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  1. Merry Xmas! Looking forward to this sale!!
  2. Welcome. This board definitely has a lot to offer. I’ve found it very beneficial. Hope you do too.
  3. Hey gents, Quick few questions for anyone in the know, the reconstitution of gH does it need to be 1:1 ratio? 1 ui to 1 ml? I keep reading you can run it sub q which seems fine if it was 1-1.5 ui at a time. But 2+? Any of you have experience running higher numbers sub q? Or will it also have to be IM? Reason I ask is I have been looking into it on old threads here and other boards trying to get my shit together, and it seems to be advised to split my daily dose, The idea is to run 4-5 ui total, into 2 daily of 2-2.5 ui Hence the question about reconstitution. Seems like it’d be easier if it was possible to get more gH into less volume. Anyway, any advice would be appreciated. I’m not jumping on it right away anyway. Looking at a month and a half at least starting with the next cycle, and still only if the bloods look good, but I’d like to get my ducks in order before I get anywhere near that point. So let’s hear what ya got gents!
  4. Well. Looks like you’re set with a plan and a goal. That’s better than a lot of gym rats I know already. Good luck!
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