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  1. What’s everyone’s go to for pre and/or post work out meal (preferably for a bulk)? Throw up recipes if it something a little extra or bizarre!
  2. My wife also swears she can tell the trens kicking in by my sweat. (She 100% knows I run gear so it’s never really a surprise) But her thing I think she can tell by the obvious excess of sweat from tren. Not to sure about the extra smell.
  3. Also. Any able to find the rest of the standings? I can’t seem to find them up anywhere. Curious on the rest of the placings. Especially 6-10.
  4. For the most part I agree with these. Jackson really dug himself out from Friday night. Curry obviously the clear winner. But honestly, I really thought Choopan was better than Bonac. I thought he had better conditioning and looked (at least the posing illusion of looking) wider and thicker especially in the back. But, I’m not a judge and they didn’t see it that way so it is what it is. It that last pose down was intense. Making those guys earn it! Great watch this year despite the lack of any of the “big names”.
  5. Well. After last night I’m gonna have to eat my words. Looks like Choopan is def size enough to play with the big boys. And his conditioning was probs the best up there. I’d say possible top 3 depending on how tonight goes. Jackson and Sandoe both looked off. But I think in sandoes case he’s just super green still as opposed to Jackson who I think is out to pasture. But fuck at 50, the dude still looks amazing. Just not top 5 amazing. But still have Curry for the win. He could have been a bit more conditioned but he def has the package in comparison to everyone else win this year.
  6. Curry for open for sure. But curious to see how top 5 play out. I see Winkler and Bonac in the top 3, but this year, could be anyone’s game especially since Bonac ditched his coach at what like 6 weeks out? Plus Jackson does look pretty good, Sandoe May have a shot at cracking the top 5 as well I’m my opinion. Plus ultra curious to see how Choopan does in open, his conditioning is top notch, but not sure if he’ll have the size to crack top 5-6. Top 10 I’d bet money on. Side not it’s pretty hilarious that he beat flex Lewis to the punch on competing in the open category though! classic. Breon is pretty much the full package, but Bumstead looks really good this year (of course that’s Instagram) so I wouldn’t put a win past him. He only lost last year by 1 point.
  7. Sounds like a plan. I’ll get on that ASAP.! Thanks again for the help as well very much appreciated! As a note I gotta say, This boards resources have proven to be exponential time and time again this kind of stuff is definitely next level. So glad this place exists for guys like us.
  8. 1) The only active range of motion the that cause the irritation as a constant is behind the back. Sometime something like reaching to pull my glasses off I feel it. (And like I said some presses in the gym) But it isn’t constant enough to say I feel it every time. It almost feels random. I feel it in my front shoulder delt when it happens and if there’s enough irritating movement the bottom of my mid delt in the shoulder. Again the only constant spot is the front 2) lift of the wall behind back i can definitely feel it. Again front of shoulder. 3)no pain with these movements 4)no symptoms in this movements either. 5)nothing is tender. As far as I can nothing feels thicker or swollen either. Hopefully this is what you’re after for more info. Obviously if there’s anything else let me know I’ll get it to you ASAP! Thanks again for the help!
  9. Ok. Gonna try follow @Physlifter protocol here: 1) nature of injury. Not really sure when it happened. I honestly thought I slept funny on my shoulder one night about a month back. It’s not painful just annoying. 2) symptoms. Just a irritating feeling in the muscle on my shoulder. Mostly notice it when I lay down to sleep. Hard to find a comfortable spot. But mostly I don’t even notice it in the day. 3) no past history 4) what makes it worse. When I reach around my back it gets tighter feeling. Still not painful. Just uncomfortable. I feel it some times if I do close grip bench press or and incline press. But not always. And if I do it’s just the first rep. 5) no scans. Went to see a doc. She said it’s more than likely a small tear in proximal bicep tendon. 6) Goals. To get the irritating or annoying feeling to go away. It hasn’t effected my lifts at all or anything at work. Like I said I can feel it during certain lifts a bit but it’s mostly when I’m trying to sleep. 7) medications. Diclofenace for the inflammation. She also said I could get therapeutic massage to help. So that’s my info. My big questions are: 1) what else can I do to help speed up recovery? Movements, products (legal or otherwise) etc 2) the doctor said I didn’t have to do modified duties at work, just to keep an eye on it, so I assume I could do a down graded version of my routine at the gym yes? Or should I just shut it down all together? Thanks.
  10. I’m with @ElectricRocker on this one. But def keep an eye on it. But it does sounds like the case I’d say.
  11. Well I can tell you this is a damn fine tasting flank! I do basically this exact recipe with those Costco flanks. Done both on the BBQ or the air frier. Damn tasty.
  12. I wouldn’t suggest travelling with gear. Lot of risk. If you had a script for test, different story. But ive heard of guys that have done it. But again seems like a lot to risk. For whT? Only thing I’d suggest is once you’re there get a direct ship of test if you where that hard on for it. And If you up your dose for 2 weeks on top of your 500 you’ve already taken with no plan for AI I would say that is also very unadvised. Might have to just bit the bullet for two weeks. Not ideal, but if all the options probably the smartest. But that’s my 2 cents.
  13. That sounds pretty interesting actually. How’d you get into that line of work?
  14. MuscleDummy


    Well that would be well worth the $50. It’d even be worth it if you had to get a request every time. With the amount people spend on gear it seems odd that anyone would cheap out over $50 to make sure they’re healthy enough to use It all!
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