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  1. Hey dude I’m 28 this is my 3rd cycle at 100mg on the cruise I feel quite happy at as for the Arimidex I’ll knock that on the head and see how I get on because I haven’t really had any signs through any cycle.
  2. I’ve attached a photo I’ve just came off a 12 week cycle of test blend will be looking at pct in next couple of weeks I’ve only ever used clomid on its own as pct but this seems to be some kind of blend anyone used it before if so what dose should I use throughout pct thanks in advance
  3. So I have just done a 12 week test blend cycle ( 200mg/ml test e 150mg/ml test c and 50mg/mltest p) at 1ml each week split into 2 .5 jabs so I was thinking about doing 8 week cruise at .25 each week then blasting again as above I’m using 1mg of arimidex each week while on cruise and was using 1mg every 4 days in blast that stopped me having any side affects. im 83kg 6ft slim build looking to bulk over winter then cut leading up to summer thanks in advance
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