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  1. Hate post from CJM Member ! Was edited due to that reason, Please don’t bash them they can’t help themselves, Our NorthernLifters Family is better than those antics.
  2. Cool.... we are talking about Test C and Test P Big difference! Thanks for the chart telling me something everyone should know that uses steroids
  3. Bold of me hahahahaha Ok Anyhow do you know anything about esters? The weight of the ester affects the amount of active hormone.
  4. Yes there is a big difference between test c and test P Wtf are you talking about
  5. Oh no!!! With all the seeming good reviews here and only bad reviews everywhere else I wanted to try it so bad!!! Im sooo sad
  6. What are you some kind of post police? There wasnt bragging its fact. Not sure what your problem is but dont read my posts if you dont like them. Maybe guys like you are the reason their is almost no activity here? Fuck me
  7. 100k is not a lot of money If this is where you are setting your goals you will have no quality of life during retirement
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