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  1. ended up watching a few more videos, seems like a wicked guy.
  2. is it advised to split the dose?
  3. this looks great, going to show this recipe to the wife so she can make me some!
  4. Anytime I deal with the rep for BT its always a pleasure. Responses are quick, and shipping seems even quicker. Products always come packaged well and look excellent, and the pricing is pretty great as well. Not sure if I'm skilled at injections or if this stuff is good, I've barely ever have pain just a good product!
  5. I just walk into my local supplement store and ask for ephedrine, buy it by bundles of 12 bottles. It's usually right beside the caffeine tabs.
  6. I work in Victoria, and this past week with the snow; while people were able to drive competently no one drove around. The whole city seemed to shut down for three days, blew my mind.
  7. last time I went in there the lady just looked at me and said "syringes?" they know what's up and don't play stupid games of dispensing a handful at a time.
  8. dude, go to regency medical in burnaby. box of 100 for ~$25
  9. This was my first thought as well.
  10. Ordering was super easy, shipping was super quick, buttery smooth injecting with test-e. Pretty good stuff I think.
  11. Just placed my first order with these guys. Communication with the rep was efficient and had quick response times, so I'm looking forward to trying out this brand.
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