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  1. Do you guys do spring actions ? I just saw this thread... I really wish I was a member when this was happening.... thats an awesome auction guys ..wow !
  2. Not sure where everyone is from but in guelph Ontario I can go to a needle exchange that is run by the government. I walk in I can get all my pins draw tips and all including wipes and a sharpes bin ALL FOR FREE ... as much as you want as often as you need... You just need to find out where they are located in your city... The people working there do not ask questions like what you need it for or anything... they basically are there to supply people with clean supplies to have safe injections. You do need to leave a code witch consist of your year and month of birth and your mothers ma
  3. Yea retired ifbb pro seth feroce has a podcast about his career as bodybuilder to funny life moment full of positive content to do good and work hard.. Call HMWF (hard working mother fuckers)podcast Also I just started listening to retired ifbb pro dave Palumbo podcast rx muscle Heavy muscle rradio just started listening but have watch alot of his you tube rants he s another good guy to listen to .. Give these a try hwmf is.my favorite as seth has a dirty mouth and mind lmao Enjoy guys
  4. Everyone wants to gain muscle .... some of us choose to use PED's ... if you were running a basic test and Decca cycle with an oral to Kickstart with a anti est. Blocker what else can you also take so your dick and balls still work ? I've read some information on HGC .. but would like some more detailed information from doesing to where to pin ? What it does in basic English lol ? Any other info or anything else that could be taken to avoid the Decca dick.? Thanks
  5. Why is caber so expensive in comparison to prami?
  6. Are you sharing these goodies or? Like where do we find or see them ? Thanks
  7. Ya I listen to seths podcasts regularly... man this guy is hilarious but he is honest and to the point . Tells it the way it is .. definitely a good listen guys and girls HWMF is the name of the podcast (hard working mother fuckers)
  8. Garrett


    Whats the email addy to order from BT ? Thanks G
  9. I m looking for a new lab to try.. I m down with painless shots lol just need a rep is there a forum in here that you know of where I can chat about such things .. Thanks G
  10. Did you see any gains ? How much did you run per week ? Thanks bro!
  11. Hvmgainz... Thats great!!! When I check out bodytech pharma do I need to have a rep to place and order ? If so I am looking for one to contact ...
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