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  1. well damn must be nice to be always dry LOL not all of us can be so lucky!
  2. I 100% agree, I’ve been lucky that normally I don’t get lumps. But I’d never stick to a long ester all the way through - if you didn’t opt for Prop I’d just drop it fairly early anyway. But then I typically notice a much less “full” look. Do you not find it harder to control water using a longer estered test? I’d rather be a little “flat” but bone dry.
  3. I personally like Tren no more than 6 weeks. But thats always dependent on how people look... some I may not introduce it until 4 weeks. But I always like to run tren and mast together. You should be switching from a long ester, to a short ester and then possibly even a suspension. Regardless of whether you hold a little or a lot, you don't want to hold anything. Also I think worth mentioning, don't you think those doses are a little high? if you're 14% at 167 - some of those doses look like overkill.
  4. To answer your questions simply about the anadrol, I'd suggest you evaluate that when you're there. If the goal is to bulk and appetite has shit the bed, then adding in an oral will only add to the problem. And in terms of toxicity... well then I'd avoid anadrol anyway. And adding two orals anyway, MOST TIMES, I consider overkill - unless you know exactly why and have a plan. Personally, unless this is a beginner style of cycle (doubt that it is), I would re-evaluate the anabolic portion. I think that would be a better option.
  5. Is 1 the show? Or 14 the show? I’d taper the test, switch esters, 100% use an AI. why the Tren at the beginning? Not the end with Mast? Personally id limit the halo to 2 weeks.
  6. You’re correct but I wasn’t suggesting anything while on cycle. My honest opinion is if he hasn’t been running it the whole time his sensitivity is severely diminished (and this has been shown in studies prior) so the dose we need is to be much higher (and even then recovery is not as good as if it were run throughout) but then we run into aromatization issues. When it comes to hcg too many run it “alongside” their pct, when running higher doses will further suppress HPTA when in reality we want to stop hcg prior to the start of the actual pct so your body can then re-sensitive itself to its own LH production.
  7. Sorry to hear about the rough time you guys are having. here are my thoughts: - with all the money you have spent on this and the stress I’m sure it’s causing both of you - come off everything. Stay off until it’s resolved. Prioritize what’s more important, who cares if you lose a bit - it’ll come back, don’t overeat and do some cardio.. won’t get fat. Jumping back and forth is simply continuing to kill your chances of recovery. - don’t bother starting your planned pct until you’re below therapeutic levels of the drugs (Given the enanthate ester for example I wouldn’t recommend starting pct until a minimum of 5 weeks have passed - considering your use of the other drugs adjust to the longest ester). - look up the combination of HMG and HCG. This has shown a drastic increase in recovery and sperm count. Good luck brother.
  8. Well I see a couple things wrong: 1. We don't know the dose you were using, so we cant give you an answer. You are above the range of normal "high testosterone" which you can see listed at 31. We can all take these tests and have different results come back due to how we metabolize these drugs. 2. You switched labs two weeks prior. So this isn't a good conclusion on either brand in question because your levels could be declining or currently on the rise.
  9. Why not just use a well designed program and a simple idea like progressive overload?
  10. I like a fair amount of Test and some nandrolone. Keep it simple - at the end a potential use of an oral, but thats only to pull a little extra out of it.
  11. I like a lot of this advice. Coming from a guy who was 140lbs all through high school and now sit in the mid 260s in ok shape its all about mindset. The only thing Id say different is in regards to cardio - use it at appropriate times to help stimulate appetite
  12. @definedABS how long have you been training brother? Only reason I ask is at 6’5 and 195 (especially over 10% BF) id lean in the direction of the others who have commented and say I’d evaluate the training and diet first before adding gear into the mix. 2nd, you aren’t even sure what test to order... do you know what the difference between them are? Do you know what the side effects would be? Safe injection procedure? The list goes on and on. 3rd hiding it from a significant other is nothing but a headache. While we’re here to help and I love to guide people in the right direction, there should always be research done prior. Understand what you’re getting into and the risks you assume by doing so. If you’re diets on point (post it up) as well as training, then I’d be happy to suggest a low dose test cycle as others have advocated.
  13. Have you done any research up to this point?
  14. Food? LOL I tend to sit towards anadrol or even dbol. Those are typically when my strength is at its peak
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