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  1. I think you've got the safest bet. For all the 'excitement' this Olympia is supposed to bring, it seems pretty boring with already knowing who's going to win. I would LOVE Dex to win it. Just bring the same package from the last show and it'll be hard even for Brandon to beat him. Then Dex can finally retire. But honestly it'll probably be 1) Brandon 2) Roelly 3) Dex 4) doesn't matter after that
  2. they translate to big long hard sexy time!!
  3. 100 IU is a full ML, which would be a full plunger back if you had a 100 iu syringe. Each major line is 10 iu, each minor tick is 2 iu. So like goto 10 IU first day, then just do 5 iu the next week every day, then every other day until you get the tan you need, then go maintenance.
  4. Super happy about my order that came in with only one day shipping. Always always super fast and I dig the actual pill bottles now.
  5. So I've been on a constant 2000 IU dose for the last week (after seeing my endo last wednesday and said just keep a constant 2000 IU) I feel more improved wellness if I can use that term. Sexual dysfunction has improved, but I also started taking HCG with a 1000 IU shot 4 days ago. Going through a 5000 IU bottle now at 500 IU every 3.5 days.
  6. I've never tried primo, mainly because it's cost prohibitive in the amount required to get signficant benefit (along the lines of GH). But if it was a steroid i'd take primo or eq because of low sides Otherwise I would take low dose GH
  7. keep exercising and doing your physio steroids are not going to make whatever rotator cuff muscle is torn magically heal faster. It doesn't work that way. If anything, being on a huge cycle may make it worse as the contractile power of the muscle is so greater than the tendon strength you're at even greater risk of fully rupturing it. I did do a TB500 cycle (shown in a log), that helped my tennis elbow. Maybe think about that? Lightly work through your movements with pain levels not exceeding 3/10, as full a range as you can without compensation movements, 3-5 sets of 10-12 to fill it with blood. Rehab is a completely different beast than bodybuilding. If you want to lift proper again with reduced risk you need to take the necessary steps to doing things right, and then once back into lifting, adjust how the training was done (different ex's, weights, positions, etc) so you can be successful.
  8. So that pain is likely your sub scapularis muscle. Long head biceps irritation is always palpable and thickened in the groove it sits in. Subscap sits deep under that and mimics it. That hand behind back movement that's painful is pretty much the test for subscap. Your description of what doesn't hurt also eliminates supraspinatus and infraspinatus/teres minor. How to treat it? Obviously stay out of that range is one thing. Rep out internal rotation movements on the pullies at neutral position and up at 90 deg abduction as long as it's relatively pain free. No huge stretch loads from chest days. Heat as needed 2-3x a day to keep it warm and blood flowing to it.
  9. So there's some good info here but a lot of info missing that's vital to a good diagnosis. Doctors like to throw around tears a lot but if it's a true tear you're going to be in trouble, plus your symptoms are not reflective of a tear (it being significantly more painful). 1) is your pain with active range of motion to the front over head? Side over head? External rotation? Or hand behind back only? 2) do resisted flexion at 90 deg, abduction (to the side), External rotation on the corner of the wall, or lift off with hand behind back. What's painful? 3) pretend your arm is out front, elbow at eye level direct in front of you, either put resistance on your hand with the opposite or allow it to fall into deep internal rotation. Any jabbing pain? 4) bring your arm up you the side, thumbs up, then pretend to empty a drink or can in that position allowing the hand to full turn down and in. Any symptoms? 5) tender and thick along the long head bicep where it goes in the front inner portion of the arm? What about the AC joint? Anything on the lateral side to that? Based on what hurts and doesn't, it's likely a mild tendonopathy. No tears. Give me some info back.
  10. How many of you have bought insulin straight from the pharmacy? Are there reputable places online to buy insulin? Given the large american 'caravan' that came into windsor a few weeks ago to buy large swathes of insulin, there should be no reason to not be able to go into a pharmacy to buy it...but I feel that's even more weird than buying pins, especially where i'm bigger than most of the population. Advice needed on where to look into buying? Usually the humalog fast acting for pre/post-workout injection.
  11. holy crap that place has awesome prices. Finally!!! I wouldn't mind supporting the other suppliers but jesus christ the shipping costs more than the pins themselves!!
  12. nothing to worry about. the speed of injection, the depth of it, the angle of the pin, and yes even how fast you pull out would create a negative pressure and spurt out blood. You may have a small bruise, i wouldn't worry about that. I'm all about worrying you lost some gear though!!
  13. I'm taking 4000 IU a day now for the next two weeks. Saw my GP this morning and quizzed him. He thinks the number isn't something to worry about, it could be my normal, but does say because of my skin and how easy I tan I'm likely not absorbing as much compared to pasty white gingers or lighter skin folks. He told me to take 4000 IU for two weeks then drop down to the standard 1000 IU and that should level things out. As it stands, no change in any sexual performance either, thoughnot expecting anything yet if any.
  14. PSA is great and has been unchanged ever since i started my official TRT even with blasts. I'll up the dose. I'm worried a bit about toxicity though but you seem to be knowledgable with that I won't? It was done in my blood work.
  15. Did you find out if there's something up that's blocking the absorption?
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