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  1. Let's not forget that every gram of fiber cancels out a gram of carbs. If a treat has 50 grams of carbs, but also has 20 grams of fiber, your treat is only netting you 30 grams of carbs. peace Hog
  2. IMO anything you intake PO doesn't reach any sort effective serum level until you are out of the gym, unless you are doing monster 4 hour workouts. If only the GI tract absorbed things as quickly as it does ethanol, as ethanol is absorbed directly via the stomach lining. Ethanol, Acetyl Salacylic Acid(sp) and some Non-Steroidal Anti Inflamatory Drugs(NSAIDS), most everything else must pass through the stomach into the small intestine before any absorption even occurs. As we all know anything and everything that is absorbed via the small intestine takes a pass through the liver first, evolutions way to protect ourselves in case we eat something poisonous. IMO I'd concentrate on Pre-Workout supplementation/hydration timed at around 60 minutes before you walk into the gym. If your slamming Insulin the only Intraworkout I'd worry about is some sort of a real sugar predissolved ready to drink, just in case. And concentrate on your postworkout supplementation/meal. All this Pre-Intra-post workout worry has been impressed upon us by people wishing to make money off of us. peace Hog
  3. No, I do not. But depending on the results from my hGH and IGF-1 testing my status as a rhGH user may change. I'd so love to get my hands on some true pharmacy grade rhGH(Somatropin),. A case of Mecasermin(IGF-1) trade name Increlex would be awesome as well. peace Hog
  4. I was wondering what his potential would be so far as bodybuilding is concerned? He seems tall, anyone know how tall he is? Best wishes to him and his career. peace Hog
  5. I think that strength primes can reach into humans 30's, so long as you can stay healthy/injury free. peace Hog
  6. Pretty simple and straightforward. peace Hog
  7. Just got my bloods back, I'm on Dept-Test (Test Cypionate) @ 100mg/ml switching back to Enanthate(Delatestryl) 200mg/ml, my current dose is 150mg q 2 weeks. Here is my bloodwork drawn at 1:30pm or roughly the same time of day, on Day #7 of a every other Friday morning injection. Testosterone 22.3 8.4 - 28.8 nmol/L Total Testosterone levels may not reflect the biologically-active testosterone when SHBG levels are abnormal. Testosterone Free 559 196-636 pmol/L Interpret free testosterone results with caution in presence of significant hypoalbuminemia. Bloodwork drawn at 1:00PM on day 13 of a 2 week injection schedule of every other Friday morning injections of 150mgs. My GP gets freaked out by the following polycythemia and, is always telling me to tell my TRT doc to back off on the Testosterone. Screw that, my hematology is just barely HI. Testosterone LO 7.5 8.4 - 28.8 nmol/L Total Testosterone levels may not reflect the biologically-active testosterone when SHBG levels are abnormal. Testosterone Free 196 196-636 pmol/L Interpret free testosterone results with caution in presence of significant hypoalbuminemia. . WBC 8.1 4.0 - 11.0 x E9/L RBC HI 6.11 4.50 - 6.00 x E12/L Hemoglobin HI 190 135 - 175 g/L Hematocrit HI 0.573 0.400 - 0.500 L/L MCV 94 80 - 100 fL MCH 31.1 27.5 - 33.0 pg MCHC 332 305 - 360 g/L RDW 12.7 11.5 - 14.5 % Platelet Count 249 150 - 400 x E9/L I am on an anti-coagulant Xarelt0(Rivaroxaban) due to my controlled Atrial Fibrillation(AF) so I'm not too worried about my polycythemia causing stroke issues. I really want to get back up to 200mg q 2 weeks, or even better 100mg/week of long ester Testosterone. I used to self inject with my GP as the prescriber, but he wouldnt allow the normal 100mg/week or 200mg q 2 weeks. and my current TRT doctor will, but I have to see him every 2 weeks. At least all the gear is phar quality costing $70 for 10ml vial of 100mg/ml Depot Test(test cypionate) or $75 for a 5ml vial of 200mg/ml Delatestryl (test Enanthate). I see the GP on Wednesday, Ill be attempting to secure some hGH and IGF-1 bloodwork requisitions. Lifelabs does the IGF-1 and hGH bloodwork here in Ontario, growth hormone is covered by OHIP, but serum IGF-1 testing is not. The lab quoted me $75 for serum hGH and only $45 for serum IGF-1 bloodwork. Another pice of testing that I'd like to get done is the actual Bioavailable Testosterone level test as it measures exactly what amount of Test is available for use, Free and Total do NOT and Sex Hormone Binding Globulin(SHBG) can and does attach to free androgens thus inactivating them. SHBG is another test that Lifelabs performs but again, its not covered in Ontario. I just changed my location from Ontario to British Columbia and I notice that many of these tests are covered by their provincial health insurance. peace Hog
  8. I'm type 2 diabetic and am on a high dose of Metformin of 2 grams(2000mgs) daily. I see my physician on Wed, hopefully going to get a requisition for hGH and IGF-1 levels. I wont be surprised to see low IGF-1 levels. I was quoted a cost of $45 for the IGF-1 test. peace Hog
