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  1. My experience was the same with time lines. But once the transfer was excepted, it was only a 3 day wait. Product was on point. Hopefully everything works out.
  2. Update: Went with the 30 sec rule on my next 2 injections and no issues at all. Thanks for the tip @Mikk0090
  3. Thanks for the feedback! I'm 100% going to fast.
  4. Awesome Stuff! I'm definitely plunging to fast 10sec max Going to slow it down on the next one for sure. Thanks for the feed back!
  5. Morning! just my take on BT. This will be my first cycle in a long time, I'd say 8 years so its small just to ease my way back in. I'm taking the following. Test Enth - 250mg (500mg/week) Dbol - 25mg (25 a day) Arimidex - Throughout So I'm a week in and really enjoying the setup so far. I feel like I'm ready to go! pumped actually! I feel great. My diet can be better but I'm noticing my appetite going though the roof so I'll have to watch the intake. Clean calories. Packaging is clean and pricing is great. The injection sites are painful, not a big de
  6. These might work depending on your goals and time, here are some websites with some good ideas. https://workweeklunch.com/no-reheat-meal-prep/ http://www.eatingwell.com/gallery/7527942/easy-make-ahead-high-protein-lunches/ https://fitmencook.com/5-easy-cold-lunch-meals/
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