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  1. I would say certainly suspect at the minimum. He had be involved with the Olympia behind the scenes for a while by then. His entry was also a last minute surprise (as I recall the story going) he was never announced before the show. And at the show he kept doing wrong (but strong for him) poses instead of the called out poses. Like doing a side bi instead of side tri, saying he couldn’t hear the announcement properly. add that to his 1971 win (all be it he was in great shape that year. Great) but he was literally the ONLY one competing for the title. Everyone else was disqualified before the show. So not sure I’d call that a competitive win either. so 7 titles yeah, but I’d say he only really won 5. 2 where handed to him. IMO.
  2. Gotta agree with everyone about the blood work. 100%. And I second @Mikk0090 on tapering down. I find that works great for me as well. as and edit I’m at 150 TRT. Good levels for me there. And I know guys that do 100 and that works for them. So 100 isn’t necessarily low.
  3. Alberta gyms are allowed to open this Friday (12th). 2 m distance. But it’ll be up to each gym to decided if they’re gonna open on that date. Some here aren’t opening till next week. Heard good life is t gonna open till July 1st. haven’t heard anything from my gym. Hoping it’s at least next week...
  4. For real. Plus a lot those people looking to unload all/some the stuff they bought to tide them over. could be a lot of equipment for cheap soon enough if you’ve got the cash and the room.
  5. I love that quote he has “These guys today are business men, in my day I was a killer.” Said with best lisp impression he can still throw em for sure, still a fucking beast, I don’t think this is a legit come back, not sure he could compete if it was, isn’t it a charity thing like @Fizzyx says? either way, it’ll be entertaining for sure.
  6. Right before this whole thing went down our gym had a 50 person capacity in place and you just came and checked if you could get in, if not put your name down, and I never waited longer than 45 min in the peak hours. I mean an extra 45 is still shitty, but definitely could be worse given the circumstances. I assume once they re open it’ll be much the same.
  7. Since this isn’t a review and I can’t find them on the board anywhere figured this was the place to post this. Anybody hear of a lab called Evolution? A friend of mine got some of their stuff, I wish she’d have ask me first coulda hooked her up with something tried trusted and true. But she says she trusts the hook up source but since I dont know him or heard of the lab I figured I ask around. Any info good or bad (hopefully it’s just good ) thanks.
  8. That’s what I’ve always been told. I’ve never tried Cyp. I’ve always had great success with E, so I never bothered. Figure if it ain’t broke right.
  9. Scratched together a gym with a bench I bought for a case of beer and a bunch of dumbbells I borrowed 5-50 lbs and a ton of resistance bands. So I really got hit the high volume style workouts with the giant rep range to get any effective workout. It’s super rudimentary, but it’ll do. I was suppose to start my spring/summer blast in March obviously not gonna waste that now. So I’m sitting on this premium gear from our favourites at Body Tech. And by the way it looks out here, that’s gonna turn into a fall/winter blast instead. work wise I got laid off in March almost all our clients shut their doors so basically all of us got our pink slips minus a few guys. Living off the CERB as well. Getting a bit stir crazy a month in I gotta say. But helping the kids with distance learning, which here is going till the end of the year. No school till September. Reading a ton. Just trying to make it work.
  10. Chopped chicken breast with chipotle sauce (or franks) rice (if there’s room in the macros) avocado lettuce or chopped chicken breast W/Greek seasoning feta veggies chopped Tossed in Greek salad dressing
  11. I’ve done test p and test e. Mast p and mast e. Honestly results wise they’re about even. In my experience. I feel like I can tell I’m on gear faster when using prop. But as far as end results, for me it’s the same. So I use enth all the time for that exact reason, save cash. That being said I know how my body reacts and I keep up with the bloods so long ester doesn’t worry me that’ll I’ll have to bail out in a hurry. but again this is my experience. I have heard guys swear by prop for cutting. Not sure there is any real science to support that. But I’m not saying there isn’t either.
  12. The Jacket with Adrain Brody and Kera Knightly. Frailty with Bill Paxton and Matthew McConehey. In The Mouth of Madness with Sam Neil. Waking Life with that kid from dazed and confused I don’t know his name.
  13. Some TV if your interested is the Boondocks been watching that. It’s super hilarious. Pretty over the top. Think 3 or 4 seasons?
  14. I checked out that Safety not guaranteed. That was pretty good.
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