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  1. Most GDA's I'd simply classify as ineffective (not that they don't work at all... but...) . IMO, if you're looking to use something that does the same thing as insulin... use insulin. However, as @Vortex stated there are obviously precautions that need to be taken.
  2. Since you've been suffering from low T for years why are you not pursuing an actual prescription? While I think you can get great advice on forums I never think its a substitute for a doctor. The problem isn't Low Testosterone the problem is crashed E2, which just a heads up can be just as detrimental to your libido as low T. So at this point if you're experiencing any hormonal issues its actually going to be tough to diagnose. What I'm telling you is to stop experimenting and seek medical advice. So yes come off, because you don't know what you're doing. That obvious from what y
  3. I'd come off until you get this sorted - or go see an actual doctor. Were you noticing adverse side effects? I don't think you mentioned that (I haven't had my morning coffee lol) Things to keep in mind, everyone metabolizes things differently so learn your body and how you react. I dont know how many times I've posted in threads to stop abusing AIs - use them when needed and when needed ONLY. You call yourself a "fat powerlifter" lol so based on that observation your loss of appetite could be a cause of several things not solely estro related. Why in the world are you using tes
  4. I've been in the amateur scene for more than 15 years now, I know many judges, I've coached many competitors and I've done quite a few shows. And can speak about my experience especially in regards to NB. Something I think people tend to forget in bodybuilding is that it is a subjective sport. The decision also comes from a panel of 7 judges (with the highest and lowest being knocked out) and its always a possibility that they don't agree. I have very rarely seen a big upset, in fact I don't think I can think of one (I'm talking provincially). Back in the day with the CBBF politics would
  5. In Canada we can walk in and buy insulin without a script, no questions asked.
  6. First I just want to throw this out there... Superdrol while a strong compound... is not that strong. And, not that I expect much difference lol but man that DIET. 4,000 Calories in of itself is not that difficult to hit with half decent food at that. Beef, rice, olive oil, bagels, nut butter, some fruit - that doesn't even include a pre workout meal, intra workout, etc... 4K EASY. Come on man ditch the damn milkshakes LOL
  7. I describe it kind of the same way I describe effective insulin usage - you want it in the background, and once you become aware of it (hypoglycemia or in DNP use - fatigue, big increase in warmth, etc...) you've gone a little too far and should dial it back. I think anything that becomes a hindrance to a training session is a no go, and thats what I found with DNP use during my earlier runs. And running it like I describe now doesn't affect near the same way which I think makes it much more plausible to run during say a prep.
  8. I prefer to keep DNP doses on the lower side, I've touched on this before I find the sweet spot to be 200mg's run for a longer period of time then high blasts of it. You mentioned it yourself, how shitty you felt. The higher doses affected my appetite and training far too much. At the lower spectrum, its as if its in the background and doesn't affect me at all - sure the results might not be as dramatic in such a short time frame but the retention in muscle mass for me is of utmost importance. if you want to drop lower then continue on dieting - if you're happy then stay at maintenance,
  9. ALWAYS get blood work done. ALWAYS. I think the choice to blast and cruise is an individual one - and not something that shouldn't be taken so lightly. As it could potentially mean you're on TRT for the rest of your life. If you're going to take time off though, the biggest mistake I see is 1. doing a pct too early, 2. Not doing a PCT long enough and 3. They jump right back on. The point of a PCT is to actually come off AFTER the PCT lol Personally, as a competitive bodybuilder I made the choice of TRT. And I usually stick around 125 or 250 a week depending on my blood work.
  10. In my experience, and with those I train artificial sweeteners have never been an issue - whether in testing BG levels or in representations in blood work.... and at least in myself I certainly don't limit them at all. Now, can they contribute to gut issues, I'd say yes however I think that is more individual. One thing to keep in mind with these studies, or rather, the overwhelming majority of studies is that they aren't looking at people like us. And something worth noting as the connection is almost always made - Insulin in of it itself does not make you accumulate more fat. Insulin re
  11. Was planning for a good run in oct but doubt it now.
  12. The politics between labs in Canada is crazy... Anyone who knows anything about business knows that the people of your organization are a direct reflection upon it. And the longer they stay blind to it or choose to ignore it shows their true character. While I'm not going to comment on Genetec in general - affliction is nothing but drama and negative energy, I'm unsure of why any lab would want to associate with him. The methodology of trying to destroy the reputation of other brands to maintain your own speaks volumes about you.
  13. I have no idea where this thought of EQ acting like an AI has come from. EQ is a mildly aromatizing compound.
  14. I plan to take a different approach, similar to how I would approach a rebound from a contest prep. For those of us who don't exactly have the best at home training setups especially (For those with actual training equipment at home - I would basically just continue on as normal). I'll basically continue on with my cruise for an unspecified amount of time - as the increase I'll be able to produce from the training stimulus will be more than sufficient, then when I've plateaued with the training then I plan to add in a blast. I am a firm believer in utilizing and maximizing one variable at a ti
  15. Just to give an update to this thread - as of now goodlife fitness has closed.
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