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  1. Hah yah I like the mad Max minimalist thing too... it still has the mono shock under the seat to the swing arm and I fabbed up an exhaust mount and license plate bracket all in one.... she’s basically a gas tank on a frame and engine with wheels and handlebars lol.... can’t get more simple than that except for a playing card stuck in the spokes of your bicycle hehe
  2. Threw this bike together from several boxes of crap.... called it Project 19 due to this Vid shit. Whatcha think? Lol
  3. Yah I’m home gymming it too even using car batteries lol. Made up the pull down stuff with old winch cable laying around and Jeep recovery snatch blocks on the ceiling hah. not in the photo is a full rack with approx 400 lbs of Olympic weights and a FID bench
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