I see my Endo Aug 10 and have bloods done by the 6th so everything is accurate and healthy
  2. Back from Mexico and never lost a beat! Despite the good food, some great drinks, I only "put on" 4 lbs during the week. Do you think it was fat?? Or could it be filling up my glycogen stores and filling out my muscle cells, giving me this shredded vascular look. I trained 3 days in the gym at the resort. Kept my food intake manageable but I did enjoy myself Thoroughly. But right this morning I was back to french toast, popcorn at lunch, and then legs and cardio tonight with my training pal. Live the lifestyle, reap the benefits. No starvation. I've dropped the Tren. Keeping test at 800 and continuing eq until I run out at 600 mg/wk and now bringing in NPP at 450-600 a week until July. At that point I'll take a good rest, go back on TRT dose so I can get my bloods done and see my Endo. This is truly the best I've ever looked and felt. Thanks to @BodyTechPharmafor helping me get there.
  3. Bringing back up old discussion: What's been paramount for me this dieting phase?? Anabolic french toast and POPCORN!!! omgggggggggg it makes it so much more delightful to have a full bag of popcorn for only 250 cals, just load up the ketchup powder crap and go. The amount of volume of that vs 250 cals of rice is astonishing and keeps me fuller longer
  4. Wow three days makes a big difference with a bit of a dry out and some extra carbs. Trained shoulders and went WTFfffffffffffffffffff in the gym. Holding at 206. I'm really extremely pleased with my look - turning 39 in a few months and it's me hitting my best stride.
  5. Two weeks away from Mexico. Dropped down to my lowest at 204.8 and very flat. A good carb up today and back up to 210 fill out. If I was doing a show I'd say I'd be getting very close! Another 6 weeks of hard training and dieting and I'd be there. 30 mins of cardio 6 days a week, 4-5 days of weights, calories at 1800-1900.
  6. Quick bathroom shots post leg workout. 205.2 lbs this morning. Very flat. Going to carb up nice on Sunday and see how weight fluctuates with my look. 3 weeks until Mexico
  7. So I'm stabilizing at 210 lbs. When I was 207 I was depleted. Even here I'm still not Carbed up but I feel I'm continuing to add mass and lean out. New shots last night 210 lbs PLUS comparator shots to when I did my last show in 2018 at 207 on stage. See the difference??
  8. Thx guys I had a good cheesecake saturday night carb fill up and I went back to 213, but then by this morning I was back to 207. Definitely flatter and a bit weaker but still holding on well. I'm starting the anavar today at 75 mg/day for the month to see where I end up.
  9. Updated shots. At 207 lbs. Leaning out well. Holding onto muscle. Thinking about doing king kong classic end of year. Will do classic and physique divisions.
  10. Gonna get some new photos up soon T3 i'm on is making my appetite go nuts, staying at 75 mcg and i'm tolerating it well. HR up between 100-120 bpm at times at rest. Lots of good heat. FEeling flatter though. I have an extra bottle of injectable stanolone i'm going to run for 10 days @100mg/day and see how that impacts my workouts. We'll see how it affects the hairline if im prone to loss.
  11. Thx boss Started @BodyTechPharmaT3 today. 50 mcg and will ride that out for a few days, go up to 75 mcg, probably stay there for a month then ramp down before I head to Mexico. 100 mcg is cool and all but I do'nt like my HR at 120 bpm constantly and do'nt want to risk too much for msk loss. Maybe toss in some extra clen at 50 mcg as well daily for 2 weeks on, 1 week off.
  12. Lots of shut downs. Lots of reopenings. The body has taken a beating. Even with the latest shut down, I managed to keep training. From the summer I found some hard motivation to bring back a better body from my competition in 2018. I think I've achieved that and more. This is the best I've felt in years. I turn 39 in June. I have a body that I'm really happy with. Family goes to Mexico from Apr 2-9. Can't wait. So so long. Dieting down and enjoying the whole ride. Running some amazing @BodyTechPharmagear and feeling the best ever. Today is 8 weeks out. How are you all doing?
  13. I've listened to thousands of hours of heavy metal..all subgenre's, all types, open mind about it all. I Love it all. I stumbled upon this lately, and I do not know how I Missed it. You've heard death core, you've heard breakdowns, but never like this. The world is shook from this level of brutality. It's not just the regular breakdowns throughout the tune....the last minute is where it all happens. Be prepared lol. I literally burst out laughing and was in tears wondering WTF I listened to at the end. Watching vocal critic reactions were priceless as ALL of us felt the same. It is truly brutal, truly the most heavy of heavy, a new standard!
  14. When I had done my shows in london and guelph, despite beign in the top percentage of conditioning, the bigger guys always beat me. At 6'2, I need to be bigger. One guy had legit tub on him, was 8 weeks out from a show conditioning wise, and he beat me because the judges said he was 'bigger'. Rediculous. But that's the way it is. Max out your range and that way you step on stage with no doubt.
  15. So I've been given a script for bisoprolol 2.5 mg as my heart is acting up with all day random premature ventricular contractions. Went to the hospital last week and was given full scan overs. All my bloods are 100% perfect, my heart is fine (athletic enlargement but within normal limits), but my ECG shows this weird shit. We don't know if it's from all the stress I have in life or if from some other source. The meds have worked and I rarely get a skip now. Training is reduced as I'm not allowed to exceed 120-130 BPM. But I'm still lean and following the diet and training. Weight at 207 lbs. Pretty much where I want to be.
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