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  1. Nothing like a good pump bro. Nothing at all. When my delts pump so much that drinking a sip of water is almost impossible I j!zz my pants (at least by the look on my face you’d think I did)
  2. Uh oh bro... you might actually be sensitive to the carrier oil. Like really sensitive. And wow you react fast. Gotta listen to your body for sure. Swelling like that isnt good for the tissue. Some synthetic oils get me bad, but damn.. to hit within a few hours is definitely not a good sign. I assume your not new to large injections right? I doubt it you are. But if your a virgin the first few really suck
  3. Love Dave. I highly recommend him for diet, training, aas. He’s very good and he charges 100£ a month. 24h support included. This pic gets me every time. Like I mean, who else made Rich look small.
  4. Hopefully there’s no lasting damage man. Nerves can be savage. Try to bring the swelling down if you can bro.
  5. Does whatsup remind anyone else a little bit of Dave Crossland? .. maybe it’s just me.
  6. Oh shit dude. Sounds like you hit a nerve. I say that because pip from solvents or an oil or ester that doesn’t agree usually takes a day to set in. When you hit a nerve it’s almost immediate. Fuck dude I hope it’s ok. where did you do the shot and how did it feel during the shot? How is mobility? Take a few Tylenol and a few ibuprofen. It should give you temporary relief
  7. Bwahaha! Awesome and savage. LOL, I’d expect no less from “a chain smoking, alcoholic, sociopath..” Kevin Spencer (love the profile pic. Haven’t seen that in a bit)
  8. Ha ha ha, ya. It’s got a bit of a taste to it for sure. It’s like Buckley’s “it tastes awful, but it works!”
  9. No. As long as your in the normal range you’ll appear normal. Even in doping tests all they can do is compare the ratio of your test level to your epitestosterone level. Test is test my dude.
  10. Very true. A competitor friend of mine, through a trt clinic in ol USA told me he was on 600 test 400 deca 40 var and had the options of hgh, winny land/or drol thru his clinic. LOL, that’s quite the stack for trt.. I hope Canada gets like this. Maybe we should just be glad personal use is legal here tho.
  11. Nice numbers bro! Thanks for sharing!
  12. Yeah man, Jordan is a beast of a man. His lifts are insane. Yeah, his friend passed. 2 or three days after an elbow surgery he died of complications. Andy Hamon. Such a nice guy. I never met him but he did so much work at hospitals with sick kids and was a devout family man. Back in the day he was benching 500 lbs before it was cool. Andy and his family.. I sure feel for them.
  13. Speaking of stanozolol.. I bought this for my horse (I don’t have a horse)
  14. Bwahaha! “get her off me!! No means no babe!!!”
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