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  1. again, i’m making solid ass gains, soooo much bitching and moaning , i’m gonna just stop responding to stupid . whatever possesses you people to camp out my thread and continue to over and over put me down and put down the rate of my results and just my physique and general, my intelligence etc, what the fuck is wrong with this community ? im gonna stop updating literally the only responses are just personal opinions from people who have never even ran or looked into the shit i’m taking. such a bad forum , just bitching and whining and negativity . literally since january i’ve been
  2. what are you even talking about man? you have no idea what you are even saying. Why, WHY do you join a BODYBUILDING FORUM, then just continue to pussy out from something as simple as humulin r . you have NO CLUE what you are even commenting on at this point , talking about, “he’s just trolling us” dumbass, go to walmart, walk to the pharmacy, and go see for yourself , this is IN THE STATES. you got ZERO business here if your so quick to talk shit on things you got zero experience or even the slightest bit of knowledge in . you claim to work as a medic but don’t even know that humuli
  3. don’t worry dad , ya son isn’t gonna die on you. i’ve ran this before when i wasn’t on roids yet so i know how to time it , today went smooth with only 5iu . gonna do 10iu after training days from now on ... when i’m on the slin i’m extremely serious , it’s like i’m on the clock and it’s my job to not fuck up for the next 4 hours straight . i basically turn into you for 4 hours , eating chicken and sweet potatoes
  4. holy fuckin shit idk if it’s the slin or the weed of what but i just smashed 5iu slin an hour ago and just ate some apple sauce and little bit of gatorade after eating some chicken and sweet potatoes , and HOLY WOAH i have the most insane carb / sugar rush i ever felt it scared me . i’m also on a bit of daily cialis so my blood flow and pumps , combined with the superdrol are legit too big they are painful. I’m about to go take a walk i have so much energy like i just did some coke LMAO
  5. also today i decided to throw insulin in the mix so i bought some humalin R at walmart and started 5iu post workout . gonna move to 10iu next time , i’ve used it a couple years ago so i know how to time the meals without dying
  6. day 14 Well blood pressure is starting to get higher on average and my pee is still decently dark after upping fluids . I’m gonna reduce to 10mg superdrol per day because sitting around with high blood pressure sucks ass. It’s usually fine unless i’m stressing about something and then it’s like it just shoots through the roof and stays there for a hour. not worth it to put my body under that much stress . Not gonna drop it tho. i’m gonna now ride this 10mg out for the next 2 weeks. test will stay at 750mg . gains are of course coming every 3 days or so i feel stronger or bigge
  7. good idea, i concur. if you have nothing to say but passive aggressive “advice” then kindly fuck off the thread. I even know how to turn off notifications but... hm i seem to have forgetton at this exact moment . that sucks for you ! you can all take lessons from @CapeBretonDadBod on how to correctly give advice to youngsters like me , please read how he types and how he comes accross with legit useful and respectful information with no negative trash talk thrown in.
  8. Day 11 I feel much better on average now after getting more complex carbs and drinking alotttt more water. I always forget how quickly that shit will fuck you up within a day on these types of substances .. my piss was pretty dark yellow yesterday tho so i have to drink even more , but as far as my energy and appetite it’s all great, so that’s a good sign. my old scale is broke as hell it seems so i gotta buy a new one so no weight updates or anything as of right now .
  9. lol now i’m “crying” about calling out people that don’t help support their fellow bro’s in the same community working towards similar goals? again go fuck your self buddy. again all your little comments just make me chuckle because simply i would force it to stop in reality.. must have missed the memo from daddy that running your mouth may get you in trouble , so maybe don’t do it in general, which i expect you’d carry on to how you speak on the internet . but guess not ! if you ever noticed i only talk big in response, i’m always quite collected in my posts until some asshat comes around and
  10. i don’t see how that was a threat i was just saying what WOULD have happened in the past but i’ve editted it ..
  11. my mind is open of course , to people who can communicate properly such as yourself . but these random’s that have NEVER commented on any of my stuff or have any support come in and just talk down on me like i’m some stupid kid like matho
  12. lol did i say that? no. i said, I DO look amazing compared to everyone in my life. i’m sorry that rubs you the wrong way that i think of myself as amazing . because, AGAIN, you don’t know where i started at. didn’t your daddy teach you to keep your negative opinions to yourself? Begone now. im just saying, it’s not a good trait not to support your fellow members and compliment them to keep the motivation going . but what do i know, that’s crazy talk right! you should keep spewing more shitty opinions out , your right ! i motivated my partner every single day and never brought him down wh
  13. i do look amazing compared to everyone in my life, thanks for laughing at me tho. i’m 100% serious. if only you saw what i looked like last year you’d be giving me props to be where i am right now. but no matter my gains i don’t ever seem to live up to the high expectations here on the forum. everything i read online says to start a beginner cycle at 500mgs. i’ve done 1 cycle before this, there’s zero reason not to use 750mg at all ... it’s a very standard dose to bulk. i’m dropping bodyfat daily, christ what more do you guys need lmao..the fact not a single person has complimente
  14. okay well i feel great today compared to yesterday, so it was either dehydration or lack of complex carbs making me have hardcore ups and downs after my meals digest. I’ve been drinking just mass gainer shakes today consisting of 3/4 cup fruit , 1/2 cup oats , and 2 big scoops of the walmart cell tech mass gainer which i don’t particularly like but don’t have any other protein powder atm. I drink one of these every few hours and i’m feeling no crashes today and no exhaustion / loss of appetite
  15. i think i’m pre diabetic but fuck me idk. eating mostly complex carbs today has seemed to fix my low blood sugar crashes. but superdrol does cause those symptoms itself so who knows.. i also may have been not drinking enough water and was getting dehydrated.. so upped water intake as well to prevent that.
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