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  1. Look at your water intake/mineral intake/carb intake etc... perhaps (and only if) you’re able to get blood work watch your estrogen and add a small dose of an AI. I will say this however, if your overall goal is fat loss - don’t stress about a slight film of water retention. Water retention does not affect your ability to lose body fat.
  2. Your post kind of missed my point. Dorian is one example - and if anything shows my point of people who will need less than most. Now for example I can list the cycle of one he trains - who’s made exceptional progress and it would make most peoples head spin. Nothing in bodybuilding can be be set in stone and drug doses are another example. Just to show people an example of someone who has used huge doses in the past and now preaches more moderate is Jordan Peters. Way way back you could find those doses he used to get close to 300lbs and they weren’t for the faint of heart. Now should anyone just simply jump into huge doses, no. But at some point the drugs will need to increase as progress is as made and plateaus are hit. Just to use another example: would you expect to be gaining more and more muscle using the same weights you used one, two or three years ago? Or would you be gradually adding load and increasing stimulus. People do not need to get caught up with what others use because that is really irrelevant when it comes down to it at the end of the day. People need to pay attention to their own individual response and progress as needed. I don’t consider any dose too small or too big, do what works for you.
  3. But see that’s the thing everyone needs to work to your own individual threshold.
  4. Not that I’m a pro or would even consider myself close to that level. BUT I have run doses like that - and frankly even a little higher. And some guys I’ve had great conversations with like al durrah and Dorian Hamilton will even tell you doses like that are not uncommon for people looking to push the envelope (some of those are moderate - id even argue, you’ll see much higher in the competition scene). Something though I think that people don’t necessarily realize though is that just because this person is using 500-750mg Test now and sits at 280 doesn’t mean that’s what he used to get there. My cruise dose is 300mg of Test and I sit at a decently lean 250lbs but let’s not forget that I’ve pushed for higher doses to achieve that. Now im not advocating such doses and I’m certainly not saying that it’s needed. But do you really think most people will admit to crazy doses? I doubt it. But they may (and more than likely) respond greatly to androgens - it happens, that’s why they’re the best. You can’t fit everyone in the same box and say well you need 500mg of Test and no more. Some may grow like weeds and other to get the same progression may need 1,200+ just the way it is. And in regards to the health component... I’d actually say the vast majority of people who use, regardless of dose are ignorant to their health. Out of sight out of mind. And that’s the worst thing you can do.
  5. Not everyone reacts the same, and most of us take precautionary measures to ensure we don’t experience drastic side effects. i can also tell you from personal experience those doctors do exist... because I have one like that.
  6. You can always get them to order it. I’ve had them order that, BAC water all sorts of weird stuff
  7. Any shoppers drug mart in town lol
  8. Personally I prefer dbol for actual tissue as I can eat more, great strength increase doesn’t destroy my lipids. I lose my appetite and tend to feel pretty shitty all around on higher doses of anadrol.
  9. Moved to the correct spot - you may get more replies here. I wouldn't, I don't really believe in tapering down in dosage. You're simply delaying you're coming off cycle, receptors will be saturated - not to say you can't make progression but I would hit it hard then come off.
  10. Well first I don’t consider peptides and AAS the same and second using your own argument “more insulin is not necessarily better because of the primary effect of hypoglycemia” I think you’d find diminishing returns on both options - aka the ceiling you speak of, but that’s not to say it’s not 5% better than the other dose. If adequate carbohydrates were consumed you would negate the primary effect you speak of. From someone who has experimented with 150iu of insulin in a day with less than 1,500g of carbs, I didn’t go hypo. Now keep in mind it was over a day and two types were used. have you used insulin before? Because even most experienced users will tell you 10g of carbohydrates is really not needed. Depending on the individual you may need as little as 4-5g per iu. And frankly from someone who has used nearly both options you present I notice more health related side effects and overall LACK of performance from high doses AAS than peptides.
  11. How would insulin have an upper limit if sufficient glucose were present? Thus negating hypoglycemia. and wouldn’t that be an undesirable side effect as you mention along with AAS and HGH?
  12. Does everything it’s supposed to do! Keep in mind I also use insulin pins as well - and zero issues at all.
  13. Yes sir - I've been cruising with it for a little over a month now.
  14. Personally I use to fall into the category of PM because I had to have “x” amount of meals prior to training. Now I’ll train whatever time I can - just move my pre and post workout meal. theres actually a study that compared groups in the AM and PM, I’ll have a search for it. They found no statistical difference in strength or recovering ability between either time.
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