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  1. hello bothers and sisters this vancouver is a joke after 2 inch of snow schools shut down and accidents drom bc drivers not have a clue how to drive in snow. I am from this city and what a joke to know we have the worst drrivers in the world im sure. People from ontario and alberta know how to drive so i gotta rant VANCOUVER IS HONG KOOVER AND PEOPLE HERE AR CLUELESS IN SNOW - and we got icbc to deal with as well worst insurance, worst prices for homes as well ---welcome to gookville --buckle up
  2. whitewaves----thank you yes i hate going to junkie exchange and a shoppers downtown wouldnt sell e tem--i laugh because i have been on trt for 12 years what a joke , i will go to that place for 25 bucks a box is great--thank you
  3. in honggookver----vancouver i go to safe inject places where they give junkies free needles and when i ask for a dozen they tell me im healthy go buy at store?? but the junkies get handfulls of needles and waste most of them --what a joke canada is promote these jubkikies to keep shooting lets give em free dope too but when i am denied needles at exchange i have to speak up --i even offer to buy a box of 100 because drug stores denied me before so it is a joke ---i have to pay a junkie to ggo get me a big bag of needles from exchange they give to the down and out junkies but only give me 1
  4. awesome first class service-- i pay for next day ship and i get my order in less than 24 hour after send funds---more like 20 hour its at my place and even reg canada post ship i would get my order in 3 - 4 days but i like next day it is well worth the few extra bucks for next day and im very happy with all /the bt line up
  5. The rep is a great guy i have been ordering for a year or so now and allways get great gear . I am gratefull to have this source because the gear in van city is over priced weak and most is bunk . The bt gear is smooth and strong and allways arrives 3-4 days after i send funds ----consider yourself very fortunate to get gear at these great prices and it is allways legit and strong gear. I have went elsewhere in between orders and i paid top buck for other gear that gave me pip and was weak gear so slap me and give me a kick in the ass when i risk going elsewhere
  6. steroid hub are scam site- i ordered some tgeva test , i knew its a risk but i wanted to ttry teva gear. They replied quickly and i sent the funds, and next few days no tracking was sent, i email several times no reply, its been 3 weeks they wont even reply and i trried order with other emaiil and they reply quickly again to scam people. Steroid hub are just a scam site sopeople BEWARE
  7. I have been ordering distributer orders and the pricing is unbeatable the gear also is much better than the other 4 brands i know of in vancouver . The tren is best i ever had and the colosus cialis is great as well as every compound I have tried. I have been running and ordering bt for 4 months and 2019 I'm buying more and loving it . Other labs envy bt talk shit say lies reviews of lies because bt is Canada' best priced and strongest cleanest gear so Km happy I tried bt and they respect and run the business professional and so fast I get ups and get my box of gear in less than 40 hours that'
  8. yes it is true----great gear at great prices---im LOVING THIS BT
  9. the test prop is wicked and it made my nuts go into hibernation the same day i did 300 mg shot-----the dbol is strong im feeling it and love it---- i will not buy any other when i have bt now and prices are unbeatable im sure most guys have never had gear at this low of price . i have never had great gear that was low cost-- my bros are jumping on board and many more will as well
  10. yes the pack sent and 2 day later across country i got it --and great cialis -- the test is great price all the line up is great prices -- no reason to go elsewhere i would be mental to not order again--
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