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  1. Funny enough theres another thread posted today that had an excerpt from a study recently published that compared super-physiological doses of Testosterone. Exactly like you say, as the dose increased there was diminished returns. I think that's something that needs to be constantly reminded to newer guys - get the most out of the least.
  2. Interesting, if you had to push for either GH usage during prep or offseason which do you think would elicit a better result? - if you could only run it during one specified period.
  3. Interesting to note - you didn't include insulin in there? Overlooked? Not something you typically use? Do you think HGH is needed to compete at the higher levels?
  4. Personally, I think it adds validity to the study. Adding in strength training would add a number of uncontrollable variables that could effect overall results. For example, training intensity, form, trained vs untrained, etc... I like how they approached this, as its merely looking at the drug itself and what dose would correspond with FFM. Now I also think this is an area I would love to see developed, but ethically I don't think we'll see too many studies delve into the bodybuilding world of abuse lol.
  5. I think this is a great way to view dose increases in a clinical setting. It goes to show that there is definitely diminishing returns after a certain dose. Very interesting though!
  6. As someone who's part of that side of the industry - I'm not a fan, but it depends on you're sensitivity to stimulants and what you want out of a pre workout. For example, right now I'm trying to reduce stimulants in general and limit myself to 1 small intake, so I take a pre that has more citruline and beta alanine... sometimes lol a lot of times now I don't take one at all. I think for the price there are better choices, but it really depends when it comes to this stuff. Like if you prefer a good pump, something with agmatine, citrulline or glycerol will be great. If you're after a good jump in energy there are tons of high stimulant based products. If you want fat loss - diet, cardio, ephedrine or clen lol
  7. I think this a great starting point, and build up from there if needed. I'm a big proponent of using the least amount to get results - keeps health in check and doesn't create reliance on gear. If you can't build muscle on 300mg of Test then either your training or diet suck. And like I said, if needed after 6-8 weeks if its lack luster and you're positive everything else is in place then sure bump it to 400 then again after that 500, etc... Using myself as an example, even when i'm cruising at 200mg of test a week - I still make progress as I can adjust my training and dietary needs to suit my recovering ability. Too many people think you need a ton of gear to grow... thats not the case.
  8. Whats the dose of adex you're using? If symptoms are showing up, I'd lower the test dose and use up to 1mg Adex daily until symptoms subside and then reduce that dose. Also worth noting, why would it be prolactin? Very clearly estrogen related, unless theres something else you're using - also, if it were high prolactin you'd experience lactation as well (at some point). Also, is erect nipples the only noticeable thing? Typically, and I have experienced this one before as well - your nipples become almost itchy, very easily irritated.
  9. I don’t like to look at things with specific timelines. For example if from week 8 to week 12 you made zero progression why continue it to 15? I’d even argue if after 8-10 there’s no progress why go to 12. I’d view that as a waste (as long as all other variables are good and consistent). But on the other hand if you’re still making progress at 12 weeks, why not continue it? Why sell yourself short. You will hit a wall at some point. Why did you come up with the total of 7,500mg? Is that the total amount you have? Why are you going to use all of that if you can’t get the most out of it? Use what’s needed, what will give you progression, then come off or cruise, whatever you choose. For example my cycles are always in “limbo”, if my progression has stopped I either change the compounds/doses (if I’m still fresh) or if I’m getting run down, deload and cruise.
  10. Just to throw my two cents into this as well, I 100% Deus should have the opportunity to explain and have a say - this isn't a shit board with a gang mentality like some others.
  11. Be smart - you're new and fresh to everything, so ANYTHING will produce a stimulus. Personally, i think adding the dbol is overkill, save it for your next one. I'd advise something around 300mg per week and run that for about 8 to 12ish weeks. Don't use more than needed - most people always overdo the first cycle. And since you're willing to get blood work I strongly advise getting blood work PRIOR to your cycle so you have a baseline of what your natural test levels are.
  12. LOL I suggest you do some more reading my friend.
  13. Not to get off topic, but i'm curious as to why you don't like them paired together? I find this can be a very powerful combination. Not that theres really a right or wrong - I'm just curious as to you're thoughts.
  14. I'd drop the Deca, and the test and EQ sound fine. But Again, I'd still opt to wait until you're leaner. You've been making good progress without so far so I'd continue doing what you're doing. Don't fix what isn't broken.
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