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  1. that is what i needed thank you for the faster than fast Mcdonalds drive thru service CBDB!
  2. any idea of when i can switch to tren ace after npp? How many days wait or is there really no need to wait to switch in cycle? just curious if there should be a time delay between both
  3. i have ordered several times and as long as you dont want someone to come with the box and hand hold i think they have great stuff. the fact i have received it is 96% success. I at least now have the luxury of then testing it out and using it. stealth is good. the site now though says 5000.00 usd for shipping for anywhere in the world. website needs some work. I did not cry though, i emailed and they processed my order via email and all was cheap and i got the goods. I like ppl so far for sure. turkish pharma though... they dont stealth anything. and i have yet to get a thing from them.
  4. i am all smith machine and a gym setup i thought was never going to be affordable which the vectra online 1850 gym. best machine ever. the system seams to make the weight stack the weight lifted. no other gym i have used makes 100lbs feel like 100lb.
  5. hypervolt is what i have. i read the biggest issue is noise so i went with the quiet version. hypervolt wayy quiet. lots of adapters and 3 speed but i havent used max setting yet casue it would bruise me in sure. quiet and long lasting battery. can watch tv or movie and its not interrupting the sound.
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