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  1. Ahhh i have been wanting to dabble in tren for a while now. $120 here
  2. I have only ever pinned bodytech Sustanon. And I can comment that I did not have any issue with it and it worked as it should. I am cruising right now with it halfway through my vile. As far as orals. I can stay there dbol is straight on point. Some of the best I have tried personally. I love that stuff. Used it for a couple weeks on my last blast. I will be putting in an order here for the big sale. Looking to pull the trigger on nectar of the Gods as well
  3. Got my package in yesterday from Medicus. Everything exactly how I ordered. No chance of anything breaking with lots of nice cushiony bubble wrap. Wow, that is some spiffy packaging and labels too. Probably won't get to using this batch for quite some time yet but I'm sure quality will be great. Will keep updated in the future! Thanks Medicus!
  4. So I got a little present in the mail today that I ordered from BT. This is my first order and I can tell you it won't be my last. The packaging came discreet, and the glass vials were wrapped up so nice and tightly that there was no way Canada Post was breaking these. Everything looks professional including the service I received. I screwed up when ordering and put in the same order twice and they made it no issue whatsoever for me. I'm just wrapping up a Sustanon 250, anavar, primobolan cycle so I figured in about 12 weeks I'm going to hop on and will give my review from there. But honestly
  5. I promise you I am not worried. Just excited! yep don't even get me started with technology haha I screwed up the order process twice!
  6. That sir is an impressive physique! I am on my way there but it took awhile to figure out I needed to put the fork down! What is your favourite BT product??
  7. This is also my first order with Medicus. Order was placed on August 15th. Haven't heard anything back really yet but I'm sure they will update me as soon as possible and as I get updated I will post my review. I will likely run a cycle bodytech first and then do a Medicus cycle. Got Anadrol, superdrol, NPP and of course my personal favourite that I order with every order is Sustanon 250
  8. This is my first order with bodytech. It was placed on August 13th. Funds were taken a couple days later. Order on the website still shows processing. Will update as I hopefully hear more about a tracking number and delivery date. Looking forward to trying out bodytech. Based on the reviews , they look stellar!
  9. Haha funny how you mentioned the short shorts. Not too long ago I bought three pairs of those Jed North short shorts. My wife loves it but my kids make fun of me. So true though. Too many guys skip the squat rack. And it shows. I used to be one of those guys. Skinny skinny legs! And underdeveloped rear delts to boot. Didn't look good at all man.
  10. Haha!! Good call brother. We should treat legs like our biceps and always give them a good pump. I can't get enough of that photo of the dude carrying the beer with the skinny legs haha!
  11. My dad has super skinny legs so my genetics for legs suck. I Skip Leg Day for a whole year! Idiot! Until somebody said hey you have legs like your old man. Chicken legs! Since then, twice a week LOL
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