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  1. This refers to Bill Kazmaier?American power lifter?
  2. Tried split squats on a larger hex bar last night,believe balancing is a little easier than using DB’s.
  3. I agree with them that rings are dangerous if not done correctly.
  4. The Golds Gym franchise has two locations here in Calgary.Lady on the phone says no adjustable GHD.I only know Gagne Fitness that has one,the Aquatic Center has a lifting platform.These are pieces of equipment that imo would qualify as a serious gym.And a set of rings.Lots of bland gyms here.
  5. I changed gyms,they have a room withTRX,rings,and battle ropes.Are these ropes of any value in the opinion of any members here?
  6. The bargain chains are making it tough for anybody to open a serious gym,IMO.
  7. Sometimes I will train at home but I train harder in the gym.
  8. This item is being used by many nfl teams,mma fighters,wrestlers. www.iron-neck.com
  9. Likely.Apparently on Discus,which is a remarks app employed by some websites,you cannot even type his name without it being removed.
  10. Sounds like a lawsuit....
  11. Where is the paperclip?Are you not allowing attachments to be downloaded from unknown sources?
  12. Cog


    Amazing that Gatwick got shut down by a rogue drone for so long.
  13. We need a thread discussing length of time for RBC to return to moderately high after a blood donation.My suspicion is....not very long.
  14. The old spring chest expander move plus weights.Will give it a try.
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