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    Gym closures

    Just to give an update to this thread - as of now goodlife fitness has closed.
  2. In all honesty my friend - excuse my brashness.. but unless you have ZERO clue in terms of what you're doing with your fat consumption then that could certainly contribute to it. BUT, and this isn't simply in regards to you but A LOT of people who use PEDs, will blame everything BUT the PEDs. Both test and ESPECIALLY Tren are notorious for raising LDL. So normally I'd suggest using any natural supplementation that can help in that area... to mitigate things. Personally, I'd get off the tren 100%, 1/2 your test dose and go see a doctor.
  3. I'd definitely look to get that cholesterol in range. Have you ever talked about getting on a statin? Just to put this in perspective, people who have an LDL range above 4.91mmol/l (or 190mg/dl) are at HIGH risk of heart attack. You're at 6.38. That's a BIG cause for concern.
  4. and just to add... for the love of god, if you CANNOT manage your BP through simple means (lifestyle changes, natural supplements, etc..) then PLEASE talk to your doctor about getting medication. There seems to be a stigma about going the route of BP medication, but it can add years to your life.
  5. Dude, I've gotta say you're going about these things ALL the wrong way. You're first post in this thread is key in identifying that. You need to take your health into consideration, ABSOLUTELY dehydration can cause migraines - migraines are very tricky as they can have many causes. I'm noticing a pattern in your posts, you seem to think that drugs are the be all end all. You couldn't be farther from the truth my friend. If you were at peak health your performance would be greatly improved and drug use (while I'm a proponent of it being there) could be very much minimized. Why do you think you typically hear, I hired so and so and grew the most of the least amount gear? That phrase comes up because people prioritize drug use while not having a clue how to train, eat or take care of themselves. I'm pretty sure I've said this to you before, take care of yourself buddy.
  6. Is there a reason you're concerned about the bloat? Id say the benefits greatly outweigh the minor bloat associated with it. Agree with blitz, I wouldn't limit sodium intake - water intake can help control excessive water retention. BUT keep in mind, if you increase water I would also increase sodium as to maintain a balance between the two.
  7. Why is it impossible? I know plenty of competitors and have trained many competitors for natural shows, and it's completely possible to achieve a good competitive physique naturally. Those that think it's "impossible" or that everyone is on drugs usually don't understand the effort that is truly required. Sure there are those that play the game hoping that they don't get tested, plenty don't get tested and get away with it, and there are those that get caught - but I have zero respect for them.
  8. I'd wait for results from your bloodwork. Just to make sure its not something more serious.
  9. I agree with vortex, one is not necessarily better than the other - they both have their good and bad points. and what you describe can be done with either or. Concentrate more on the eccentric portion of the lift, time under tension, add more volume while lower the intensity slightly - and just all around make sure to structure your workout and training program to allow adequate recovery.
  10. Why the huge range in calories? The fat isn't being stubborn, you're being inconsistent. I can almost guarantee that at 3500 calories you're not in a deficit, so you're sabotaging the days you are by overeating. Think an averaged weekly calorie intake. Don't worry about taking advantage of growth by overeating... you've got a decent amount of bodyfat which can be better utilized and broken down while in a deficit and you will still build muscle (it won't have to be a LARGE deficit).
  11. - I understand you could do those. But first I’d think those are wasted time and your strength/ability recover are constantly changing so week 1 your 1 to fail is not necessarily week 2, and so on and on. Volume is a variable that needs to be adjusted based on your recovering ability. It’s not saying volume isn’t important BUT I think it’s secondary to intensity. Once you’ve gotten strong as hell, then you’ll add in more volume to accommodate and build over time. And when I say strength I am referring to it over a rep range - not simply 1 rep maxes or anything like that. - Id actually argue the opposite, people with natural physiques don’t have the ability to recover like those who use PEDs. So they more so need to manage volume. The point of using PEDs is to recover faster... so why not work HARDER? That statement sounds like someone who is training at say 70% and sure they’d probably get more results than a natural at the same rate. But again why? That’s like saying I’m going to buy a car with 500hp only to drive it under 50km/hr - not happening lol. - While genetics play a huge part especially at the top end of sports, it’s mostly true (although that’s not to say outliers don’t exist). This doesn’t have anything really to do with the quote anymore but it’s a pet peeve of mine so I want to bring it up. I talk to countless new bodybuilders, people who want to be bodybuilders and it’s always the question of what are those (bigger guys, pros, etc..) doing that I’m not? Insulin? Growth? Etc... and guess what the answer is almost always two things 1. They’re more consistent and 2. They work harder. ive met and trained with countless pros. And probably my favourite to bring up is Ian Valliere. You want to talk about someone that has great genetics and will bulldoze anyone with his work ethic? He makes it simple: be better than you were yesterday and stop overthinking it.
