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  1. Any one try the gun show stuff?
  2. Its in Edmonton. It’s on whyte ave just west of the Safeway. It’s called Home care and Surgical.
  3. What’s everyone listening to now a days? At the gym or other wise. Always curious what people are listening too. What gets you pumped? Or what’s your chill mix? Or shop/work jams? Or cooking/prep playlist? You get the idea.
  4. Had the pleasure of trying BT for the first time (and still running that cycle at the moment). And I Gotta say, Fucking quality all along the line.
  5. I always find for myself, evening training. My body responds better with more meals in. I can definitely see improvements in strength and volume. Plus my head is alway way more focused and in the game in the evening. No rush. So it’s just more enjoyable for me personally.
  6. I think I’ve had at least one every time I’ve cycled tren. I remember the first cycle I tried tren I got one the first few weeks in, felt it deep in my chest big hacking after light head, it was awful. Then it I dreaded it every pin on that cycle, I seemed to get it every fucking time. Once I figure it out with some research on the boards and asking around figured out what was what, I got less amped up about it, then it seemed to get better. I mean I’d still get it every once in a while but being calm and relaxed about it not sweating it definitely made it easier to handle it seemed. That’s me anyway.
  7. I go to a medical supply store in town. It’d be a bit cheaper to by online probably but the convenience is worth it for me.
  8. Preach! Can’t express enough for this site! Great crew. Great sponsors.
  9. Love this series. Love the attitude. Love the honesty. Love the No bullshit. Can’t get enough of it. Ever see the videos of him grocery shopping? Hilarious. Seth is worth a follow for sure.
  10. MuscleDummy


    Grocery shop. Meal prep. It’s an off day. Get ready for next week. Might go out for dinner tonight. Lazy Sunday I guess.
  11. Wow some of these are high! The highest I’ve ever run (and still run) is 1000 per week (with Arimedex) Definitely a sweet spot for me. The only side I get is zits. At 750 there were no sides, but I can definitely tell the extra size I can utilize on 1000. So the trades totally worth it. I’ve had guys tell me to try it up to 1500 for massive gains but I’m still putting on great size at 1000 so see no point in going any higher.
  12. Done test deca anadrol as well as test eq anadrol. Recently tried dbol for the first time in place of the anadrol. My body seemingly does best on the deca and anadrol version. But i’m A bit parinod about ever bumping up the deca as deca dick would be my worst nightmare. But i’m Always open to new ideas/combos. The range is so different for everyone i’ll never know how i’ll Do if I don’t try.
  13. Legs- leg press chest- DB presses Back- chest support row/parallel pull down tri- DB skullcrushers biceps- incline DB curls shoulders- DB raises traps- reverse barbell shrug (smith machine)
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