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  1. buy a standard black and decker jig saw - $50 buy amazon jigsaw massage adapter for $30 i have one, and it works like a fuckin' charm and my wife LOVES me pounding her ass
  2. I give 6 weeks after the last enanthate ester to clear out and put me in the normal zone, all while i still take my normal TRT amount. I take my shot on a monday night, then get bloods the following monday morning before my next shot.
  3. Your iron levels are especially low and your blood cell volume is low. Those correlate. Are you anemic? Flags right there buddy you need to address those if you haven't. My test gets checked because I see an endocrinologist for low test to validate the dosage i'm taking. This is always at the end of the week before my next shot so i'm in the trough.
  4. i don't know how you guys wear hoodies in the gym...too hot, too restrictive...plus i want to show the world the gainnnnnnnnnnnz Stringers all the way!!!
  5. Twice a year I get my bloods done the week of seeing my Endo. I run blast and cruises twice a year. Generally 16 week blasts. Then I go back down to my 200 mg a week dosage and run that for 3 months. Everything is bang on. I didn't get psa checked because of a form error but it's always 0.1. Normal. Vit D is getting checked again as I have some hx of low numbers, but that may not translate to anything clinically. Moral of the story..always do bloods. At least once a year. Live a positive lifestyle, even when using super supps. It pays for itself!!
  6. I like both black logos.. the canadian flag adds a touch but the barbell as an H just has a 'cool' factor to it...almost tattoo worthy
  7. There are some potential design changes coming to the sites 'logo. We would appreciate some input from the members
  8. And what was the purpose of the bloodwork? What is your physician checking for?
  9. This is a solid article for RC repair Do all band work, very light. Everything should just be fatiguing or just mildly aching. Pick 3-4 strength ex's, stretch; do them 2 times daily, 3 sets of up to 10 reps. https://orthoinfo.aaos.org/en/recovery/rotator-cuff-and-shoulder-conditioning-program/
  10. Does your symptoms go into the inside of the elbow? What if you stretch your wrist back into extension? Does it hurt the forearm then? Do you get any pins and needles/asleep sensations when you grip? If so, is it the whole hand? specific digits (if thumb is the first digit?) If you just open and close your hand, do you get a trigger response where it just snaps? What do you do for work? Very labourous?
  11. not if you're only using your finger tips??
  12. the compounds above will help with recovery. Basic exercises are wrist curls with bands or like 3-5 lbs dumbbells, easy easy cable curls to pump blood. Avoiding long arm reach and grab moves. Heat and local massage.
  13. My turn to contribute: Both of us have been running their MK-677 - her at 12.5 mg a day, myself at 25 mg. Vivid dreams, increased hunger (which has now stabilized), and most important to me is significantly improved wellness and rested sleep I get. This is only been running for ONE week. We take our doses at night before bed. But the big thing is the wife is running their Enigma: Enigma (Caffeine 100mg, Vinpocetine 10mg, Huperzine A 100mcg, Yohimbine 3mg) (113.1mg/capsule, 50 capsules) Enigma is meant as a cognitive enhancement. This is not for gym use personally. This is for helping my wife study through her 3rd year in her registered nursing program. The compounds within Enigma (vinpocetine and huperzine A) have been established as memory and blood flow enhancers for patients with dementia. Most of my wife's troubles come in mid afternoon with burnout, as she travels 3 hours to york university for classes, and ends up back at home by 8:30 at night. Maximizing her studying time and having it as efficient as possible is what's needed. She's happy to report significant changes! The first was a boost in attentiveness, followed by a sense of euphoria. She sometimes feels like she's had too many coffees, but none of the jitters. She takes 2 tablets in the morning. She has having much more productive study times, and with two exams happening next wednesday, we're hoping it translates well to being more prepared.
  14. calcific tendonitis within the long head biceps is plausible any forward movement that causes pain is almost exclusively biceps. If you do band movement from internal to external and back to internal rotation, does that hurt? Does chest pressing hurt at the most down stretch position? if those two don't hurt, then I can all but guarantee it's long head biceps. Lots and lots of low grade band rehab repeating that movement helps flood blood to it. Avoiding long reach and loading movements helps. Keep palms up and in close if you have to lift things. If it's a constant throb add ice to it first, then proceed with heat. If it is calcific tendonitis, there's lots in physio that can be done to help break down the deposits, absorb back into the body, and reduce the overall inflamed tendon. If there are larger deposits, nothing short of shockwave therapy will help that (and that hurts like a bitch), if it does at all. Lots of people have calcium deposits have zero symptoms either, so it may or may not be correlational.
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