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  1. When I ran it I paired it with test, both times at 500mg. If I ran it again it would be lower for sure. And ya, she’s def a potent drug. Only experienced users should play with her. If you do, make sure you have roloxifene and letro on hand. Or equivalents. Hope you have a good cut bro! If you have time, log it here. I’m sure you’d get a lot of great advice.
  2. I assume you’re thinking of trestolone ace? While I love base I’ve never run it with ment. I’ve used trest e twice. Once at 50mg and again at 100mg per week. While I definitely wouldn’t use ment on a cut that doesn’t mean you can’t. If it’s all you had you could cut on dbol. Short answer: yes, I experienced mental sides, especially at 100mg. I got down in the dumps over little things and that got worse as the estrogen climbed. I started with aromasin but when I hit 25mg a day I switched to letro. Aside from contest prep that’s the only time I’ve used letro. goid idea keepin
  3. You look great bro. My only critique would be legs as well. Bring up those wheels and you’ll be unstoppable. Your back and arms are fantastic
  4. Glad to hear you are feeling better! Is your man on cycle with you too? Lol, I love being on at the same time as my girl. So much fun! … Aside from breaking furniture Hopefully your second shot treats you better. I’m so glad to hear you are enjoying your cycle! There’s nothing quite like the first run of injectables.
  5. I pin my girls glutes. lol, she gets those dreams too. are you still throwing up? Cause no, def not normal. But after a covid shot? Ya that’s normal. A friend of mine is good friends with Scot Mendelson and he was fucked from the covid jab for a week. And that’s Scot f’n Mendelson. That guy drops a thousand pounds on his chest and laughs..
  6. Cool thread! greek yogurt, vanilla whey, strawberries, a banana, oats and ice.
  7. Eating healthy and cardiovascular exercise. There is no magic pill for weight loss. Maybe DNP, but that shit will mess you up and is not sustainable. If a drug has no side effects, it doesn’t do anything.
  8. Plant manager at a rig mat building faculty by day, personal trainer by night.
  9. A good friend of mine was ordering lots of medicus supps. He’s mentioned he can’t get a reply either.
  10. Man.. 100% agree about the gym style thing. Gym sheep clothing drives me nuts. As you pointed out, a certain kind of person wears that. The same kind thinks putting up a gym selfie on social media is the purpose for the workout. Tailored clothing eh? That’s a good call.
  11. I’d like to add to this, as I’m curious.. especially as to how the bigger guys feel At a public gym what is your attire? Once upon a time I’d only be seen in stringers and sleeveless shirts. Now I’ll only wear hoodies. As a gentleman with some decent size I find everybody stares at me and it makes me uncomfortable. At first I took it as a compliment, now I hate it. How do you people react to the staring? i suppose if I’m going to claim 260 and say im fair size I should back it up.
  12. Yeah bro. The struggle is real. I find hoodies and sweat pants are my go to. I recently hit 260 lbs and jeans are no longer an option.
  13. Maybe I should add. I’ve been off cycle 6 months. Before I give myself a reputation of being a walking pharmacy. (500 test is off cycle, for me)
  14. A few years ago when I was doing a lot of travelling this was one of my pieces of luggage. oh, and my keychain with emergency dbol stash
  15. Ha ha ha, I know the feeling! I’m all “I might need this” “this is hard to find” “one day I’ll use this” I’m like a girl in a shoe store.
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