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  1. My gym is a sausage fest. When the odd female comes in, the dudes all workout in her area...all of a sudden, it's leg day for everyone hahaha.
  2. LBJ

    Jack hammer

    Yes sir lol. No training that weekend...lotsa cardio and coconut oil hahah
  3. LBJ

    Jack hammer

    Recovery depends on the individual. When I us Cialis, I know I have a couple of days with my girl. I have sex 4-5 times a day when I'm on it and I'm almost 50 lol.
  4. LBJ

    Jack hammer

    I'm assuming you are referring to the bodytech brand. For me, the Cialis lasts 48-60 hours.
  5. I was put on TRT a few years ago by my family dr. Unfortunately, he didn't know what he was doing...dude was giving me 400mg Test E/week in the beginning lol. Shut me down good. Eventually I just did it on my own. Currently taking 200-250 Test E/week with 10mg pharma nolva ed and .25 pharma adex eod. He still lets get all my hormones checked twice a year, no questions asked.
  6. I've run it twice a week (Monday evening and Friday morning). Everything seemed great to me.
  7. Keep an AI on hand and get your levels checked after 4-6 weeks or if you feel any sides. You never know, I'm running a trt/cruise dose of 200-250/week and my E2 and libido were shot. I have to run .25 adex eod.
  8. Yeah man...gotta hit up some farmers market on the regular
  9. Thought I would post this up since it's that time of year. If you're into horror, this is a great one.
  10. Mine are from Costco...they are green but if I leave them in the plastic bag, they ripen pretty quick...pretty sure the have those plastic bags coated with something to help em ripen since they are picked wayyy too early.
  11. Nice! Just picked up a half rack, with some Olympic barbells...between that, the dumbbells and the bands...no excuses to get a session in...
  12. The rep is fantastic! Received everything as promised and a little bonus as well. Haven't tried much of it yet because I'm finishing some other stuff first. However, their Levitra and Jack Hammer are DEFINITELY GTG!
  13. This is why I buy mine in bulk online lol
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