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  1. Hey gents, Quick few questions for anyone in the know, the reconstitution of gH does it need to be 1:1 ratio? 1 ui to 1 ml? I keep reading you can run it sub q which seems fine if it was 1-1.5 ui at a time. But 2+? Any of you have experience running higher numbers sub q? Or will it also have to be IM? Reason I ask is I have been looking into it on old threads here and other boards trying to get my shit together, and it seems to be advised to split my daily dose, The idea is to run 4-5 ui total, into 2 daily of 2-2.5 ui Hence the question about reconstitution. Seems like it’d be easier if it was possible to get more gH into less volume. Anyway, any advice would be appreciated. I’m not jumping on it right away anyway. Looking at a month and a half at least starting with the next cycle, and still only if the bloods look good, but I’d like to get my ducks in order before I get anywhere near that point. So let’s hear what ya got gents!
  2. Gents let me tell you. Anxiety/Stress will kill you. Reaching out is nothing more than trying to find new tools to use to fix a problem. I don’t know what’s with the big stigma about trying to make yourself the best version of yourself you can be. But it’s bull shit. And if your a first responder or a veteran, and you have PTSD on top of just life stress, i can not stress enough how helpful new resources can be. So if reaching out here isn’t enough or you think you might want professional help, here’s some resources: For vets: 1-833-921-0071 (toll free) For Anyone: 1-888-737-4668 (toll free)
  3. Yeah man social media has totally changed the focus of working out for a lot of people. I mean wear whatever you want, post whatever you want. Do the work. But you actually gotta DO THE WORK. It’s not just gonna happen for nothing cause of likes and followers.
  4. Dress/casual I always get tailored. same as jeans. I’m not 260, mind you. Im only up around 205 (as of this morning) at 5’7”. as far as gym I just buy cheap tanks and shorts, they get so ratty from the gym. Plus I’m not really into the whole “gym style” thing. It just makes me think of people decked out in like gym shark gear sitting on a piece of equipment on their phone at the gym taking up space.
  5. Watching the Blessing talk all that shit just made that show all the sweeter. I mean I love a good rivalry. But when they’re close. Like neck and neck. you gotta be on the same level to talk that kind of shit. Love the fact that he didn’t even get a call out with Nick. Nick walked in and dominated that show. curious to see how nick does on the Olympia stage next to the best. Actually I’d like to see him next to Labrada. They’re both so young. And can bring size and conditioning. I personally like Labrada’s lines and shape better, but thats neither here nor there they both have so many years to work and improve still. The future man. It’s exciting.
  6. I’d agree with Test primo deca. Totally doable via US doctor. And pretty classic tried and true stack. Though I have a friend in Oregon that says you can pretty much get a script for anything you need if you find the right doctor. It’s all about that $$$ down there. You got it, you can get it. that all being said, if you’ve ever seen him before in anything he’s done, he’s definitely putting in that work. That's a huge transformation. That shit would be no joke even on PED’s.
  7. He’s backing off cause a friend died right? I can’t remember. Either way he’s been pushing hard to be as big as possible for so long to grab that pro card, I was kinda surprised he actually decided to back off. I wonder if he’s still going to be chasing that card? His lifts were fucking huge before, I suspect it’ll be hard to keep those numbers (or size) up. But maybe he’s changing the game plan? Can’t play the size game like that. We’ll see I guess.
  8. Hard call. Back Quads or Chest when you get those good pumps and it feels like your skin is gonna rip off, that’s pretty good. BUT, shoulders and Tris are my fav. They blow up after a good session, shape out great and make you look like a million bucks.
  9. Some interactive stuff could be fun. Like a (yearly, seasonal, monthly or whatever) March madness type thing. But each section is decided by votes from the members. Each member fills out the brackets, each win is a point. I’m sure ya’ll have played something like this before. Could be body building related like 16 of the best body builders who’s wins best of all time. Etc etc. But it could be anything really, muscle cars, bikes, porn stars, workout movements whatever. maybe offer up some swag or whatever for the winner with the most points. Could get suggestions from the members, then vote on the suggestions see what 16 to go with, instead of getting one person to decided. Have a designated voting period for each section. That way you’d have to pay a bit of attention, so you don’t lose out on playing or voting could also get sponsors to set up their own game if they wanted, about whatever they choose. Try get some traffic their way etc etc. not 100% sure if that’s the kind of suggestions you’re after, not sure if the board is set up for such a thing, but figured I’d send out there, could be fun.
  10. How does one meditate? Seems like it should be simple. Can’t seem to clear my head enough to focus.
  11. The cbd what’s the dose? I actually hadn’t thought of that. But No THC right? I’ll never fall asleep if I’m stoned
  12. Looking for some advice on getting sleep. Falling a sleep isn’t the problem. It’s staying asleep. I get up to pee or something, or my body just wakes itself up way way before my alarm and I can’t fall back a sleep. Just lay there. Brain wo t slow down. I’m 100% it’s work stress/anxiety related. I was hoping to avoid drugs, but I’m kinda at my wits end here. Figured I’d reach out see if anyone has any advice to try first.
  13. So it’s been a year since the first shut down (here in Alberta). Wondering how ya’ll made do during the last year? how much home gym equipment you end up buying? How’d you change your training/diet to adjust? Hows them gains looking from the last 12 months. Let’s here it!
  14. What’s everyone thoughts on the shelf life of AAS? i recall reading once that unopened stored test is good up to three years. quick search reveals differing opinions. Just wondering what everyone’s experiences have been? Anyway the gear in question is Mast E, from a reputable lab, it’s good gear I’ve ran it before, but I got it for a friend that just never ran it, so he offered it back to me for nothing, so it’s a great freebie, but it’s close to 2 years old. So I’m Thinking that ship has sailed. But that’s what this community is for. Figured I’d open up the board see if it’s worth my time. Worst case I lose nothing, best case I give it rip so, let’s hear what ya got!
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