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  1. think i gotta call it here on day 9 guys. Woke up about an hour ago feeling super hypo and more death waves. waited it out , cooled myself with cold water and sat in front of the fan , and again I fought the urge to puke my brains out for a solid 20 mins straight and again successfully overcame it. but at this point the cons are becoming too strong to be able to handle so often. the death waves are also increasing in frequency , something i’ve realized now, to the point it’s a daily problem to have to manage, 90% of the day i’ll feel great, decent energy , smaller amount of heat i can easily manage...but when i sleep, i wake up feeling fucking HORRIBLE almost every time. idk if all my carbs gett burned in my sleep, or i get dehydrated from sweating out while sleeping and therefore also overheated, most likely ALL OF THE ABOVE ....i will NOT be continuing to day 14 as planned. I do also want to give my body a rest , i don’t think it liked me running the tren for so long , and that’s why it was a bit sensitive to the DNP. I will consider a 200mg per day cycle in a month, it would seem much better as far as being able to function . You guys were right about it being the sweet spot. Maybe some others can handle 400 better, but I can only take feeling like that for so long. I’d say keep it at a week max cycle length for 400, once it builds up you really can tell it’s just sitting there in the background of your metabolism just leeching you’re energy and well being every day —————— ——————— I WILL UPDATE IN 1 week with FINAL WEIGHT AND COMPOSITION PICS!! thanks everyone for riding this wave with me, i’ve defintely learned to respect DNP more seriously and realize you cannot overpower it will mental strength. Mentally i’m ready to run this for 25 days , but my body is telling me it’s a no go, and to continue with these warning signs would just be asking for trouble . be safe and healthy and know when to take a rest!!
  2. no offesne taken thanks for the tips, im eating more fruits and more water and feeling alot better, staying cool indoors. the epic heat wave i had yesterday seems to have made me able to be more comfortable in hot environments permanently, which is very interesting. im finding myself not needing the big boi fan and just need the small one now, even tho temps outside are rising, temp inside is the same, and my dose is the same. if anything, i should be even hotter since im eating more simple carbs. but my body seems extremely adapted now from almost dying of heat stroke yesterday LOL..much more comfortable in the house now. thanks body!! im actually now considering going to the gym and attempting some light work , which i havent since day 4. all good signs im not messed up internally
  3. yea just red from the sun yesterday bro it was really intense and i was shirtless in it for an hour or more. The "off" color, if you mean my olive skin tone, is also normal, just italian stuff..i actually feel really good right now
  4. it’s normal color i’m italian , it’s just a tan plus alot blood flow from the dnp vasodilation..don’t know why my skin looks so red in the pic but i’m not burnt at all. it’s definitely not a rash or anything like that ..and honestly its prob from walking those 2 miles in the beating sun yesterday, which is why the redness is moreso just on the top part of my body
  5. DAY 9 DNP 400mg - progress update pic i know i said i would wait until the end of the cycle when the water weight comes off / muscles get fuller to take my pics, but couldn’t resist .. here’s what i’m looking like , ONLY 9 days. I haven’t weight myself , but huge difference so far and still have 5 more days to chisel away at the remaining.... should i not run a 2nd 14 day cycle ? like do you guys think i will even need to? idk. BEFORE- CURRENTLY - DAY 9 of 14.
  6. DAY 8 OF 400mg DNP Im thinking these episodes might be going hypo from not enough calories, combined with beginning stages of heat stroke. Mostly heat stroke tho...serves me right for going out in 33C with no wind taking a 4 mile trip...I thought being tethered to my water would be enough, it was not. ill be fine and then my body will pass a certain point and begin to try and make me shit/vomit with dizziness, confusion, and of course burning up the whole time. at that point if you dont immedately cool off you are in trouble and eventually will start panicing and im guessing eventually got so hot you just fall out. gonna start eating more cals and see what that does. because before i was eating like 1800 per day and never got sick...idk.. seems like with less food the DNP sides are worse, but if you eat too much you also feel a heat spike, this is truly a pro level drug to master!!
  7. not good, made in to the last 2 miles and couldnt do it, usually i push through anything but something was wrong and my body let me know shit was about to get real. called an uber and sat under a tree as the outside temp climbed. As I sat there I realized I psuhed too far and started to go into danger heat levels, and got the "death wave" feeling again just like the last time i got sick. I was just praying for this bitch ass uber to come faster, I could tell my time was getting too low. like 30 mins left before shit gets bad. like ive noted before, the heat from dnp slowly builds like a borrowed time if you dont cool it as its generating...so for the time in the sun, you need atleast that same time to cool down to get stable again. This is not a problem with a semi-new car with AC, however of course the trailer trash that pulled up was riding in a 04 leather suv with no AC and the windows all down. Fuck it, wind works in emergencies like this and i had no other option anyway. i figured my cooling station at home was my main goal anyway so who cares..of course the bitch fucks with the gps for 3 mins straight not moving at all, I told her i got directions for her and to just drive, in my mind im on the very edge of keeping my shit together, to telling her to pull over so i can shit mysekf and puke my brains out, which are the things that alaways come with the "death wave" Made it home somehow playing it off, she didnt notice shit, but my face looked like death for sure. I immdeately rushed to my fan and began all my cooling measures.....splashing myself with cold water then cooling with the fan, laying down on the floor using no strength at all, using every fiber of my being to resist puking because I knew my hydration levels were already fucked, and I BADLY needed the crackers and water I just ate. I managed to fight it off this time and was successful at cooling down after 20 mins or so using cold water and my high veolicty fan....i made myself a promise that if I did puke I was gonna stop the cycle, but I didnt, so i wont. I think I just overheated and it was an error on my part for sure. no matter how i hydrated out in that heat it could not keep up with the DNP . **********DISCLAIMER FOR PPL RESEARCHING FROM GOOGLE********** This is an example of things that seem decently do-able for a strong willed person like me, but I could not overpower the dnp and you wont be able to either. just DO NOT walk around outside unless its close to home, and preferably stay inside if it is summer and dont go out at all besides shopping. I think this is as USER error but I could easily blame the DNP for this, but i dont, so thats why im still doing the cycle. I knew damn well this was gonna happen but told myself I could handle it. learn from my mistakes...when you fuck up like this, you feel like you are dying. you dont wanna feel this feeling, trust me. ********************************************************************
  8. overheating and going hypoglycemic, i’m almost to a gas station so i can get a cold ice water with some powerade mixed in .. dumping some of my precious water on my head helped a lot with the heat..
