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  1. Me personally, I split my leg days into 2 days. One for glutes, and hammies. The next for quads and calves. Just works better development wise for me. My gym just recently got a reverse hyper extension machine, and my booty loves it!
  2. This is an old post, but I do have some experience with this. This might sound gross, but is your more developed side the arm you use to masturbate? My wife works third shift, and my sex appetite is rediculous on test. I notice my left side development is different than my right, given the left hand is my preferred. Some compounds make it especially difficult for release some times, and I’ll notice it in my left delt, being more defined and harder than my right. took me a while to figure this one out lol
  3. I keep it simple. St. Louis style deluxe pizza with a peanutbutter and jelly donut for desert (strawberry jelly donut with peanutbutter icing from my local bakery). Ps I don’t share
  4. Boneless skinless thighs good Cajun seasoning baste with franks buffalo sauce while on the grill tastes just like hot wings
  5. Ha! As I just went back to keto today. My favorite low carb wrap is big Romain lettuce leaves mix some garlic paste into some REAL mayo slather one side of lettuce pulled chicken breast bacon avacado applewood smoked white sharp cheddar (from my local farm to home store) course ground pepper roll it all up, and it’s the best take on a chicken bacon ranch wrap I’ve ever had in my life
  6. Ok all, so I’ve talked to my wife about the whole keto thing. She’s on board lol. Long story short she is wanting to lose her post pregnancy weight, and keto is about the only diet she can follow with any type of success. Which means we both started keto today lol. ive got about 3 more weeks of deca, which means a good 5 weeks of it being peaked in my system. Went grocery shopping today for some goodies. I will start posting my log later on this evening after the gym with a starting pic and weight.
  7. I have never personally used genetec, but know some boys who have packed on some size with them. It appears it’s floating around here in the states as well. I do love the packaging though. Like I said I have no personal experience with them, but a guy in my close circle has ran it a few times with amazing results. I don’t post on sources I do not have any experience with, but my boy placed in the top 6 here in a regional show while using this lab through his pre contest prep, so I figured I would give a shout out from all the way down here in the Midwest USA!
  8. Keto while cutting is actually easier (for me) than low carb or carb cycling. For one it keeps you fuller longer, and you don’t get the ups and downs of a low carb diet. I for one just enjoy the way I feel when fully in ketosis. There are some good sources out there, and there are some terrible sources when it comes to a keto diet, especially for bodybuilding. It’s not all about bacon and cheese lol.. even though I do incorporate a lot of natural cheeses into my keto diets, I like a good aged white cheddar for a quick snack. once you can get the lifestyle change down, it gets pretty easy. It’s the first couple weeks that can suck when starting a no carb diet, especially if you’re new to it. In my experience it’s easier to stay in a calorie deficit, then in a surplus while on keto. The surplus is where it really gets tricky. for some good direction, go to YouTube and search “Dave palumbo keto”. He is like the god of the keto diet in the bodybuilding world. the diet is a fast easy way to get dry and shredded while not starving yourself and feeling like ass. I’ve used it many many many times during a cut, the only thing I don’t like is you lose muscle fullness without the carbs unless your on gear. I’ve even used dbol and anadrol on a keto diet in a cut to stay full and only held a tiny bit of water. test dose. Generally I do 1/2cc of whatever dose test I have on hand. I have 300mg test e right now so my maintenance dose would be 150mg. It works for me, and I tend not to lose much of my gains and keeps my sex drive up. Personally, anything 200mg and above I consider being on cycle, at that dose your levels are more than twice their normal levels. as far as gains go. I do love the initial blowing up while starting a bulk cycle with an oral like dbol or anadrol, just to look huge from the water. But bulking with keto with gear is a little different, you still get some water from the gear but not as much. In my experience, dbol made me big and full but not bloated, and as the cycle went on my gains were much more noticeable because I wasn’t adding fat and water at the same time with all the carbs. The performance in gym suffers the first few weeks, but half way through I couldn’t tell much difference aside from maybe getting 2 or 3 reps less on high volume days than I would have with carbs. On keto you generally never have to worry about hitting protein macros, it’s the calories that can be challenging during a bulk. But calories aren’t everything, I’ve gained in a deficit many times, it just depends on what are making up those calories. 3k cals of carbs a day will make you fat, while 3k cals of protein would lean you out and gain at the same time, and any unneeded protein gets stored as glycogen. I know keto is all the rage right now, but most of that keto shit at the store is just a gimmick to make money. But the principal has been around for thousands of years. And I’ve personally used the diet many different ways and for different reasons over the past 15 years.
