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  1. Let's first ask this question Does your girl train and eat according to the lifestyle that would warrant using testosterone? Does she suffer from any conditions like endometriosis, irregular heavy periods and pain, or other gynecological issues? Absolutely DO NOT just start loading test into a woman because she wants to be more horny. That'll backfire. Other than that - 10 mg of test prop (use insulin syringe to 10 IU if using a 100 IU) every 3-4 days. That's plenty. And she better be aware of sides of acne, mood changes, differences in bleeding patterns, enlarged clit, losing hair, etc.
  2. fuuuuuuuuuuck this is another where in the world is carmen sandiago shitstorm happening. dude has to be alive...
  3. oooo that's nasty my man. They don't do those much anymore. You may be in luck because (I assume) you're in good shape, are young, eat well, etc etc. If cortisone, shockwave therapy, acupuncture, active release, stretches, strenghtening etc etc just won't do it, then this really is a last resort to alleviate pain. It could keep you out of the gym for 4-6 months of heavy lifting...100% But you'll be able to go in and train with other body parts, you will be doing rehab relatively soon afterwards. When healed, you should have good function back but dont' ever expect to return to function like you were when you were 20-25. Just isn't going to happen. The point is to release the tendon/split it, insert it into a new spot, clean it up so it can contract without causing mechanical pain. Proper rehab and recovery and TIME will allow you to have the best functional outcome.
  4. I stopped it for two weeks, retook my bloods, and everything came back bang on. Coincidence or not?? Unsure but my endo was happy with the levels.
  5. Keep in mind it's not going to rebuild tissue that's been ripped to shreds. I believe TB500 just accelerated the pro inflammatory process in healing my elbow. I have no data also with me doing direct injects into my elbow too with insulin needles. I could of done it in the gut, but since insulin needles are pretty much same size as my acupuncture needles and I hit those spots as well (knowing there is no huge vessles or nerves there to injure) I figured why not? I'm content though...and should I injure myself again and I hit a plateau in the natural healing processes i'll absolutely get it again.
  6. Yes I did! elbow is 99.9%! Basically the only discomfort I have is when I push on the lateral epicondyle (bone). Otherwise all my training is back to full swing! TB500 works boys and gals!
  7. I have fertility issues. It took my wife and I 4.5 years to have a child. When my second wife and I wanted to have a baby I got checked out. I had zero sperm...nothing..nadda...when I was 25 I had 10 mil per load..practically nothing. Less than 100,000 is considered sterile. You don't need to hurt your self...more does not equal better. It is well established protocols in restoring sperm production with a third of what you want to take. You also need to clearly prioritize as said previously what you want out of life. You need to come off EVERYTHING PERIOD. If you're so concerned about your gains or losses then I question what you want for a child, and any resentment you'd build up towards said child if psychologically you can't handle being off for so long and what comes with it. But as @Corey5150 said as long as you eat clean, do cardio, train for your HEALTH then you will be ok, and will bounce back eventually. Back to the point -> i was able to correct myself and in 2 months my wife and I were pregnant, had a miscarriage, then got pregnant again the very next month. This was after a well researched protocol established from medical journals that is validated and tweaking it a bit more to my needs, but not going overboard: 100 mg clomid for 2 weeks, then 50 mg afterwards for 2 months HCG 500 IU every 3 days - ran three 5000 IU bottles and not the chinese stuff 20 mg of nolva every day for 2 months Where you've been on a ton of stuff yes I can see where you want to run aromasin until you can get through your half lives, but you need estrogen. You need normal activity of your body in order to stimulate those cells to produce sperm...THEN the sperm have to maturate. You will not get ANY of this being on anything..ever..at all. You want it done right, you need to make tough sensible choices, and do it for the right reason. My son is 3 now, a super power house. Now i'm back on TRT for life with 2 big blasts a year, and it's great. I've never felt better.
  8. Even further: 'Mind-blowing' gaffes at QuadrigaCX leave cryptocurrency watchers 'gobsmacked' Exchange that has lost $260M accidentally misplaced another $468,675 last week https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/quadrigacx-1.5019176
  9. Where is the tricep pain located? Up at the posterior shoulder, mid belly, or at the elbow insertion? Pain will inhibit movement so if you push through it you'll likely tear something or drop A bar on you from collapse of the arm. No heavy presses, do lots of shoulder work, more dumbbell press, try hammer machines. Flat feet definitely can affect both knees, and if it's been a progressive pain with no injury, strong glutes and no overlying weakness, then orthotics are probably the next logical step. There's still something that needs to be done on those quads to treat the inflammed tendons. Acupuncture, ultrasound, interferential, and McConnell taping are what will definitely help. Once relieved, having orthotics would probably be a significant factor in altering the load mechanism. Thx for the tag!
  10. So it's 80% better. I had to stop the therapy for a week and a half. I have zero evidence of this but I believe it upped my test levels. I'm on my trt 200 dose, get bloods done and usually my ranges are around 500-550. Well this time they came back over 800. Either I pulled more in the barrel (probably did) and/or the tb500 also raised test and threw off my readings. So I have to take off until the next Monday to redo my bloods and see wtf happened. I finally did get my first decent shoulder workout in and I could hold a 30 lbs dumbbell and do laterals! Was really happy with it! Still plugging at work but literally as soon as I get my labs done again next week I'm back on to finish my bottles.
  11. So it's been a week, I've taken a shot every other day, kept up my ultrasound and interferential current on my elbow. I've done the same biomechanical awareness and avoided lifting and pulling with the arm. Truth...I'm feeling better. Like way better. 50-60% better. I can extend my arm now without pain. I can make a fist without pain. I can grab my coffee cup or light objects without pain. It's fatigued with an ache, but I've yet to train shoulders with laterals. Adding tb500 is really the only new thing I've done in the last two months and there's been large changes, so I have to attribute it to that. Another bottle to go.
  12. Two shots in - no change in symptoms that would be related I believe. The sharp pain is now gone but at work i've been hitting it hard with pretty intense ultrasound, interferential current, suction cup soft tissue release. Its still sore with terminal end extension right into the left origin of the muscle, and any major grasping still gives me a shot. But i'll keep on the good fight and remain optimistic!
  13. Dude You know I'm a physiotherapist right? Appreciate the honesty and it's the right suggestions ?
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