  9. lol i’ve never heard that before that’s funny . today i’ve found myself on a surprise 3 -4 mile walk through the intense 90F heat (hotter in the sun) with no ice water (just lukewarm water) to keep me cool. i have no ride right now or in the near future. wish me luck guys, this is seriously pushing thermal limits .. i’m also carrying a 10lb load of stuff so that’s increasing heat too. i take shade breaks when i feel overheating start ...hopefully my fluid intake can stay up with my sweating , i feel like shit right now so not a good sign things are balanced but there isn’t anything to do but get home .
  10. i think it’s more so just my brain not wanting to throw up again so it’s sticking to safe stuff i know i won’t have to worry about . i definitely agree about you can never have too much protein in general , i have no problems with it other than the fact it’s harder to digest and defintely a no go when you feel sick..you guys ever eat meat when you got the cold? hell no you eat applesauce and bananas and saltine crackers etc ... but yes i know it’s not optimal just experimenting . i think honestly, i need to drink more water too. i’m only getting like 4 liters on a good day, usually more like 3 liters if I am not reminding myself , i have no idea how guys drink 2 gallons a day. this might be why the toxic feeling is creeping up and messing up my appetite . in any case, i haven’t gotten sick again, so that’s a good sign. I’m gonna slowly incorporate some pea protein shakes back in , no meat for now or whey.
  11. i know that’s what the science says but brother trust me it’s very hard to process protein like normal when you are dnp. i just can’t do it , as far as meat. the toxic feeling fucks your appetite up bad like anadrol but so much worse, like x2, just not any blood pressure. it makes me sick thinking about chugging a shake right now just because i know there’s a half chance i’ll puke it up LOL something like crackers and milk or applesauce etc , almost impossible to upset your stomach. Yea i know it’s orettt low, not gonna build jack shit on that of course but i believe it’s enough to keep 90% of my gains and that’s a good trade-off for getting rid of this fat. also i’m only gonna be eating like this for like 8 more days, so not like i’m really gonna be lacking proteins for any serious amount of time. i’m pretty sure i’ll bounce back immediately and lose almost no muscle , hopefully.
  12. thanks for caring brother as you guys see i have no life outside of what i share with you (besides work) so i’ll update atleast 5 times per day LOL!! with me , if ive gone quiet you will know something has gone wrong . as far as cycle length, i’m thinking of taking a break at 14 days, taking 2 weeks off, then finishing up with another 14 days , since i have 50x 200mg caps. im already getting pretty lean here on day 6, even with the flat muscles and water weight i can see and feel a pretty noticeable difference in my total bodyfat .
  13. might buy another high velocity fan, the heat is starting to piss me off to the point i cant relax. Every single surface of my skin needs constant ventelation or i begin sweating within minutes. EVEN THEN, with 1 high velocity fan DIRECTLY on me full blast, the skin laying on the couch fabric will overheat. if i turn over to air that side of me off, the other side will isntantly do the same shit. SO basically I cannot lay down to rest until night when its colder..its also extremely hot and humid in my area and my AC is struggling to keep up with it My fuckin gooch constantly overheats as well when I sit on the computer evem tho my entire back is being blasted with air. about tired of this shit , the answer is more fans, like more cowbell.
  14. lol u guys make me laugh every time u tell me im fuckin up
  15. I tried eating less simple carbs and it was trash. IMO!!! lower protein, moderate carb, low fat is the best ratios to feel half decent. If you try no sugar like Blitz "the machine" can, good for you. But you will feel like absolute dog shit (like keto, but add in the heat/toxicity of DNP) andit just wasnt gonna happen SOO the next day I tried only like 10 seasoned crackers and a cup of 2% milk every 3-4 hours when I get hungry. Very easy on the stomach, protein and meat are just too much work for my digestion when dealing with DNP .. only very small amounts of lean meats so it can leave your stomach quickly if ou really have to. remmeber the goal here is just retaining the current muscle, 50g protein and 250mg of test D will do all of that for us....its not something I feel is worth thinking on . just more shit to deal with. now the only problem was unless you are very consistent with the simple carb meals, you may find yourself waiting too long and starting to get hypoglycemic symptoms, aka feeling very weak and dizzy waves during your blood sugar crashes, usually in the middle of the night since youve been sweating and metabolizing for hours straight in your sleep. the solution I found was simple, chocolate oatmeal quaker bars, the big version, along with my 2% milk. only 180 cals per bar, not too much chocolate, just enough to make you feel better from the simple sugars, and the oats will take care of your blood sugar levels for at least 4 hours. Ive been trying it today and feel so much better than day 3 and day 4. again this is why we experiment on ourselves and figure out what works best for own body and training styles. also the fact my fat loss will be much faster since im eating less than 1k cals per day now. EDIT- oh yea, i drink 1-2 glasses of the v8 regular sodium
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