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  1. I honestly doubt it will change much, I see higher prices for a while potentially - but I expect business will go back to normal. If not, I'm sure other countries will pick up the slack
  2. This whole thread is very confusing to me... are you looking for cycle advice? Why are you considering TRT after what looks like one terribly designed cycle and PCT? Have you ran other cycles before? IMO, jumping on TRT seems like you're jumping the gun. Go see a doctor get tested. Then discuss your options.
  3. Capping things is WAAAYYYY too time consuming... and hey who doesn't like a fruit roll up? lol
  4. Citrus Bergamot my friend... Decent to heavy cycle, bloodwork comes back and cholesterol levels better than normal. That way you can keep some carbs intact lol
  5. LOL one stop shop I guess?
  6. Off topic, but back load my friend, a 28/29 needle will be very dull if you draw and shoot.
  7. Any compounding pharmacy should have or be able to order you a case, or for simplicity sake I think both northern peptide and bodytech carry it.
  8. this is pretty well thought out, the only things I would suggest: - don't be so "for sure" on when you increase the dosage of compounds. Something I've been discussing with alot of my clients lately is strangling everything out of every variable before increasing them. Whether that be food intake, training volume, gear dosage, etc... Think of it as a tool to progression that you could potentially waste because you used it prematurely. So I'd only increase the test for example, if you hit a plateau in your training and nutrition - then use the additional testosterone as another means to push past. - I'm assuming the proviron is in there to increase free test? If so, I like it. - I think once you bump the test up, its not necessary to taper down. I'd just come off, let the test taper itself out of your system. Especially if running EQ at the end... and further to that: - I'd consider running EQ at the beginning as its the longest ester and in theory you'd want to run it for basically 12 weeks, cut it then its still going to be active while the test is active in your system. I Agree with the dose. - Great thinking on the AI.
  9. Sorry perhaps I didn't make my own view points clear - I think the cancer accusations are drastically overstated and just like you showed (which is great by the way) its quite an extrapolation to compare. And its not something I am particularly concerned with. Every compound has a potential negative and we need to understand the risks... just like insulin, dnp, HGH, etc... I was more poking at the fact that those claims of cancer have not been shown on human trials. Or if they were I was unaware and perhaps he could have linked them lol
  10. I'm not in this thread to back either side of this BP argument, but am I curious can you cite any studies that mention it to be carcinogenic in humans? As far as I was concerned it was discontinued from further development in 2007 when it was found to cause cancer in mice. In the limited human studies performed there were actually very little adverse reactions reported. I'm just looking for confirmation
  11. I also like DNP but I have my own ways of running it that keep side effects to a minimum and functionality/performance at a maintainable level. I'm not saying theres not a risk with DNP, theres a risk with any drug we use, but understand the risk, see if its worth it and educate yourself inside and out.
  12. Just thought I'd give my thoughts on IF. - You're correct in the fact its not starvation as there are multitude of people using a variety of fasting periods... Now I don't necessarily agree with drastic ones, but a "shorter" fasting window won't necessarily be a detriment - My main beef with IF is that fact that I don't believe its optimal for Growth in certain regards, to maximize our growth/recovery potential we also want to maximize MPS (muscle protein synthesis) and there has been many studies that have shown an equal distribution of protein throughout the day has had a significant difference in producing lean body mass versus more sporadic/uneven/cramped dosings. Now I'm not saying you CANT grow on IF, I'm just saying its not as optimal as keeping PTOR even. - I 100% agree with the best diet is the one you can follow. - I also don't believe IF is anything special when it comes to fat loss, just like the keto diet isn't magical - because the #1 rule still applies, you need to be in a calorie deficit. So whether you want to eat 16 meals per day or 3 whatever floats your boat. A lot of misconceptions that IF is superior in fat loss is generated by unknowingly entering a calorie deficit.
  13. I guess I should have specified more like intra carb sources... I wouldn't worry too much inregards to BCAA by themselves
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