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  1. When I add in EQ I usually lower my test dose (almost think like a trt with an addition of primo). So personally I’d look at 300-500 range based off what you were doing prior.
  2. Fixed lol now hopefully this discussion can get back on track!
  3. I'm sorry I fail to realize what this has to do with DHB? This place is a community and I expect members to treat each other in a respectful way. So enough of this shit - if this doesn't concern DHB it doesn't belong.
  4. I'd start low, 1 to 2 units per day... preferably 1. If she's just going for the anti aging benefits, no more should be needed.
  5. First, I'd recommend getting HER to do her OWN research. While yes its not uncommon for women to dabble with steroids, it does present risks and she should be aware of them. Second, you never mentioned she wanted to - only whether you should give it to her? I say if she wants to let her run it, start small - see what she thinks and go from there. If shes never run anavar before, jumping to 10mg is a stupid idea. Third, and I push this moreso with women - make sure everything is optimal before introducing hormones. MOST times, there is a lack of nutrition, training or normal aspects of recovery - which could make significant changes without the potential downsides of introducing hormones. Anavar is NOT a shortcut, it is a tool that should be used at the right time. You already mentioned lack of sleep - just getting enough sleep will make a HUGE difference.
  6. I had some initial discomfort from the change over to MCT, but once I got use to it - it then easily became my favorite oil. I also wouldn't always compare PIP to credibility either - clearly you've never used delatestryl, straight from Shoppers Drug Mart and trust me it wasn't a walk in the park. I would normally recommend contacting the rep as you had no idea if he could have made amends or not. However, based on my own use of BT and I'm even currently using the Masteron you speak of, I'd put money on the fact your body isn't use to MCT.
  7. Who is everyone picking for the olympia? I think Brandon Curry will take the open. No one will touch Breone in the Classic. Derek will most likely take the 212... but I'm rooting for John Jewett, at least in second. Guy looks phenomenal!
  8. The study did lay out the diet - the macro percentage were as follows: P/C/F - 24/49/27... did you even look at it? Clearly not keto and no mention of carb cycling. And I'm sorry, for a trained person I don't think 150g of carbs daily is putting anyone into a state of higher glycogen stores. I understand you're clearly passionate about your viewpoint, but you also haven't given anything to back it up other than anecdotal evidence. Anyway, I hope anyone reading this thread does something I promote to ANYONE interested in the sport of bodybuilding and that is to do your research. Don't listen to any one persons viewpoint, collect data and formulate your own. There's a million ways to get there, and whether you enjoy fasted cardio or do it before bed - just get it done. And most importantly enjoy the journey.
  9. This being an exception to the rule, I believe yes - BUT I wouldn't say its the fasted cardio doing the extra work, its the drugs you've added with specific timing. I went through many preps believing fasted cardio was the be all end all - my original coach had a very old school approach, and this was a fundamental aspect for him. And its not to say it doesn't work - because I was lean and placed well in my shows. BUT what most people don't think about is the detrimental effect that sacrificing sleep can have on your recovering ability. Working with larger name coaches where they stress much more on recovery and training performance - you'll not only retain more strength and muscle throughout a prep... but you'll find the change in cardio won't make a difference. Because you'll still be in a calorie deficit.
  10. Wouldn't that have been implied being on a diet thats a calorie deficit and also being fasted? Unless you're implying everyone who does fasted cardio, or at least those who are doing so effectively are testing BG levels prior? Because I can 100% guarantee thats not the case.
  11. Here is another that perhaps will delve in a bit deeper to what you mention, Brad Schoenfeld has also discussed this in-depth on many podcasts. Body composition changes associated with fasted versus non-fasted aerobic exercise https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4242477/ and in regards to the higher fatty acid mobilization: "The theoretical basis behind a fat-burning advantage to fasted exercise is predicated on increasing lipid oxidation during training bout. However, this ignores the dynamic nature of the human body, which continually adjusts its use of substrate for fuel. There is evidence that a greater utilization of fat for fuel during a given time period is compensated by a greater carbohydrate utilization later in the day [28]. Hence, fat burning must be considered over the course of days — not on an hour to hour basis — to meaningfully assess its impact on body composition [29]. In support of this contention, Paoli et al. [30] compared differences in 24-hour fat metabolism associated with performance of moderate-intensity cardiovascular treadmill exercise in the fasted versus fed state. Food quantity and quality was identical between conditions over the ensuing 24-hour recovery period. Consumption of breakfast for the fed condition resulted in a significant increase in respiratory exchange ratio (RER) compared to fasting (0.96 vs. 0.84, respectively). However, at 12 hours post-exercise RER was significantly lower in the fed versus fasting condition and the difference remained significant after 24 hours. Any potential increases in fat oxidation from fasted exercise might be neutralized by an increase in the thermic effect of exercise from eating pre-exercise. Lee et al. [31] compared the acute thermogenic effects of an exercise bout performed in either a fasted state or following ingestion of a glucose/milk (GM) beverage. Employing a within-subject design, 10 male college students performed four experimental conditions in randomized order: low intensity, long duration exercise with GM; low intensity, long duration exercise without GM; high intensity, short duration exercise with GM, and; high intensity, short duration exercise without GM. Results showed that consumption of the GM beverage increased excess post-exercise oxygen consumption to a significantly greater extent than exercise performed while fasted in both high and low intensity conditions. Similar findings have been reported in other controlled trials [32,33]." Fasted cardio is a very old idea that some people love - and that's cool, because it'll aid in your calorie deficit. But I challenge anyone to add it in at any other time of day and note the difference. All things being equal, results will be the same.
  12. I'm kind of surprised to the answers in this thread - while I do perform fasted cardio myself, its more for a convenience factor than anything. While the science isn't absolutely amazing (limited number of studies) they have shown that there is virtually no difference between cardio performed in a fasted state vs a fed state. What matters overall in fat loss is energy balance. See: Effect of Overnight Fasted Exercise on Weight Loss and Body Composition: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis https://www.mdpi.com/2411-5142/2/4/43
  13. Well there could be a couple ways to look at it. First, if you recently increased your fiber content that can cause some GI distress - I've also found that past a certain point some people can't handle certain levels of fiber. Second, (where I think the issue actually is) you added fermented foods to your diet, was this because of the bloating? Because adding probiotic rich foods can cause gas and bloating right out of the gate (which then typically subsides), HOWEVER it can cause major bloating if taken around high fiber containing foods. Third and final point - I'd look into FODMAPS. Hope that helps
  14. My favorite time to add it in is at the end of cycles to have the added endurance boost to push volume up higher or in any calorie deficit - for the energy and added fat burning effects.
  15. Love the addition of the cardarine - very underused product.
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