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  1. I also have a short fuse when it comes to buying pins. They have asked a few times what they are for. Depending on mood i either say testosterone or heroin. Its not up to the min wage cashier to decide who gets them
  2. You take tudca year round? Seems like a waste
  3. Thats scary over 200mg dhb. Anything over 100 should cripple you or its not dhb
  4. I dont know if I would bother with the masteron. You may have to adjust your ai dose as you go. Everything looks good to me. Looks like you have done alot of research. If anything its overkill. I wouldn't even bother with the peptides myself. You may not even really need the hcg first run.
  5. Lol i havent saw one wheelie yet. Come on its not fast and the furious. They are too damn heavy and dont have the right tires
  6. Anabolic innovations cycle support and tudca with orals