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  1. Good day. I have a suggestion. i, my wife and our business partner are in the process of buying land and construction of a true bodybuilding/power lifting gym here in my home town. Covid restrictions and quite a bit less strict in my area. Long story short a big box gym opened up in my town and has completely destroyed most of the mom and pop type gyms around. We are slowly losing the gyms in my area that have the weights and equipment needed to progress past a certain level. These gyms can’t compete with $10 a month so they have no choice but to close up shop. my
  2. I second CBDB. Though I’ve only used BT and PP which are part of this particular forum, if I were to have issues with any brand/lab. I would definitely take it up with the rep before posting anything on the website. Mistakes happen, everyone is human. Only if the rep was not interested in addressing my concern would I put a negative review. Trash talking is stupid and get nowhere. Level headed debate is the best way to resolve things. Luckily admin has used most of not all brands endorsed on this board, and have the experience behind them to know if something was off. to
  3. Not a problem sir. Just glad I could help! I, along with most other members on this board just want people to be successful. Sometime the simple little tips like that can make all the difference in the world!
  4. They know we got our stimmy checks here in the states! Lol.. scammer did it all wrong. He should have just left it at the DEA has your info fucker. Just to scare people. As soon as there’s a bribe mentioned it’s always fake. I can’t say I feel bad for the dude. I could only imagine what’s going to happen to him for his stupidity. Probably too Mach sake to drink. whatever happened to getting drunk and “accidentally “ sending everyone in your address book a dick pic?
  5. Assuming this is Canada only? I’ll gladly bid handsomely if it could find its way down here in the states. I’ve had my eye on vortex
  6. Ok awesome! I am not too familiar with the blends. Just have ruined some tren myself when I was younger and didn’t want him to lose it. Always learning something new!
  7. Be careful with re warming tren. Tren oxidizes at a lower temperature. If the golden color starts to darken up on you then you know it’s starting to oxidize. With tren, if you start to get crystals I prefer slowly warming it up in water on the stove top while swirling to get it back into solution. If you have access to benzyl, then a drop or 2 will put it back into suspension as well. tren can be trickier than most other gear when it crystallizes because of the heat point. just my 2c
  8. If injections are painful, it could be a few things. if you haven’t injected in 8 years, it may take you’re muscles a few rounds to get used to the swing of things again. BT uses MCT oil base which is extremely thin. Plunging too fast can cause lumps and pain. I like to use the 30 second rule per 1cc. I.e. 1cc of test e, inject needle and slowly plunge the dose throughout 30 seconds. too short of needle? If the needle is too short, then sub q injections are probable, or just barely reaching through the sheath of the muscle. You can use different length for di
  9. Yea superdrol is very liver toxic. Putting the liver in overdrive is what makes you feel sluggish. I tend to need a nap during the day while on it, halo does the same thing to me. Definitely not a feel good type drug bay any stretch.
  10. Try putting some more meat on that lat before injecting. Lats are tricky, and you don’t appear advanced enough to know really what’s going on. (Judging by your physique). You could be sensitive to the MCT oils or solvents themselves. The issue is with you, not the company as a whole. different people have different reactions to millions of things. My skin is sensitive and certain laundry detergents break me out. Should I blame that company due to my sensitivity? It appears in your rationale I should.. not going to get you very far in this game bro. Only bo
  11. Running tren e, tren a, and equipoise from BT. Also my first time with them, and everything is smooth as silk. 3cc in the glute no issues. You using too short a needle? Plunging too fast? Virgin muscles? Putting 3cc in your tear drop? no issues here. Loving my experience with BT
  12. I would like to add that I received my first order from BodyTech over the weekend (USA). Communication was seamless, any questions or issues (on both sides) were resolved within hours. I received my items in about 7 days after payment processed. I ordered quite a few goodies, but currently using the following of their brand since 11/29 Tren e tren a (burning lungs is a good sign of potency) Helios - I’ve been interested in this products for a while now Clen @ 50mcg - together with the helios I can definitely feel them working, racing heart, shaky han
  13. For me there’s a few different reasons for different types on protein bars. There are a few good ones out there like Quest Nutrition (if you can get over the science project in a bag ingredients and sugar alcohols). for a cleaner, low carb on the go holy crap I’m hungry but have no food with me, I prefer Quest Bars. for the I need carbs and protein fast after workout bar, especially during a bulk I like the good ol MetRX big cookie crunch bars. now there’s all kinds of bars and cookies and snacks this day and age. I seriously found an oatmeal cream pie protei
  14. Depending on what I’m running, I’ll do 3 cc in the butt. 1.5 in delt
  15. Yes sir I am. I may break that around the first of the year. Thinking heavily about dabbling into a little bit of insulin to fill out some lacking body parts to compete next year. I need to gain some size in my legs, biceps and lower/mid back. Would like to compete in classic. I’ve always been kind of against insulin use, but I’ve educated myself a bit more on it and in talks with a guy that really knows what he’s doing and wins shows. keto works great for me, honestly I feel as if I have gained better in a keto lifestyle than when I was packing in the carbs. Gains are a hell
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