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  1. Damn bru! That’s a big 207. Won’t take much of a prep to get stage ready. Looking good.
  2. Well god damn, i missed this shit! Cycle is kicking in (600 test prop, 450 mast p, 500npp) as I progress I’ll keep upping the dosage. Might swap Npp with tren but at my age prolly not the healthiest choice. Maybe just add an oral. Anadrol or dbol? Calories are up over 5000 per day, to keep fat off im doing 2 1/2h cardio sessions a day. Last week I incline benched 405 for 3, squatted 550 for 6 and deadlifted 645 for 8. Far from PRr’s, but those days are long gone. here’s a quick physique update
  3. Glad to hear your well bro! Upsize coming soon!!
  4. Nice bloodwork man. I’d be happy with that. You recovered nicely. (Most people do, just think they haven’t because it’s hard to go from superman to normal)
  5. Here’s a bit of an update if anyone cares to take a peak im training full time again, 4 day split with one rest day. Test is up to 400mg and I’ll take an anadrol once a week as a pre workout. Diet is on point as usual. I’m eating roughly 3500 calories a day. Pretty quick I’ll up my test a bit more and add an anabolic. Weights going up fast! Both my body weight and my lifts. Currently 236lbs and feeling great.
  6. Ryujiin! How you doing bro?
  7. Are you on trt or is that after pct? and oooh! Lh and FSH? Sure sure.. rub it in. (mine are undetectable. Joking aside, looks great my dude!
  8. Lots, but I put a mix of my cycle in a trt bottle that I have a scrip for. Honestly tho out of 5 or 6 flights they have only asked about it once.
  9. Hello again to my bros and sis’ in iron! Happy new year to you all. Hope everyone had a good Christmas and is doing well during these interesting restrictive times. Ive been on a long break from lifting and cycling. I had a semi major surgery and decided to pack up the family and tour around Canada for a while. Im almost embarrassed to say I haven’t touched an actual weight in almost a year now. Only body weight exercises and lots of cardio. I have mostly kept my diet on point. I’ve just picked up my scrip trt Pfizer from Costcos and just had my first shot! I’ll be at 100mg twice a week to start. I’ just started a push pull legs routine this morning and am very excited to build back some muscle. When I’m ready I’ll be hitting up the good folks at bodytech and doing a nice much needed cycle. Pre surgery I was 265 lbs. Now? .. I’m weighing 224 lbs and feeling and looking quite natural. Coming off I did no pct and my sex drive definitely suffered. This is where I’m at right now. It’s go time!
  10. While we are at it… how about that guy that drops the nastiest protein deuce right before you come in to get changed?
  11. I like mixing my own. Citrulline, Argentine, beet root, cialis, pink salt. Boom!
  12. Good luck and have fun with your show big guy!
  13. Call me old fashioned, chicken, white rice and broccoli. Oh.. lol and Diet Coke!
  14. I’m with cbdb on this one. Not only will you be underwhelmed you may find some unwanted sides. Anavar or ostarine for anabolism with clen or bodytechs incinerate for fat burning would be one sweet female stack. My girl loves incinerate and hgh for cutting/fat loss. And of course a caloric deficit and cardio will be the most important piece of the puzzle. Hope your cut goes great. That goes for all my summer bod chasing bros and sis’.
  15. I’d get my bloods checked. Hopefully you have a natty blood test to see your baseline. An aromatase inhibitor has merit during pct, high estrogen will cause negative feedback and keep you shut down. Bloodwork my friend. It’s free in Canada. If your lucky (tho that’s matter of opinion) you may qualify for trt, assuming that’s something you’d like.
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