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  1. Some interactive stuff could be fun. Like a (yearly, seasonal, monthly or whatever) March madness type thing. But each section is decided by votes from the members. Each member fills out the brackets, each win is a point. I’m sure ya’ll have played something like this before. Could be body building related like 16 of the best body builders who’s wins best of all time. Etc etc. But it could be anything really, muscle cars, bikes, porn stars, workout movements whatever. maybe offer up some swag or whatever for the winner with the most points. Could get suggestions from the members,
  2. How does one meditate? Seems like it should be simple. Can’t seem to clear my head enough to focus.
  3. The cbd what’s the dose? I actually hadn’t thought of that. But No THC right? I’ll never fall asleep if I’m stoned
  4. Looking for some advice on getting sleep. Falling a sleep isn’t the problem. It’s staying asleep. I get up to pee or something, or my body just wakes itself up way way before my alarm and I can’t fall back a sleep. Just lay there. Brain wo t slow down. I’m 100% it’s work stress/anxiety related. I was hoping to avoid drugs, but I’m kinda at my wits end here. Figured I’d reach out see if anyone has any advice to try first.
  5. So it’s been a year since the first shut down (here in Alberta). Wondering how ya’ll made do during the last year? how much home gym equipment you end up buying? How’d you change your training/diet to adjust? Hows them gains looking from the last 12 months. Let’s here it!
  6. What’s everyone thoughts on the shelf life of AAS? i recall reading once that unopened stored test is good up to three years. quick search reveals differing opinions. Just wondering what everyone’s experiences have been? Anyway the gear in question is Mast E, from a reputable lab, it’s good gear I’ve ran it before, but I got it for a friend that just never ran it, so he offered it back to me for nothing, so it’s a great freebie, but it’s close to 2 years old. So I’m Thinking that ship has sailed. But that’s what this community is for. Figured I’d open up the board see if
  7. Pretty minimal looking. Love the look of crotch rockets when they’re all chopped up. for whatever reason my phone won’t zoom on the pics. Is that a rigged strut you’ve got bolted on the back? That must make rough road a bitch!
  8. For sure will work. Texture is a bit weird. Tastes fine. But I mean this is bodybuilding not exactly in the game for taste or texture. More function and ease. Haha. But Honestly I prefer the ground up quick oats like your already doing, but have tried cream of rice to see how my body reacts. I was told it was an easier digestive combo. For me it was no different (that I could notice anyway). So I just stuck with the quick oats (and some frozen strawberries). But that could just be cause it’s so routine for me with meal prep.
  9. This was a quality share. Good to have in the arsenal for sure!
  10. Well. Now that it’s over, what’s everybody think? Under dog city IMO. 212 and Open no one was even thinking about Clarida and Ramy for those respective wins. But holy shit did they both deserve it! and while Curry lost out in open I still think he proved he deserved it last year by still beating Heath this year. Since everyone kept saying the only reason he got it then was Heaths absence. And I have to say I gotta eat crow on this one, I thought for sure politics and money (with the doc he’s filming) would guarantee a win for Heath, I was 100% wrong. Which honestly I’m pretty stoked
  11. I think Phil could walk on stage in his worst condition and he’ll still win this year. Not as a knock to anyone that his worst is better than their best or anything, but let’s face facts, Phil has been filming a documentary all year about his return to get his 8th title. And he’s filming it with 7 Buck Spin. Who are working in conjunction with the Olympia. There is no way they’re gonna invest all that time and money just to have him lose. as an edit I forgot: Hunter Labrada I think could honestly be top 10 this year. With the real possibility of even a top 6. He looks insane, especia
  12. I agree with @MaskedMisery I do shoulders 2-3 times a week. And with a lot of the exercises I also do tempo work. Like a 2 sec pause on the contraction and 4 sec drop on the negative. etc etc.
  13. Hey NL crew, just figured I’d leave a little something here. I’ve been using BT for the last couple of years and I’ve already left a review on their quality. Which is Always top notch. But figured I’d leave another one as it’s relevant to that BS post I saw on the forum earlier this week. My last order there was a mix up somewhere, where my email order got lost in the shuffle, or failed to send, but from my end it said it was delivered. After not hearing back a few days I contacted the rep on here NL, and within the end of day he had it sorted to send through to another mem
  14. I saw a video forever ago where he said his cruise was 175. I think he was blasting at 500 when he found out his test was bunk. but either way. Serious genetics. Obviously responding super well to gear, cause even at bunk test amounts he was in serious good shape. Like up at 230-240 lbs or something.
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