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  1. Was planning for a good run in oct but doubt it now.
  2. The politics between labs in Canada is crazy... Anyone who knows anything about business knows that the people of your organization are a direct reflection upon it. And the longer they stay blind to it or choose to ignore it shows their true character. While I'm not going to comment on Genetec in general - affliction is nothing but drama and negative energy, I'm unsure of why any lab would want to associate with him. The methodology of trying to destroy the reputation of other brands to maintain your own speaks volumes about you.
  3. I have no idea where this thought of EQ acting like an AI has come from. EQ is a mildly aromatizing compound.
  4. I plan to take a different approach, similar to how I would approach a rebound from a contest prep. For those of us who don't exactly have the best at home training setups especially (For those with actual training equipment at home - I would basically just continue on as normal). I'll basically continue on with my cruise for an unspecified amount of time - as the increase I'll be able to produce from the training stimulus will be more than sufficient, then when I've plateaued with the training then I plan to add in a blast. I am a firm believer in utilizing and maximizing one variable at a time.
  5. Corey5150

    Gym closures

    Just to give an update to this thread - as of now goodlife fitness has closed.
  6. In all honesty my friend - excuse my brashness.. but unless you have ZERO clue in terms of what you're doing with your fat consumption then that could certainly contribute to it. BUT, and this isn't simply in regards to you but A LOT of people who use PEDs, will blame everything BUT the PEDs. Both test and ESPECIALLY Tren are notorious for raising LDL. So normally I'd suggest using any natural supplementation that can help in that area... to mitigate things. Personally, I'd get off the tren 100%, 1/2 your test dose and go see a doctor.
  7. I'd definitely look to get that cholesterol in range. Have you ever talked about getting on a statin? Just to put this in perspective, people who have an LDL range above 4.91mmol/l (or 190mg/dl) are at HIGH risk of heart attack. You're at 6.38. That's a BIG cause for concern.
  8. and just to add... for the love of god, if you CANNOT manage your BP through simple means (lifestyle changes, natural supplements, etc..) then PLEASE talk to your doctor about getting medication. There seems to be a stigma about going the route of BP medication, but it can add years to your life.
  9. Dude, I've gotta say you're going about these things ALL the wrong way. You're first post in this thread is key in identifying that. You need to take your health into consideration, ABSOLUTELY dehydration can cause migraines - migraines are very tricky as they can have many causes. I'm noticing a pattern in your posts, you seem to think that drugs are the be all end all. You couldn't be farther from the truth my friend. If you were at peak health your performance would be greatly improved and drug use (while I'm a proponent of it being there) could be very much minimized. Why do you think you typically hear, I hired so and so and grew the most of the least amount gear? That phrase comes up because people prioritize drug use while not having a clue how to train, eat or take care of themselves. I'm pretty sure I've said this to you before, take care of yourself buddy.
  10. Is there a reason you're concerned about the bloat? Id say the benefits greatly outweigh the minor bloat associated with it. Agree with blitz, I wouldn't limit sodium intake - water intake can help control excessive water retention. BUT keep in mind, if you increase water I would also increase sodium as to maintain a balance between the two.
  11. Why is it impossible? I know plenty of competitors and have trained many competitors for natural shows, and it's completely possible to achieve a good competitive physique naturally. Those that think it's "impossible" or that everyone is on drugs usually don't understand the effort that is truly required. Sure there are those that play the game hoping that they don't get tested, plenty don't get tested and get away with it, and there are those that get caught - but I have zero respect for them.
  12. I'd wait for results from your bloodwork. Just to make sure its not something more serious.
  13. I agree with vortex, one is not necessarily better than the other - they both have their good and bad points. and what you describe can be done with either or. Concentrate more on the eccentric portion of the lift, time under tension, add more volume while lower the intensity slightly - and just all around make sure to structure your workout and training program to allow adequate recovery.
  14. Why the huge range in calories? The fat isn't being stubborn, you're being inconsistent. I can almost guarantee that at 3500 calories you're not in a deficit, so you're sabotaging the days you are by overeating. Think an averaged weekly calorie intake. Don't worry about taking advantage of growth by overeating... you've got a decent amount of bodyfat which can be better utilized and broken down while in a deficit and you will still build muscle (it won't have to be a LARGE deficit).
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