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  1. Purple panda has never let me down. My last order was placed September third, and I received part of if today September 26. Raws should be another week or so. as far as compounds I have tried, I have used just about all of their injectables, and usually brew up my own orals. many other labs use purple panda raw material to make their products. I have never had an issue with potency, and or mixed or different as advertised compounds as prior people have stated (the fishing newbies). you can get a lot of bunk gear out there, such as test prop being marketed a
  2. I would take it down to 150mg/wk. granted you could still slowly make gains on the 300mg, but 150mg is closer to a normal natural test level (high end normal) where you should be able to keep most of your gains and all the other benefits of test. Keeping it higher and your body will come accustomed to that dose, and you would need to then run it higher next cycle for desired results. I would run 150mg for 8 weeks, let the body reset and then jump back in. You’ll still feel amazing even on 150mg. That’s like the test level of an athletic 18yo male with great genetics lol. Y
  3. Most of not all PED will increase red blood cells, as this is one of the main attributes to steroids. More blood = more nutrients to the muscle which means enhanced muscle gain. Ofcourse some are different than others. Nandrolones and equipoise would be towards the top, with billers like dbol and anadrol. On the lower range would be the more mild steroids such as winny, anavar, tbol etc. I can’t speak about tren, even though I’ve used it many times, I don’t want to give out any bad info. remember the higher dose and longer length of time on any steroid will produce higher blood vo
  4. I don’t keep track of mine too closely. But higher than normal test, and especially nandrolones produce more red blood cells, and at extremely elevated rate. Equipoise is even worse. As red blood cells increase, ofcourse blood composition levels will increase. As well as blood gasses will change. If it gets out of hand and in the extreme high range, then blood clots, strokes, DVT, a fib, etc can result. But keeping your diet healthy helps quite a bit. Keep an eye on blood pressure, and blood thickness (I will prick a finger tip) if blood is super dark red, and thick and takes a minut
  5. Wow, all of that over $125? Way to go dumbass. Sounds to me like he was buying for other people, got himself in a jam. Probably either didn’t come through as promised and owed them money, so in turn her destroyed the trust built up with BT knowing they would ship his stuff before receiving payment in good faith (as stated in the first few emails). When my buddy used to home brew, I witnessed him break someone’s legs with a motorcycle helmet years ago because a guy screwed him out of money. Good luck Matty, you’re completely in the wrong in this one. I do respect that BT gav
  6. NPP and deca great for joints, BUT the joint benefits come after a decent time. I’ve found the joint relief kicking in about the same length of time with both. NPP will give gains faster, but not so much joint relief faster. Just my experience there, as nandrolone is my favorite and have ran it many times in different esters. since you do have a weight class to hit, keep the wet stuff at lower doses. i would suggest 300test 200deca 50anava (good strength gains) 50 proviron to help with water, and gives a little strength madol pre workout. thats a good
  7. You look amazing man! Tightness and lines in the abdominals that a lot of guys envy! I am a firm believer that less in more. Some people fail to realize that the higher the dose doesn’t translate to more gains. There is a threshold for everyone, and once you go above that threshold, you’re only adding sides and nothing else. That is a good cycle, and at those doses can be ran for longer periods of time. I like the winny dose, just enough to reap some benefits but not enough to kill your joints. Post a before and after and this should be the poster child Prost for those first timer
  8. In my honest opinion, superdrol shines in a cut, or leaning cycle. It definitely helps with strength and aggression. It will help you stay fuller while in a deficit as well. Every time I’ve ran it (never above 20mg) my appetite would tank at about week 2. Heart burn can get pretty unbearable too. Superdrol is super toxic, so I wouldn’t stack it on top of any other oral. Lethargy from your liver working super hard kicks in pretty hard , I find myself wanting to nap more, and be lazy while on it. Gainz can be decent if you can get the calories in, but with my last run I was relying
  9. Wow. I understand that miss communication and or mishaps can happen with packages (it’s happened to me). But this seems quite a bit flaky to say the least. From my understanding, Bodytech has a very good reputation, and I wouldn’t think they would smear their own reputation this way. The alleged scammer seems as though he is covering his tracks. And the fact that he is “ok” with having his personal information posted out there in the open is a pretty big red flag. I know for sure just the mere hint of my personal information being posted publicly would scare the pants off me, and I wo
  10. Oh yea college. Lol I had quite the unique college experience lol. I got my associates in paramedic technology along with a boat load of other certifications (PALS,NALS etc etc) a week after I graduated I was accepted into the fire academy, mind you I was on a pretty hefty dose of tren at that time, I was fit AF but my cardio sucked balls, lol what a struggle that was. That’s when I found out that anything over 500mg just amplified the sides and didn’t give more gains for me. I was about 180 and shredded at that time. At the time my wife and I lived really close to SLU, one of the best med
  11. A little late, but if I may chime in. NL moderators are spot on about redirecting people from throwing insults at each other and turning it back into a logical argument. Let’s face it, people have opposing views, and arguments result. It is a breath of fresh air that the NL mods frequent the boards, and clean up messes. And so far I havnt seen much favoritism, unlike ALOT of other boards out there. i respect the fact that screenshots are provided here, pretty much solidify proof (in my eyes) against the slime balls that bash other labs for no reason other than to gain custom
  12. Damn. Down here in the states no way. Anyone need a roommate? I’m a good cook. actually insulin scares the crap out of me. I work as a medic and see what happens to diabetics that mess with their insulin. I’ll never be on the level on where it’s needed anyway. Still so much potential with the safer stuff.
  13. Superdrol can do some amazing things, in the right situations. But the way it can make you feel can be not worth it. totally agree with the deca. NPP just gives me faster results, I’ve not noticed too much sides wise different than deca aside from easily adjusting dose to combat the dreaded deca dick. I try to run my test double the dose of deca, I don’t get deca dick per se but I do experience a dip in sex drive, and can find it hard to finish. But the soldier is always reactive to some attention lol. I’m hoping to keep test at the 400 mark on this next cycle, tren makes me a walki
  14. Great reply! Oh I know the deca/tren mix isn’t unheard of and pros run the mix quite often. What I was referring to for the negative bro science is the common reply of “omg 2 19-nors?? Automatic bitchtits and lactation!” Lol. I like to bust misleading information out there, hence one of the reasons I have a gear on keto log. If you google that mix, you’ll get more negative information than positive, mainly by guys reading about the compounds and never have run them together. ive ran this cycle a few times in the past. And deca is my all time favorite thing to run ever! I ha
  15. Hello all. I’ve stated in my cycle log about my next cycle. Long story short is my buddy and I pretty much run the same cycles together. We can critique each others progress, sides etc. we got to talking a we brought up something we both haven’t ran in quite some time. We have both ran it a few times with great success. I’ve come to know it’s a taboo cycle with some guys, while others that have actually ran it, love it. It’s nothing crazy or fancy, it’s just some of the bro science out there is flawed to put it in a nice way. first off. I’m 35yo male, sitting at 237 lbs I would g
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