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  1. The latest from Fit4Less and Goodlife... Your Home Club is Tentatively Opening on: Monday, July 13 @ 7:00am* *If you attend a Fit4Less location in a Real Canadian Superstore, Loblaws or Independent, please check our website for location hours. PLEASE NOTE: This date is pending approval from the Ontario Government. The provincial government has yet to communicate a date for when we are able to reopen but we want to be sure our clubs are all set and we're ready to welcome you back when the time comes. It goes without saying, we will follow all provincial government guidelines and delay if needed.
  2. We will see the latest update today. Doubt they will mention gyms today. I went by my local fit4less and they were inside "preparing" lol. I'm lucky enough to have some equipment at home but can imagine what some people are going through....
  3. Goodlife, Fit4less, and a number of independent gyms are opening in the GTA on July 13th. Appointment basis only etc...
  4. This is from Fit4Less in Ontario... Group 1: Monday, June 29 Northern Ontario & Eastern Ontario (including Ottawa) Group 2: Monday, July 6 Southwestern Ontario (excluding Windsor, Chatham and Sarnia) Group 3: Monday, July 13 Golden Horseshoe (including GTA) & Southern Ontario
  5. I basically had the same symptoms as you. I was taking 250 test e divided in 2 shots/week and .25 adex eod. Now, on the advice of someone on here (don't remember who lol), I take 200 test e and 10mg nolva daily...wood is great and my cholesterol improved too!
  6. Need your help guys. Ordered these from a source I use for pharma grade stuff. Never had a problem with them but now, I am questioning these. No DIN number and labels aren't put on straight. Also the actual pill has nothing written on it. Please help
  7. I'd love to get my hands on that saw palmetto you're using lol.
  8. Another awesome experience! Need I say more? Thanks @GameChanger
  9. That's disgusting man! And yet, she has 4.4 stars on Rate MD's. https://www.ratemds.com/doctor-ratings/960718/Dr-Tetyana+Yaremivna-Hurmatov-St.+Catharines-ON.html
  10. I've been using them on and off for a few years...nowadays I only get pharma grade stuff that none of the sponsors have...just ordered some nolva a few weeks ago...all good!
  11. Great read Oly! Thanks for sharing.
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