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  1. I can not understand why G-Force is getting ridiculed for this here, I have read the screen shots and nothing points to him saying Afflicted wasn't repping them? I have been dealing with Genetec for years and honestly it is the best gear around, always fast delivery and the rep is always quick to answer questions. I haven't been here all that long but I can see the Admins here love the drama! you guys should drop the drama and move on, you might have more people stop by and stick around if that was the case. I see some jealousy here from some of the sponsors perhaps, an incredibly childish act. bottom line...... Genetec is one of the best in the business and others need to follow suit, perhaps learn a little from such a professional lab!
  2. I had the pleasure of training with him in Wyoming and Brian Shaw in Denver when I was living down there last year! complete animals, I didn't move for 3 days after each guys workout!
  3. Ridgeback

    MK677 and Weed

    here are the three top reasons to take CBD or THC therapy. thc balm on an injury pretty much takes the pain away instantly, also with Sciatica..... ingesting CBD & ThC absolutely relieves any pain one is suffering from. I believe that weed is the new natural cure for most ailments, if you aren't using CBD at least! you should be adding it to your daily regime!
  4. Powerlifting World Record | 1,102# Squat | 885# Bench | 816# Deadlift | 2,803# Total
  5. I eat 2 of those everyday! i have for years now, I absolutely love them!
  6. That is absolutely ridiculous !! wow you have to be really F'd up to do this to yourself!
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