  9. Hey all. This is a topic that is rarely discussed, and there isn’t much real world experience found on the net. For some, it seems just the topic of no carbs on cycle is controversial, a lot of “bro science” out there from guys who have never ran a keto diet trying to say that carbs are a necessity while on cycle. I understand the thinking around carbs and insulin release to gain muscle, it’s a tried and true idea. Let’s face it, being in bulk mode on a deca cycle, we get to eat all of those yummy carbs in the name of putting on mass. i for one have ran a few cycles, both bulking and cutting cycles while on a keto diet. Yes I did play around with my carbs a bit to get the best benefit around workouts, but always maintained ketosis at the end of the day via the pee sticks. While bulking, I did find it hard to hit my calorie marks, as a keto diet helps with not feeling hunger all the time. But that is easily combatted with a good MCT oil shake and such things like “keto coffee”. It’s pretty much the easiest thing in the world to add a couple tablespoons of oil to your protein shake and add an additional 400 calories. While cutting, it’s basically the easiest diet to follow with amazing results. Never hungry, a shit load of energy, and awesome mental clarity. In any diet, if I’m thinking about low carb, I’ll always opt for no carb just so I’m not feeling like trash in a deficit. as far as gear goes, the only compound I struggled with maintaining a no carb diet was when I ran tren. Tren seems like it demands carbs or it will make you feel like dog shit, but for some reason I found that running a moderate dose of eq along side the tren takes those sides away while eating no direct sources of carbs. real world experience. I have personally gained 10 lbs of lean muscle while on a simple test/deca/dbol 10 week cycle while on keto. I kept about 8lbs of that after returning to maintenance test dose. Granted I didn’t have that huge and full look that normally comes with that cycle, but in no means was I flat. Muscles were still popping and had great definition, I just didn’t look like I had a pump 24/7. I started at 215lbs at about 13% body fat. I was bulking on 4K cals with 1 junky cheat meal a week. I ended at 225 lbs and 11% body fat. I can tell you that strength kept improving, but did notice I would gas out a bit quicker on high volume days due to having a bit less glycogen in my muscles, but the gear definitely made that better than when running keto off cycle. Bloat was almost non existent, but I could still tell the 40mg dbol was still doing it’s work, just not as amplified in a high carb diet, which I didn’t mind much because I could work through a good deltoid workout without having to rest due to the painful ass dbol pumps. so now let’s get to the point. Number one, I would like any feedback positive or negative about this concept. And number 2, I am coming to the end of my test/deca bulk, and will be soon transitioning into a different cycle in which I plan on running a strict keto diet with. Is anyone interested in me putting a log together while running this type of diet during cycle? As I stated before, a lot of info on this subject either doesn’t exist or is super bias due to the bro science of it all. let me know!
  10. No shame in being emotional. Not at all. I just try to hide both ends of the spectrum as much as I can so it doesn’t give my wife an excuse to tell me to cut my cycle short lol.. sometimes she will look for anything to just blame it on the juice, even if it’s just normal emotions while on cycle. I’ve just come to the conclusion that it’s ok for my wife to be hormonal and moody, and I’m a dick if I say something, but I get called out and it’s automatically the juices fault if I’m moody, even if I’m off cycle I get called out. So I just try to be as cautious as possible. In a fair world, men should be able to be moody l, on or off cycle. But this is not a fair world lol
  11. Did that movement require a note attached to it saying. “To whom this may concern, this is all of your fault. all my belongings, and my super sweet Honda Accord will be donated to charity”
  12. Haha. CrossFit was just a phase at my gym. I go to an old school type gym which is notorious for having the biggest guys in town work out there. Couple of the bigger guys got into CrossFit, lost their gains and fucked their joints up and quit lol. Nothing like having 130lb dumbells over your head on a working set seated shoulder press trying not to laugh at the dudes trying “butterfly pull-ups”. Good way to rip all those hard gained callus’s off your hands lol.
  13. Mikk0090

    My girl

    First dog I’ve had since starting a family, and she is the perfect family dog. Has the goofy boxer personality, she doesn’t bark, never meets an enemy, and she’s super gentle with the 5mo baby. its me, my wife, 3 teenage girls, 8yo son, and our 4mo baby girl. 5 snakes, 2 cats, and a crazy dog lol
  14. Mikk0090

    My girl

    Hard to take a decent picture of her. She’s a year and a half old now and never sits still lol
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