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  1. I get a kick out of this shit. One board says certain stuff is gold and the other is pure shit. Cant even believe reviews anymore. Glad i have a few good sources and dont have to use or believe any of this crap. What a joke
  2. I just ran it 20mg a day untill 2 bottles were gone. I run mk year round at 25mg
  3. Bodybuilding.com is 25% off everything for next few days
  4. Get a test deconate or udeconate and do a big shot before you go
  5. Ive tried almost every type of sarm. Pretty much all them leaned me out a bit. Rad 140 makes me strong. But if you expecting dbol or adrol your wrong.. they remind me of a low dose tbol... basically nothing Mk677 is a bit different, i like it. But most do bloat and have a bigher midsection on it
  6. The ones you posted are half nac and half tudca. So they are not 500mg of tudca
  7. Sdrol didn't add any water weight to me. Either one works great for strength. I only reccomend them preworkout now since they are quite harsh
  8. I do think it matters. If you want it to absorb better then take creatine with some juice.
  9. Most effective would be aromasin imo. Strongest would be letro... I also think you have arimidex not aromasin. Normal dose is 12mg not 1mg
  10. Right now Pre kaged, Rad140 Intra/post would be hbcd and post jym
  11. Im coming off this week. So maybe that will help. Going down to 160 test
  12. Im running 800 test 600 deca. No orals for last 10 weeks. Bf is pretty good. I stay very lean even on deca. I dont do any cardio, i always end up losing weight..lol
  13. Any updates? How are you guys doing on proviron? For whatever reason it always shoots my blood pressure up
  14. Great lab. Never had an issue with anything. Worth the extra few pennies imo
  15. Ive ran over half their list and every was good. No pip. One of my go to labs
  16. Anyone have any ideas to increase appetite. Lately i find it hard to eat through the day. Then i gorge at night.
  17. Looking huge for your age. Dont stop
  18. Looking huge for 167. Holy. Keep it up
  19. On paper it should be a bit weaker than ace. Being such a long ester. But from what I hear that is not the case. I cant wait to try hex.
  20. Honestly maybe ive never run it high enough. But all I really got was high blood pressure. Maybe some better pumps
  21. I thought I was the only one who felt this way about tbol. I just assumed i was a non responder
  22. Run the mast at 600 the whole way through. If you are experienced thats a decent dose. I dont agree with the ramping of your doses, doesnt make sense to me, they ramp on there own with the long ester. But it must work for you
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