  12. I like Mike Isratels approach especially training off a frequency based plan and adjusting effort appropriately. HOWEVER, I think a massive flaw in implementing this idea is that most people have ZERO clue of what 1 in the tank feels like, or 2 reps to failure. Even myself I find that hard to judge... so how is someone relatively new to training going to figure that out... or at least enough for it to be effective. So in my opinion, I think thats going to lead to a bunch of wasted time and ineffective training. So I say this, TRAIN YOUR ASS OFF - if its a set of 8, rep 3 should start to feel challenging. If you can get to 8 fairly easily it was a wasted set, add more weight. Don't overthink training in terms of volume/intensity/etc... just give it your all time and time again in the gym, use a journal so you can make sure you're actually utilizing progressive overload. Then BAM magic. Just so everyone also understands, I prescribe more of the theories of Dante Trudel (DC Training), Jordan Peters, Phil Viz. I like and don't disagree with the volume discussion I just think its not as "easy" to implement as people make it out to be. Give it your all, get strong as hell, then add in more sets to build volume. Thats basically my philosophy lol
  13. I hope you don't take this as rude as I'm not trying to be and this is solely my opinion. This needs big time tweaking my friend, I feel the volume is mediocre but the intensity is where its really lacking. 3 sets of 10-15 reps is not very intense... 10-15 is a large range. Are you keeping a training journal to measure your progress? If not, I'd surely suggest it so you're not staying stagnant for weeks on end. SO just a quick view at the volume aspect, so where you have things like "random intensity" I wouldn't actually count those as WORKING SETS. A working set should be nearing MAX effort (not always until failure but close to it), and if you can perform 3 sets of a certain weight for the same amount of reps... its lacking intensity, that's pretty easy to judge. Quick note as well, I would reconsider the exercise order and selection. 4 times per day is fine, time permitting and as long as digestion can handle it. Now I will say this however, there is a difference between "fine" and "optimal" - and this has to deal with protein intake. PTOR has been shown to be optimal in the 3-4 hour range to maximize MPS. Now usually for bodybuilding or even building muscle in general; recovery is of utmost importance, how do we maximize recovery (or gains?)? We maximize PTOR and MPS. Be serious with your diet all day, why are you so light with the carbohydrates prior to your training? You''ll have better training sessions with full glycogen storage. Why are you not eating 2 hours prior to bed? This is a large missed opportunity - you're going multiple hours without protein/fats/carbs to sustain and again facilitate recovery. Next thing I'd ask is what time are you training? If you're trying to pound back 3 larger meals in a shorter window you're certainly going to impair digestion. In terms of food selection: -the chicken is fine... but weigh it, no two are going to be the same weight, you could be over consuming one day under eating the next. Be consistent. -Chocolate milk is fine I guess? Theres still a decent amount of sugar even if its reduced... personally I'd get rid of it. -Bread is fine.. .but how much? -Why are you not eating vegetables? This is a diet void in nutrition quality (haven't seen anything with worthwhile MICRO nutrients). We NEED fiber, we NEED micro nutrients - stop avoiding them. In regards to the supplement comment (again don't take this the wrong way) you use supplements to fix a crappy diet. Fix your diet... If you're trying to recomp, my greatest advice is to drop some of this crappy food and fill it with more nutrient dense options... and in all honesty, I see no mention of cardio - you've got a decent amount of bodyfat, so instead of trying to recomp (which is a slow and arduous process) I'd simply go into a calorie deficit, lose some BF and then build back up. I'd argue that you'll see better improvements in shorter periods going this route. That last sentence is going to hold you back... Anything you do in life should be 100%. Just a heads up on the AI, you're inhibiting IGF production as you keep estrogen so low (aka you're limiting your gains). You also have zero clue if its "dialed in" you have NO blood work supporting this theory - get blood work and find out. I've said this before in another thread if people care about hair and hair loss then steroids are not for you. While largely genetic you put yourself at risk, so if it matters this much to you why do it? Something I always ask people that use a bunch of natural supplements is why are you taking them? You've got some good ones in there, there may be a few things I'd add, but its not bad. You're blood pressure is actually perfect why are you concerned? BP is typically higher at night as well, lowest in the morning. You doctor shouldn't be trying to push your numbers into the low range.. that would make ZERO sense. Even at Pre-hypertension most doctors wouldn't bother to write a script for BP medication. Last thing I'm going to comment on... Dude... man to man - while steroids can certainly help, provide extra motivation and all that - you really need ALL THE OTHER VARIABLES in place to get the results you're seeking. Drugs are not always the answer, in fact, as a coach - the first thing I normally do is suggest people come off or cruise while we fix everything else (how many times do people use drugs as a crutch? WAY TOO OFTEN). Think of it this way, would you spend thousands of dollars on the outside of a car if the engine doesn't run? Doesn't make sense to me. And what most people don't think about are that side effects are present whether you realize them or not - so you might as well take advantage of the time you're using them. You've got some stuff to learn my friend, ask questions and take in all the advice you can. This is just a quick read over and my opinions, you can take it or leave it - just know that I provide this criticism to try and point you in the direction that will benefit you. Goodluck man, if you have any further questions again feel free to shoot me a message!
  14. I just want to leave a reply in this thread in case others come searching for it, or have questions about it - just because we had a little conversation about this in the talk box. Sometimes (not all the time) a reduction in iron can lead to improvements in your hematocrit. Also worth noting as an aside, AAS increase hemoglobin which in turn is going to increase hematocrit. Hydration should be number 1, as levels of dehydration can impact this. Second, I'd elevate your dietary choices to make sure you're not consuming a fair amount of iron containing foods (just a quick note, a LOT of bodybuilding foods are high in iron). Third start looking at supplements to help control iron, I have seen a difference in my own blood work and those of my clients. Some of these supplements would be Curcumin (amazing supplement that everyone should be using for multiple reasons), Green Tea Extract - but nothing will beat IP6 - this form of inositol is the BEST Iron chelator and its CHEAP - so go do some research on it, and get it!
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