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  1. It may never change status. It is just going to show up at your delivery address. Once funds are accepted, your g2g.
  2. I can definitely vouch for this Guardian rep. Very easy to talk to and get orders in with reasonable pricing and really good gear.
  3. Figured I would throw my two cents in here today. I had some stock of Medicus that I bought last year and finally got around to pinning my first 1ml shot of Sustanon 250. 0 pip, and the oil is super thin and flowed super nice. Looking forward to this auction LOL
  4. For those who are curious. I hopped on this bandwagon and received a few boxes of the Accutane. For 60 days now I was on underground brand of Accutane with little to no success. It is my first time using Accutane. I had a breakout on my chest and back about a year ago and have not been able to resolve it even with prescribed minocycline. It is very difficult to get prescribed Accutane as each doctor refers you to another doctor and it's just a vicious circle. After two doctors and six appointments I gave up. After a week of using the Pharma grade stuff from vortex, I have not had any new pimples, and the existing ones are drying up and healing wonderfully. So thank you vortex for this. Literally you have saved my skin and my mental well-being because after a year of seeing these dirty ass pimples pop up on my back and chest it really screws with your mind. It is a complete turnaround for me. I feel great! I am yet to try the test that I ordered from you guys but I will report back. Thanks again.
  5. Question, with a blood panel like this, can anyone tell that you are taking testosterone? Or does it just seem like you are producing test in the high normal range to anyone who reads this? I only ask because I am trying to learn to read my own Bloods as I have only ever follow the direction of the person reading them for me. Time to get off Mama's tit!
  6. Welcome brother! You will be an asset to this board for sure.
  7. All in all the process from the time of ordering to getting the product was very smooth. The rep is awesome to deal with and definitely has some integrity. I will be looking to do a blast around June. If the product is as good as the service than everything will be great. Thanks man! Test E, Accutane, and sustanon in this order.
  8. I found Guardians email from a while back I decided to give him a shout and place an order. Still in the beginning process but communication was very good and quick responses on his end. Will report back. Just a small order of test e and Accutane to get my feet wet.
  9. I would not worry my friend! Typically mine takes about 10 days from beginning to end to get my package in Alberta. A lot of times the status on the website never changes so don't worry about that. If you paid the money, and gave a shipping address, after a few days they will accept your EMT and then ship your load to you. And then life will be amazing once you get it
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