  9. Human growth hormone as found in the body is known as Somatotropin. The synthetic form of human Growth Hormone(hGH) is known as recombinant human Growth Hormone(rhGH). rhGH's International Nonproprietary Name(INN) is Somatropin. This synthetic rhGH Somatropin is sold under brand names of: a)Omnitrope-Sandoz b) Serostim by Serono- 18 IU FDA approved for AIDS associated wasting syndrome(cachexia) at 0.1mg/kg q1d (quaque die=every day) or 0.1mg/kg qod(quaque altera die=every other day). Serono also has another medication called Saizen. This preparation is indicated for both a)children with growth failure who produce low amounts of growth hormone AND b) adults with GHD(Growth Hormone Deficiency) that started as a child or as an adult. Saizen is available in both 5 mg(15IU) and 8.8 mg(26.4IU) multi-dose vials. c)Norditropin by Novo. Norditropin is directed at both the Growth Failure in children due to Growth Hormone Deficiency as well as the Adult Somatopause(a gradual and progressive decrease in growth hormone secretion that occurs normally with increasing age during adult life and is associated with an increase in adipose tissue and LDL levels and a decrease in lean body mass. Delivered in 5mg(15IU), 10mg(30IU), 15mg(45IU), 30mg pens(90IU) pens. d) Genotropin-(Pfizer-who is the generic drug division of the Swiss drug major-Novartis) Again, the Pfizer version of Somatropin called Genotropin is aimed at the approx. 25,000 children and 50,000 adults who suffer from Somatropin deficiency disorders(Growth Hormone Deficiency-GHD). In 1995 Genotropin was FDA approved for growth hormone deficiency (GHD) alone. As of 2000 and 2006 it is now FDA approved for the five(5) Growth Disorders: Children with growth hormone deficiency (GHD) Children born small for gestational age (SGA) Children with idiopathic short stature (ISS)* Children with Prader-Willi syndrome (PWS)† Girls with Turner syndrome (TS) e) Humatrope (Lilly) 6mg(24IU), 12mg(36IU), 24mg(72IU) cartidges and 5mg(15IU) vial f) Nutropin (Genentech) 30IU, 60IU pens and 15IU(clear), 30IU(green), 60IU(blue) NuSpin Keeping Blood Glucose Levels raised causes damage. All the rhGH makers recommend adjustments to diabetics BGL control. With the amount of food bodybuilders eat couple that with raised fasting and and post prandial(after meal) BGLs I think it is beneficial to take a long acting basal Insulin. Why stress your pancreas and your entire body with high BGLs? Esp. for the people blasting huge doses of hGH year round. These types of users exhibit the exact same symptoms as a diabetic patient, they should be treated the same as a diabetic. But since BGL control so far as diet is out of the question, that leaves medications. Bodybuilders usually shy away from Metformin as it lowers IGF-1 levels, so Insulin is easy and effective. Everyone is different, thats why everyone should be doing their bloodwork. Using Insulin (short acting) as a PED is a different subject than what I'm referring to. Supraphysiological=Of or pertaining to amounts greater than normally found in the body. Subphysiological=Of or pertaining to amounts lesser than normally found in the body. peace Hog
  10. Good post Olympic, in addition to the esters, the type of carrier oil that is used will also add some variability to the exact time that the parent molecule will be available. 2 different carrier oils gave 2 different serum concentration gradients while using the same undecanoate ester. Each SINGLE injection was 1,000mg of testosterone undecanoate in either Tea Seed oil(filled squares on graph) or Castor oil(empty circles on graph) given to hypogonadal men. Broken horizontal lines are supposed to represent "normal" serum testosterone levels.
  11. I think the 2019 Olympia is going to be very interesting. I think that the Sandow will be very slippery for Rhoden, I think he will be a single year winner, he wll be 44-1/2 years of age for Olympia 2019. Phil Heath will be super motivated and has a good chance of coming back for his 8th non-consecutive Olympia championship, come contest time 2019, he will be 39-3/4 years of age.. If there was ever a time for Kai Greene to comeback, it is RIGHT NOW. IMO it was a mistake for him not to be there this year, he could have won the big show. He still has all of his size, but he is also battling an abdominal distention issue as well. He would be just over 44 years f age come Olympia 2019. Mamdouh Elssbiay "BIG RAMY" could also be a contender, but he needs to get his conditioning and show prep under control. His 6th placing was a big disappointment. As much as I hate to say it, Big Ramy's language skills are hurting his chances as well. For Olympia 2019, he will have just turned 35 years of age. Then there is Roelly Winklaar, "The People Champ" of the 2018 Olympia. He is proof that improvements of the abdominal distention are indeed possible. For next years Olympia he will be 42 years of age. James "Flex" Lewis following his retirement from his 7 year reign of the IFBB "212 lb" class is apparently stepping up to the Open class. Many said that if he competed in the Open class for Olympia 2018 that he would have busted into the top 5, some said top 3, but I don't know about that. Here's a good video with some greats of the bodybuilding world including: Dave Palumbo, Chris Aceto, Milos Sarcev, Aaron Singerman, , Chris Cormier, Tom Platz and 1983 Mr. Olympia Samir Bannout. peace Hog
  12. Wow I'm surprised there's been no talk about the Olympia. It was a good show, this is the first Olympia that I watched live. It was nice to see Roden take the Snadow. The judges had him winning after both rounds. peace Hog
  13. Hog


    I asked about IGF-1 and GH blood work and it costs $35 and $75 at the local lab. Just gotta have the physician check the boxes. peace Hog
  14. That's a cool diet generator. Thanks for posing that Olympic. peace Hog
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