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  1. I found it made my very sluggish , to the point that after a work out I felt so exhausted i had to sleep for a few hours. I had to stop taking after a couple of weeks hoping it would work it self out but nope.
  2. I use 1.5'' in my glutes i find anything smaller i'm getting a little knot in their unless i'm on cruise and only putting a half cc in or something like that. In my shoulder i take the cap and cut it in half on a 1.5'' needle and use the cap a as guide so i guess i'm using a .75 inch and it works great. I have tried to pin in my quads and it never really goes well i always seem to hit a nerve, no matter where i adjust the needle always the same result. I always use a 1'' in the quad i guess i could try to shorten it up.
  3. Yep Feroce is awesome, If any of you guys have ever heard his life story about coming up as amateur and getting his pro card its pretty amazing.
  4. Make sure you are limiting your salt intake.
  5. I am definitely in a better place about after hearing from you guys so thanks.
  6. I'm surprised it takes that long in the states i thought most of the top sources had warehouses in the USA. I know a couple others that are top rated on another board and the guys in the states get their raw's from them and they usually have their package in like 5 days. I wish their was a source north of the boarder that would do this.
  7. LOL !!! Yeah i'm just getting through a divorce so yeah i Know what your saying. Thanks
  8. Lol Yeah they talked to me about the prep. Well you guys have definitely have helped easy my mind.
  9. I have been getting blood work done over the last 6 months and the one thing that kept coming up was low Iron so now they want to do a Colonoscopy, I have been dreading the day i had to do this but i'm getting to the age were i should have one done. Anybody have this procedure done and how did you feel about it after? I find this to be a lose lose situation as either i'm fine but have to get a camera shoved up my back side or there is something wrong with me, either way i can't see a win here. LOL.
  10. Wow great work man , Keep it up.
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