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  1. This is another one just out of morbid curiosity. How do pros take all their gear everywhere? Weather that be flying nationally or internationally. I get that TRT you can have prescriptions but everything else? HGH, insulin every other AAS under the sun. Seems like it’s be a hard sell at any boarder (especially with the amounts that you said these guys could be taking) to have “legit” paper work for all their use.
  2. Isn’t Flex Lewis doing men’s open next year? 2020 not 2019.
  3. He didn’t automatically qualify in placing last year and hasn’t competed this year to get a win or enough points to qualify.
  4. As far as I remember it, research suggests fasted cardio is good for the short term but is not recommended for long term. But research could have come out since suggesting differently for all I know Me personally I don’t do fasted cardio. Not cause I don’t think it doesn’t work, but it’s just my personal preference. I hate empty stomach activity. I’ve never had a problem with losing fat when I’m cutting either, just keep the diet in check and everything works according to plan.
  5. Phil has definitely already fired shots (not at Flexatron) at everyone competing this year. Saying basically whoever wins will have a giant footnote to their win basically saying only won cause Phil, Shawn and Big Ramy weren’t competing. I don’t know about all that, I think even if they did compete they’d have some challenges from this years line up. But either way I’m definitely excited to see how this years top 5-6 line up.
  6. What do you guys think about timing? Reading all sorts of diff versions. Like split dose am/pm. Full dose after workout. Full dose right before bed. Etc etc. I imagine this is all personal preference, but surely there must be some science with the info we have available to maximize usage.
  7. 400 ml of egg white canola oil for fat (amount depending on where in my diet I’m at in the year) Mio for flavour
  8. Any one got any decent recommendations about any good pod cast related to body building?
  9. It was already gonna be an interesting Olympia. But This is gonna make it open season! i just hope this doesn’t become the story of the Olympia. The fucking what if game. Could (Insert new champs name here) have beaten Flexatron if he had competed etc etc. I mean I know that’s still slightly disappointing not being able to say you beat the champ, you just won the open title. I get that. But don’t let it over shadow the fact that this is still the worlds #1 bodybuilder.
  10. Utah’s a weird state man. They have all sorts of bizarre sex laws. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s just how long it takes to jump through their red tape.
  11. Curious about the use of peptides and SARMS at this level. The rise in popular use out in the world seems immense. Seems like it’s all anyone’s talking about now a days How are they being utilized/are they even being used at this level like they are (seemingly) being used everywhere else
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