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    MK677 and Weed

    Jesus thats a muncho combo
  2. Syn products in my opinion do exactly as they should. And there ai's are bang on the money found that out today ,in my opinion a great lab and great service, and so far the cardarine is legit.havent dug in the rad 140 yet but will soon
  3. High carb intake will do this wont it ,i had issues taking 350 to 400 carbs a day was causing a insulin resistance or something, i kept crashing, couldnt keep eyes open. Dizzy as well Personally i find fasting is the best dieting out there with a mix of carb cycling.
  4. Great write up @OLYMPIC but curious as to the reaction times on this based on episode with water retention today i had id say it worked within 4 to 5 hrs. Would this be accurate? And will aromasin stay in system and slowy decline for roughly 20 hrs, Basically 250mg of test a week and by my 5th day i was getting puffy eyes and water retention, indidnt want tontake anything as inwanted to see how far i could go and how id react. Also didnt wanna crash e2 as im only doing 250mg a week of test so 0.6 seemed like a logical dosage to try.
  5. @NorthernLifters thnx for reply, no i dont care about staying natty, iv just seen reviews where in 3 to 5 weeks guys were being suppressed ,so i wanted to add in test, with the rad to avoid that. Im fairly new to this whole ordeal but im done extensive research over the past year. Taking everything slow, looking for clean gains ,but was lookin for that bump ,i havent added it in yet ,as im just tryin to dial in my excess estrogen at moment 5 days ,at only 250mg test has me full of water and puffy eyes lol ,took 0.6 aromasin today ,and seems to have done the trick so thinkin ,id go for 0.6mg every pin day mon and Thursday just tryingbtonlearn my body. Once i dial that in im gonna add the rad 140 ,im not sure if the 0.6mg a week will be enough or if the rad 140 will make extra estrogen.
  6. What are your guys experience with rad 140 cycle. currently taking 250mg test c a week and going to be adding in rad next week once i get my levels up, only reason i guess im doing that is because iv heard of suppression from rad.so i thought id run 3 weeks of test prior to adding rad. Whats your guys opinion on this. Thnx.
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