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  1. Anavar GTG, havnt tried their proviron as I prefer masteron
  2. Yep custom molded ones lol. Some of their vials are almost keep sake for collecting lol. yea I’m weary of the mk, I do like how I feel on it, but I’ll be assessing it at around 6 weeks out. Figured it was cheap enough and I wanted to try it.
  3. I’d like to give another shout out to PP! recent order to USA took 35 days total. Everything came packaged personally and they even got some new vial graphics going on! And as always potent and painless. ive never used mk677 before, and I got that hunger everyone talks about 2 hours after taking. 1 40mcg clen tab making me shaky tren is hitting hard. no complaints and kudos to PurplePanda for always coming through
  4. I’ll be posting a new log Sunday night. I figured I’d throw it in at the start, give it a few weeks and if I’m not digging it, I’ll switch to pharma gh. I like to run my insulin using John Meadows protocol of 8iu novolog pre workout, and 5iu immediately post workout before meal.
  5. For me I like equipoise during a cut for fullness, vascularity and sometimes appetite. A lot of guys will opt for eq instead of mast in their cuts, it just works better for them. Equipoise is also awesome when the calories have to be cut a little more steep to preserve lean mass. My stack is notorious for giving a “flat” look, and equipoise helps preserve the “full” look when carbs and cals are super low. MK will be a first time for me. Going to use it in place of growth (never used growth in a cut before). I’ll take it out closer to show if it’s making me hold water. I also might utilize 4 weeks of insulin and 5 Iu growth half way through depending on how I’m looking. dave is a big advocate of eq for prep as well, especially if he’s prepping someone with some good size on them
  6. I agree. A public log also helps you stay accountable. As a first time prep, you need all of the support you can get. When starvation kicks in and just getting out of bed in the morning 3 weeks out. Keep yourself dialed in, critique your progress. Youll start seeing daily changes about half way in and listen to your body! I’ll be starting my prep this weekend as Saturday kicks off my 12 weeks. The last 2 weeks have been deload from super intense volume heavy lifting and get body in shape to start my new program. I like to start my preps with 2 weeks at calculated maintenance until all the new drugs take hold, then I start taking out calories and upping cardio. Realize that what you’re putting in your body is what is doing most of the changing. Dave has put hundreds of people through preps, so follow his nutrition advice to a T. a sample of my stack is as follows 250 test e weekly 400 tren a weekly 500 mast e weekly will add in EQ if I think I need it but I don’t think I will 40mg mk677 will add other things as needed. But like I said above, the nutrition is more important than the drugs. theres a lot of knowledge here to help you on your journey.
  7. Do yourself a favor and get yourself a testing kit. I know Dave palumbo sells them. Around here MOST of all primo is fake. Most pills are just winny labeled as primo. Most injectable are test prop or winny (susp). I’ve even seen dbol marketed as primo, so it’s the one steroid I’ve never tried. if you draw the unlucky card and get dbol or test prop, you’ll notice gains and think nothing of it until things don’t add up and the damage is already done. I hope your find the real stuff, but in my area it’s quite fabled like a unicorn without top notch connections. I would hate to see things go negatively
  8. Primo is a challenge if you’re not 100% sure about your source. I know of 2 ladies that have had some AMAZING success with using DHB @ 75-150mg a week and 5-20mg anavar depending on goals. if bikini I would just stick to the anavar. if you want to add some size safely with minimal sides I would opt for a low dose nandrolone or DHB to add on top of anavar for going to the next level with things.
  9. Advanced practice fire fighter/paramedic currently working for air evac wife is upper management for a production factory soon to be small business owner. We will be pouring the slab for our new gym this week!
  10. Contact dermatitis. I get it all the time. Anything can set it off, last time was trying a new body wash. I broke out head to toe but my trunk area was the worse. A week of prednisone takes care of it. seemed to happen suddenly about 5 years ago I started breaking out and we traced it down to the laundry detergent we were using. So now thanks to me we have to get the “free and clear” version of just about everything. I feel for you bro, the stuff is miserable.
  11. Stack looks decent. Is this your first show? did Dave put you on your test dose? Seems on the high side for my likes, but reading that you’re running sust too was odd. if it were me I would drop the sust and run the cyp at 200mg a week. Up the tren to 100mg eod, masteron at 500 a week. 35mcg winny? I’m assuming typo? this is a big one, start your clen about 8 weeks out. If you’re going to run T3 add it at the same time. Clen usually runs its magic at the 6 week mark. Dosing on clen, being prep I would run it every day 40mcg for a week, 80mcg 3 weeks, then 120mcg the remaining. you shouldn’t need adex, especially eod. I would op for test prop and mast prop for the last 4 weeks, dropping the test on peak week
  12. I’ve never used it before. They are 10mg a piece so I’ll start at 10, and see how I respond. I hear 20-30mg is the sweet spot. But everyone is different
  13. If you’re reconstituting with bac water, it’s recommended that it gets refrigerated once in suspension. I keep my bac water cold, reconstitute, draw it all back into syringe, take dose, stash in fridge until syringe is empty and repeat. If using Chinese hgh, its best to only reconstitute one vial at a time and use it before going to the next one in the kit. Most pens come shipped with dry ice and should be refrigerated.
  14. I followed a protocol from John Meadows. 8iu insulin pre workout in the belly, 60 mins of high intensity, heavy training followed by 5iu of growth sub Q about 15 mins after training. Wait 30 mins then a good clean meal of 40g protein and 60g carbs. all in all I saw good growth in my chest, arms, and legs during the 4 weeks which was above and beyond gains from the gear I was on. ive got about 6 more solid weeks of bulking before starting a contest prep. With the prep I’ll be using some MK677 instead of hgh. But my buddy does take 3iu daily and is able to maintain his physique while enjoying some junk foods through out the week.
  15. Technically if you run it as the 5 on and 2 off scheme like most guys I know do. $150 will last you over a month. You can also rub your anabolics at a lower dose while running Hgh, which balances out cost. I just recently came off an 8iu insulin pre workout and 5iu pharma growth post workout. 5 on 2 off. First experience with growth and I loved it.
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